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81 Dizi

It is so beautiful and relaxing!
Reminds me of a beautiful Chinese bird singing

82 Gendang V 1 Comment
83 Snare

I play it in band it's awesome to keep beats

84 Guzheng

This is the best and most relaxing instrument in the world!

This should be higher than, let's say, the viola.

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85 Ronroco

Makes the prettiest sound in the world. I have never played it but I have heard it. It's an instrument from South America and used in the soundtrack of the video game "The Last Of Us"

86 Mellophone

Pretty much like a trumpet...but better.

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87 Bouzouki
88 Duduk

Armenian wind instrument that has a beautiful ancient desert quality about it.

V 1 Comment
89 Celesta V 1 Comment
90 Hurdy Gurdy

Just listen to it and you will understand why it deserves to be high on this list

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91 Keytar

This is basically a guitar and a keyboard combined. How is this not higher? - Rorywilbren

92 Charango

Delightful like a ukulele but also has a substantial amount of volume produced by its ten strings. This South American string instrument allows for accompaniment and virtuosity.

93 Maraca V 2 Comments
94 Hand Drums

Love hand drums

95 Soprano Melodica

Melodicas in general are awesome, I mean, Damon Albarn plays one.

V 1 Comment
96 Qanun

DON'T skip this insturment comes from heaven. I believe every human will love this legendary tunes.

97 Dhol

A punjabi classical instrument

98 Tar (Lute) V 1 Comment
99 Theremin

Why are four versions of the guitar in the top 25 and the theremin is 83?!

Come on. What's cooler than a theramin?!
The theramin is really obscure and sounds like an alien spaceship!
Played with two antennas, one for pitch and one for volume, by raising your hands up and down the stems.
Look one up on YouTube, it's really entertaining to watch/listen to! :D

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100 Berimbau

How on earth is this is at the bottom this should be number ONE

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