Best Musical Tours of the '90s


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1 Blond Ambition World Tour - Madonna

According to many polls, magazines, books and charts this tour is claimed as "the greatest tour of the 90's" and I so agree. Madonna always was a big innovator. During this tour, she made absolutely crazy things but countless artists copy her ideas nowadays - Irina2932


Madonna is the queen she is perfect this isn't just one of the best female tours its one of the greatest tours of all time! I prefer it to many of her others and it beats MJ's for me! Madonna is just amazing I love her.

Sticky and sweet
Blonde ambition
And now MDNA x

Best tour ever!

L-U-V Madonna!

This is un deniably the 'tour of the 90's'

2 My Love Is Your Love World Tour - Whitney Houston

The only Whitney tour that made more than 100 million. I personally think it deserved much more. Her angelic vocal, emotional lyrics and powerful stage performance made it look brilliant - Irina2932

The tour 1990-1991 is so strong

3 Wildest Dreams Tour - Tina Turner

Greatest Tina's world tour in the 90's. She performed all of her greatest hits - Irina2932

4 The Velvet Rope World Tour - Janet Jackson

Definitely one of the best tours of the 90's. Besides amazing dance moves Janet showed a very decent performance. Real innovator and entertainer - Irina2932

5 The Girlie Show World Tour - Madonna

The tour supported her brilliant but so underrated album 'Erotica" (1992). The tour visited the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. - Irina2932

6 Nine Lives Tour - Aerosmith

The tour was a great success, however a large number of dates were cancelled due to both Steven Tyler and Joey Kramer suffering serious injuries on separate occasions during the tour. - Irina2932

7 Do You Believe? Tour - Cher

The tour which took place in 1999 and 2000, was used to promote her album Believe. It was a big success and proved Cher as one of the greatest entertainers - Irina2932

8 Cover to Cover - George Michael

Too much short but still very memorable - best period in his career - Irina2932

9 The Bodyguard World Tour - Whitney Houston

Both the movie and its soundtrack made Whitney true top artist of the 90's. No wonder she had a big success with this concert tour - Irina2932

10 Get a Grip Tour - Aerosmith

This tour supported their most successful studio album 'Get a Grip" (1993) - Irina2932

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11 Falling into You Tour - Celine Dion

My favorite Celine tour in the 90's. Fantastic vocal, inspirational lyrics - Irina2932

12 Dangerous World Tour - Michael Jackson

The Biggest, Greatest, Most spectacular world tour of the 90s.
Just Incredible!

13 HIStory World Tour - Michael Jackson
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1. Blond Ambition World Tour - Madonna
2. My Love Is Your Love World Tour - Whitney Houston
3. Wildest Dreams Tour - Tina Turner


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