Have you ever watched a drummer perform? They're literally thrashing around, head bobbing, tongue out, just having a blast the entire time. There is no better way to connect to the music than by being the very heartbeat that gives it substance. Drums all the way

The best musical instrument that has ever been created on the earth. No musical instrument was, has been or will be created ever like drums. Because of its tight sounds on kicks, snares and toms and thrashing sounds on cymbals and open hi hats drums definitely deserve the top position in this list.

Percussion is (in my humble opinion) the best musical instrument I have played. I play bass, clarinet, alto+tenor saxophone, french horn, and last, but certainly not least, percussion. It's a blast to play, and it definitely trumps the other instruments I play/played.

Drums and percussion are just so amazing. They are able to make so many different sounds and rhythms it's crazy. They really take skill to play, but it is worth the effort. THEY ARE SO INCREDIBLE! Without drums every piece of music, to be honest, probably wouldn't sound that great.

I'm from Africa, and in Africa the drums are almost the most important piece in music. When you're play and you listen, and you get a really good beat, you can't stop. It just makes you want to dance!

I play the drums and I think they're super easy to play and they sound amazing and you can play so many varieties of songs. The drums is the main instrument in songs without the drums everything sounds weird.

The one thing I like about Drumming is that, When your at Church, and when you the Play Drums, It feels that my heart is Happy! Also, Drums has good rhythm and also Good Percussion! Swag!

Drums and percussion is the heart and soul of every band. Its what brings all instruments together and makes the song stand out. These guys are using their two feet two hands and occasionally other mouths to sing. They play everything from Donkey Jaw Bones to Vibra Slaps to Bamboo. All I gotta say is Drums is the bomb! - God_Potato

I remember playing drums in band one year, and the teacher said I was one of the best drummers she ever had in many years. Some good drummers include Bill Ward, Neil Peart, and Dave Lombardo.

Actually there is no competition between drums and guitar so they both deserve to be at the first position. However the piano is not always essential.

I'm a drummer and without a drummer, think about how many different genres of songs would be utterly altered. Very few songs lack drums. It is essentially the backbone to music.

Without drums and bass, your song is going to sound like crap. Fact.
I voted drums because I think they're ever so slightly more important in a song. They're the skeleton of every song and the instrument that greatly assists the other instruments on keeping the beat.
Acoustic guitar is also a good instrument, however.

Drums are important but guitar, sax, trumpet, oboe, etc are more important, without them, music would just be a bunch of beats with no melody. Bass is also needed and in my opinion better than drums, shouldn't be as high

It's literally what keeps everyone together in every song! And the whole drum set is technically several instruments, so it counts as more than one instrument!

It feels so natural to be playing drums and setting down a rhythm. One can play in countless genres of music, although I think jazz drumming has no parallel

A staple of literally every genre. Jazz, Blues, Rock, Metal, Country, Reggae, pretty much every genre uses drums or uses drum machines to emulate their sound.

Drums are so FUN! It's nice to make some noise that still sounds GOOD every once and awhile am I right?

Drums make the song. Without drums there is no beat! You HAVE to have drums. I mean, without drums, music is just noise. Sorry non-drum lovers.

I wanna know how to play like Josh Dun. I played a song on guitar its too confusing so number 3 is good for the drums

Drums are the best instrument. It gives rhythm and you can do lots of things on them. The best instrument EVER

The drums are one of the most respected instruments. They give music heart and soul, and are used in most any genre of music out there.

There's percussion in every genre. Armies and royalty have always used it. It's an instrument with honor.

Sick beats are awesome and I think the drums show it all. They are awesome. People who voted for this instruments are genuineness. Rock on drummers!

Drums are the best. They come in different styles and variations and fits for all types of music

I think undoubtably guitar has to come first but through just about all types of music drums comes after... I mean through modern electronic, classic rock, rock and roll, metal, jazz etc if the drums were not there it would sound awful... I think piano is a tab further down