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41 Turntables

How is this so low? Just listen to Slipknot's (Sic) or Linkin Park's A Place For My Head. Turntables are such a cool instrument, especially in genres like Nu-Metal; if I'm ever in a band, I will make sure that someone is playing turntables - Lem

Turntablism is an art of music and takes years to prefect. Not like these controllers that find the beats for you. Old school turntablism is like a craft and everyone is unique in the sounds that they produce when playing a turntable. Yes it's a musical instrument. Probably one of the most important instruments every.

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43 Piccolo

Piccolo is my favorite character in dragon ball z

Hard to play a lot harder then the flute the reason is that the keys are smaller then the flutes and it makes it hard to play

44 Marimba

The marimba has such a rich and unique sound that has the ability to warm anybody's heart. The sound it creates has so much depth, and the marimba has the capability to create so many different styles of music. It is one if not the most beautiful percussion instrument. The marimba is truly unique and should be higher on this list.

Anyone that disagrees or doesn't know much about the marimba. Listen to Catching Shadows By Ivan Trevino... that's all I must say

45 Gong

I think it pretty strange but still good

46 Electric Cello

Electric cellos are different from the normal cello But since I have never heard an electric guitar, I can't judge.

There are too many traditionalists in the world of orchestral instruments, but those fools just don't get it. As electric guitar is to acoustic guitar, so Electric Cello is to Acoustic Cello. When I plug my electric cello into my gear, I can put a bunch of crazy electronics on it, crank it up, and take y'all to outer space! Every high school poser plays electric git, but there's always a place for e-cello in a jam.

I don't play electric cello but no one has commented and I think electric cello's are epic!

47 Trombone

I play Trombone, without it I would be lost in the world of music, pop, rock, Jazz, etc. It's a wonderful and enjoyable instrument and I don't know who I would be without it. Not a lot of people play it, it's a great instrument to learn and I hope I could teach more about it to people who think it's not easy. But they haven't tried the beautiful sounding instrument like some of us had

The trombone, in my opinion, specifically the bass trombone, is truly the most beautiful sounding instrument on earth. It is the most lyrical, rich sound I've ever heard, and I will play it until I die. You can play anything on the bass trombone, and every player finds their own unique sound. It isn't perfect, but it is the most wonderful thing I've ever heard.

Without the trombone in the band, it wouldn't have rhythm and low sounds to make the melody

I play trombone it is so cool

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48 Tabla

This is an indian classical instrument, approximately 500 years old. It's becoming a very important instrument in modern music.

A instrument that is very hard to play. I play tabla so I know that it's harder than guitar and piano. Tabla tests your strength. If you master it, then there is no instrument you can't play.

It keeps girls away so I don't have to talk to them


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49 Bassoon

One unique quality of the bassoon is that it can blend beautifully with any instrument. Its mellow tenor range, charming bass notes and seldom used but still very pretty alto range give this instrument so many characteristic sounds. Its double reed and countless keys take time to learn, but mastering them adds all the more prestige. One more thing: Nobody hates the bassoon.

The fact that this is the 41 st choice and not in the top ten not only for the level of difficulty and the sound quality amazes me and who ever did the ratings need to get a redo.

One of the hardest instruments to play but very beautiful. It's one the most unique instruments and if you play it, orchestras will love you.

The bassoon takes great skill to play and to sound good. It is a scholarship instrument in almost every college in the world. It can play in both bands and orchestras and is a favorite amongst composers for solos. Vivaldi wrote 39 concertos just for the bassoon. Stravinsky started the Rite of Spring with a bassoon solo (yes, it's in the very upper register of the instrument). It's also featured in The Sorceror's Apprentice, The Main Title from "The Bourne Identity, and L'Ultima Diligenza di Red Rock in the movie "H8teful Eight". You've been hearing the bassoon your whole life in movie soundtracks, in orchestras, in bands, and even in rock bands. Many progressive rock groups have adopted using the bassoon in their group because 1) it provides a refreshing new and different sound to the group 2) you can electrify the bassoon to make it sound like an electric guitar using a pickup device called a "little jake" Just because it is a difficult instrument or is lesser known does not mean ...more

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50 Bass Trombone

The Bass Trombone can play just like a normal tenor trombone but can also hit all of those awesome super low notes that normal trombones just can't play

51 Mandolin

The Mandolin is very cool. If you like the violin, the guitar, the bass and the lute, then you will 100% like the mandolin. It is lightweight, fun, and just listening to it will give you goosebumps of being in the middle ages fighting in a huge war between good and evil. What more could you ask for, I mean Triangle? Seriously?

