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141 Spoons

I'm spoon owning myself from Regular Show

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142 Tromboon

Definitely it is the imbred retard of a trombone and bassoon and it couldn't be more beautiful.

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144 Musical Saw V 3 Comments
145 Whistle

Wow, right at the bottom, it may not be top 10 but it does not deserve this. - DragonHarrier

Common people do it all the time

Very loud not musical instruments to the sport time to meaning start and begin runing the marathon

This is last nooo-never ending Aeons later-o.

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146 Bagpipes Bagpipes

I quit playing guitar because it's boring and every pimple faced high school freshman plays "in a band" I took on bagpipe and it is the most wonderful instrument ever! It takes heart, dedication, practice, patience, persistence, maturity, and more. To the fellow who commented "who really plays bagpipes? " Thousands of talented people play world wide, there is even competitions and different grades of players. Bagpipes are an ancient instrument that have seen its share of war and peace time, competition and just playing for self fulfillment and enjoyment. I find it a bit disheartening to see the celestial bagpipe ranked below the cereal box instrument know as the ukulele.

For fans of bags and pipes alike!

Bagpipes have more relevance as a recreational instrument than many other more "traditional" instruments. Time was when communities, factories, and other organizations sponsored marching bands, brass bands, and concert bands, but as unions and other sponsors of those bands have reprioritized funding the ensembles have gradually disappeared. Pipe bands have taken on a similar and growing role in society, but the pipes have the added advantage of being a strong solo instrument, which means their appeal extends to both the individuals who prefer to pursue music on their own and those who enjoy an ensemble community.

This is the only instrument that gives me goosebumps when I hear it played

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