Harris J


He is really inspirational, all his songs have such beautiful meanings He has an amazing voice! His songs have made Me get closer to god he's made me realize how important our religion is and we should spread peace and love he's such a caring kind hearted person. He's by far my favorite singer! Not just for the beautiful meaning behind all his songs, his voice is so good I could listen to him talk sing all day Also he is religious in a way but he's also crazy and sometimes does things other people consider as 'bad' and then gets hate and I actually hate it when he gets judged People need to understand he's a normal person like everyone else EVERYONE makes mistakes. Anyways I absolutely love Harris so yeah

Harris j is really a person every one of us should know this. No one is perfect and we believe on that, but Harris is one of the best people in the world, he's changing my life in every day with his songs or even when I see his daily life and how are his relations with others. I see on him a good person and model of success. Words never can express how he effects in my personality and if I can give him something I would give him all my respect and love. Thanks God that we have you Harris.

I don't even know where to start he is the most humble and most genuine person I've came across that's why he is my role model and inspiration. I'm really happy and glad that we have some to show us the right way and also someone who shows people what our religion really means love amp peace . Don't even get me started on his music it's next level, each and every song of his is powerful and meaningful, his songs have helped me get more closer to my religion and have helped me through my rough times. I am so grateful and thankful that I have someone in my life to look up to and show me the right way so that's why I'm here to say THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! I LOVE YOU

Not only is he humble about his success but he is also grateful for where he is today. He appreciates the love he gets everyday and Mash-Allah has a beautiful voice that can touch anyone's heart. Harris has a strong passion for his career and tries his best, as all of us muslims, to be best at his Islamic faith. He agrees he makes mistakes, but owns up and learns from them. Harris J isn't perfect, but he does deserve to be in the top 10. Thank You.

He is amazing, the way he love his family, friends, and fans, is just undescribable, I love him from the deepest side of my heart, he has changed my life to be better in every way, and maybe not just me, maybe there's still a lot of people who feel the same like I do. All I'm gonna say is, he is amazing, loving, and talented

He gets Millions of views on his singles. His songs have great and meaningful messages in them. He is my favourite singer and always will be. He travels around the world and helps as many people as he can. He's really inspirational. He has our back just like we've got his. He has made me closer to my religion in many ways. He loves everyone. He's kind-hearted. Most of his non- Muslim friends have converted into Islam. He's an amazing person and will always stay like that! I'm so glad I heard about him!

Awakening Records young new male artist! He has a great voice for a 17 year old!

He got an amazing talent! His voice is simply beautiful! Each songs of the Salam Album have got deep lyrics and I love it! And his last singe "Save Me From Myself" is my favorite song, his voice is so beautiful in it! Harris J is a great singer

I love Harris J Because he spread peace and love and he has a amazing songs and he always says the right and he must be the most best singer ever!

I think Harris J is a sign of an awakening in the new generation,I am a teen ager and I am to find songs with cool music and beautiful meanings without any word about negative things like drugs and sex.

Harris j is a great gay and good singer and Allah bless him for love with his family to he ways be there for every one to.

Harris j is the best singer in the world he is the best>3

He the best young and old people look up at him his an inspiration to all his song have such a great mean love listing to him his voice is just beautiful

Harris I so talented and an amazing person as he not only loves his family and friends but also his fans who adore him. Most genuine person

This guy is epic! We was able to bring modern music with Islamic beliefs to create an awesome song. He is just chill.

"He has something inside him that can changed my life to be better in a religious way"

Harris j is the best singer ever actually he is the best one

He is my inspiration because all his songs state that Islam is a religion of love and peace. He tries to prove that Islam is not what he sees in other media. He is a very good Muslim and his voice is good. Plus he has a very handsome look

I love harris j he is my favourite singer at all time

He is an amazing singer that sings true from his heart. He helps many people. He is concern with less fortunate people and he sincere help. That my reason I'm admire Harris J.

Harris J deserves to be recognised as the best Muslim singer for a multitude of reasons. He inspires us all to keep working hard to achieve our dreams and to get closer to our religion. He makes sure his fans are always happy even if he isn't feeling 100% himself. His altruism inspires us all and, for all these reasons, he should be recognised as the best Muslim singer.

Harris is the best Islamic singer because his targeted songs and his age, which targets many young Muslims can do many things that make him a successful singer

My best friend knows Harris j I love his music and me and my best friend listens to it all the time (by the way she knows Harris bcos her dad is friends with his dad)

He is one of most talented Muslim artists out there who has a true passion and dedication to their music and also their fans.

He's such an amazing singer and a really good role model for others so glad I chose him as my role model and he also made me so close to my religion and His songs have a really important message that helped me through life