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The ukulele is a member of the lute family of instruments; it generally employs four nylon or gut strings or four courses of strings.


The Uke is an amazing instrument for a beginner. You can start with a very low investment and work your way up as you improve. The size is right for travel, you can take it anywhere. In fact I bought a travel Ukulele that fits in a back pack. It stands well on it's own but it is the best gateway instrument out there!

The ukulele is a wonderful instrument. It doesn't take that long to learn and the music that comes out of it is absolutely remarkable! Everybody should learn how to play the ukulele!

I agree, the ukulele is seriously under appreciated. It has a great sound- and the size is amazing as far as portability goes. It can have a laid-back island feel to it, but you can play anything on it, really. It's an amazing instrument.

Yes! Play this at the beach, it's beautiful! Play along with bongo drums and it's even better! It's got a great sound, very portable, not too pricey, easy to learn, hard, expendable, flexible, and comes in 4 different types!

Ukulele's rock! People don't realise how many songs actually have ukulele's in then. Also, they're great if you want to learn guitar.

Ukulele is definitely one of the most underrated instruments but it is amazing and I love the sounds you can get from it!

I play the ukulele and the reason why it's good is that it's easy, fun, cool and can play any genre!

I had to use a ukelele before in my music class and today I feel like buying some because ukelele is the bomb

Ukuleles are amazing! Easy to learn, portable, and just plain fun to play!

What can't you do with a Uke?! This has to be one of the best instruments out there. Go anywhere with it. Play anything with it. The only downsides to it are what size Uke will I take with me? Sopranissimo, Soprano, Concert, Tenor or Bass. Will I use a standard gCEA tuning or do I want to go with a low G string or with a Bass Uke and its guitar like bottom four strings? The plus to all that is I love my Tenor in standard tuning. It goes nearly everywhere I go (along with my Harmonica and a travellers 3 piece Irish whistle). A persons got to have music after all.

They are so easy to learn and fun to play! You don't need to bother with lessons teach yourself!

Portable, flexible, dependable, durable, melodic, beautiful, variable, my instrument.

The ukulele puts a smile on everyone's face! Playing it is like a mini-vacation to the islands. It's an under appreciated instrument and is as versitile as your playing skills allow. Listen to Jake Shimabokuru: he can play any genre on it! I've played violin, piano, bass violin, guitar, but now I love the ukelele. The uke is very portable, too. Who takes their piano on vacation with them?!

I have one, and it is really cool. Once you can play a guitar, you can play Luke.

I love the ukulele it's so fun to play and it has a beautiful sound

I LOVE UKULELE! I play ukulele and so does my third grade teacher!

Goes everywhere and anywhere to make people smile.

It's the most beautiful and calming instruments. It's not scientifically proven, but I'm sure the uke releases endorfins. Its impossible to feel low playing one of these. Simple to learn as well.

Funnest and happiest instrument there is

It just has a touch of Hawaii to it...

Ukulele should be in the top ten man this list ain't right!

Totally underrated! The ukulele is a beautiful instrument.
Remember, the best things come in small packages! :D

I picked up this instrument in less then a month and lead worship at my YFC building, super easy!

Ukulele is easier thn the others and more peaceful instrument

UKULELES R AWESOME! They r so easy to play and travel with. The chords are simple and fun to sing along to! GET ONE! they're AMAZING!