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The flute is a family of musical instruments in the woodwind group. Unlike woodwind instruments with reeds, a flute is an aerophone or reedless wind instrument that produces its sound from the flow of air across an opening.


Flute is my main instrument but I also play piano and baritone saxophone on the side. I really enjoy playing flute because, when played correctly, it produces a very pretty sound, particularly in the lower octaves. It takes a lot of air to make a sound on flute, but is fairly simple when you know how to play it. I love flute because it's easier to produce good tone and sound quality than some brass instruments, but there is no extra hassle or struggle that reeded instruments come with.

Everyone is all like flute is so tiny and so easy. WELL GUESS WHAT!? It's the hardest woodwind instrument to play, so back off. And it takes A LOT of air to play the flute, fast and strong air. And not all of the air you blow will make it into the flute. And we don't even have a mouth piece, we have a head joint with a hole in it that we blow into. And when the PERFECT amount of air is blown into the flute, you'll hear the most beautiful sound ever. - A Fellow Flute Player

I'm ten and have been playing flute for about a half a year. It's pretty easy once you have learned the basics of making constent sounds, but it can be challenging. I think flute is amazing, fun, and makes beautifull sounds.

I'm ten too, and I just started band this year. Once you master blowing into it and moving your fingers, it's really fun!

Flute deserves to be in the top three! I'm a state champion swimmer, and flute has helped me more than enough, even if I have been playing for only half year. It really helps breath support, and even if it's the hardest woodwind instrument to play, it is definitely the best.

The flute has such a clear and musical tranquility to it. Once you complete the basics, the sound emitted is plain beautiful. It's a very difficult instrument to master, and the sound range is quite good. It can reach very high notes and is very outstanding.

The flute has a pretty sound and the instrument itself looks beautiful too. In response to people saying the flute is the hardest woodwind instrument to play, I think the oboe and bassoon are harder... But, anyways, the flute is my favorite instrument ever.

I play the flute and when I first started, I couldn't even make a sound! After a few months I was able to play a few notes, I play I the San Diego youth symphony and that is a huge challenge. The flute is a beautiful sounding instrument and I think it deserves to be in the top 10

I play the flute and it is pretty hard to master it all. The fingerings can be very fast and the notes can get very high. The flute is overall a very peaceful instrument.

Flute players deserve a lot more credit than they get! They use a lot of air to play their instrument and if they are sick, it is very hard. They also have to play very high where no one else can and when you have to be soft it is very hard. Flutes deserve at least a 3!

I am playing the flute for 10 years now, and I love it! I think it's one of the most beautiful instruments, and everything you do on the flute depends on you. You have to practice for the right tone and the fingers, it's a rough way sometimes, but it always worth it!

I chose piano as the best as the Piano is more versatile than the flute but a properly played flute can be beautiful. Anybody new to playing the flute, I just want to say don't give up and keep trucking on! 6 years playing and still going strong

Your Not Serious Right...HOW ON EARTH IS FLUTE #9!? I have played the flute since I was 8 I was a natural at it. I got a lot better over the years and I LOVE THE SOUND IT MAKES its just so PERFECT

I think flute should be like in the top five because it's tone is quite impressive. A friend of mine plays it and still hasn't mastered it yet. He says that it is to hard, but he likes the sound of it. Why argue with him, he practices a lot.

The flute is one of the hardest instruments to play, and has a wonderful sound. It definitely needs to be higher up on this list.

The flute gives a melodic and beautiful sound to any ensemble. The flute can play a general classical piece and can even give a jazzy or rock feel to an ensemble if performed by a good player

I play the flute, and I think it is a hard but very fun instrument to play. If you know how to play it right, it makes a very nice sound. The flute is an amazing instrument.

I am a flute player myself, and although it is not the hardest instrument to play, it it still quiet difficult. Not only that, but it also sounds wonderful.

THE BEST INSTRUMENT. SO GOOD! It always sounds so nice and it requires so much effort but it's worth it! I've played it for 7 years and it's amazing.

I play the flute in a school band. It is definitely one of my favorite instruments. It sounds so beautiful, yet is quite hard to master.

Flute has a beautiful sound and once you get the hang of it, is very easy to play. But give it some time! I took half of a year!

The sound of the flute is so heavenly and enchanting. It's like I'm frolicking through a flowery meadow when I hear some great flute playing.

I have played the flute for about 8 years now. The flute is a very difficult instrument to master, but is very beautiful. I love the flute!

Flute may seem hard at first, blowing in to it is kinda a challenge. ut really, once you learn you wont regret it!

The flute is very versatile, beautiful sound and very portable. Definitely by far my favorite instrument..

What instrument can relate to the deep soft tones or it bright high notes of the flutes. A beautiful, sophisticated instrument