Very fun to play and relatively easy to learn, plus you can get a sweet beginner's instrument for a song. From old timey tunes to Bach, this instrument is great for either solo or backup. Plus there are actually mandolin orchestras out there. Seriously! The group I played in performs the Christmas portion of Handel's Messiah every year at Christmastime. And talk about portable! I used to practice mine every day during the commute to/from work. On the ferry. One time a guitarist sat across from me and we jammed the entire way home. Need I say more?

"because there's something so feminine about a mandolin, the way they feel, the way that they ring, just to see slender fingers moving so quickly, made this boy want to sing"---Jimmy Buffett

My favourite... gives truly lovely tune... shahrukh in ddlj with mandolin is truly awesome... wow instrument... It should be at top... no matter it's definitely top in my list...😉

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52 Oboe

Oboe is by far the hardest of the woodwinds instruments. The other woodwind instruments require embouchure, of course, but nowhere near the level of the oboe. The oboe's embouchure is much more firm than that of the saxophone or clarinet, and there is always room for improvement, whereas with a flute, once you get the technique, you're pretty much set. Even if you learn to regulate air and play with the correct embouchure, you must still work your way up to a perfect reed. The oboe ( and bassoon) embodies two of the hardest aspects of woodwinds and brasses. You still have to memorize a lot of fingerings, while striving to perfect embouchure. Without it, you sound like a duck (which is probably what turns people off of learning oboe).

I play the Clarinet, piano, alto saxophone, trumpet, violin, and xylophone and I want to play the oboe so bad but my parents won't let me get one because they are so expensive.

The oboe was my very first instrument and has earned it's way into my heart. It is both rare and loved at the same time. The sound is very unique and makes any band complete. Without oboes, music would not be a part of who I am.

It's the best instrument ever it's the bomb digaty

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There is no need for 'crwth' to be written all in upper case letters, it isn't initials. Crwth is a Welsh word that rhymes with 'truth' and 'tooth'. It's a stringed instrument played with a bow. - Crwth

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54 Didgeridoo

Limited, but takes some serious skills all the same. Circular breathing can be tricky to pick up.

The didgeridoo is the coolest instrument I play. Although quite difficult.

Digeridoos sound like culture. They produce a sound that no other instrument can. When they are played you can feel the vibrations off the earth and it gives you a feel of sensation.

Aussie Aussie Aussie

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55 Piccolo Trumpet

Say goodbye to your eardrums trying to reach anything above the G

56 Vibraphone

The vibraphone has so much potential, but it's not well known and is not utilized often. The reverb is amazing!

Vibraphone because you can make the notes go longer when you step on the paddle.

57 Harpsichord

Inspired most baroque compositions. A favourite of Mozart and Bach. In fact, there was a point in history where nearly every household would have had a harpsichord. Should be higher.

Why is this so low on the list? Its an amazing instrument for anything from classical music to modern rock covers.

It has a richer timbre than the piano.

Sweetass instrument, should be implemented more often in contemporary music.

58 Oud

Pretty much the coolest 12 stringed Middle Eastern guitar I have ever heard.

Magical voice, will make it go into serenity...

Magical number one instrument in the world period.

Where can I get one

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59 Pedal Steel Guitar

Just such a beautiful sound, great for sleepy zen people but can be upbeat too, I love this instrument, also very hard to play so that's why there's so very few that can play it very goof

Best sounding instrument in my opinion... just awesome

Best and hardest

Usually 10 Strings E9 Tuning Very nice sound used in country music a lot

60 Santoor

I Like it

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