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1 Awake

What Happened folks, No comments! Such a good band Such awesome drumming, singing, guitar playing and no appreciation! Not Fair.
Well getting back to the point This so song is truly awesome.
The tune they have invented is truly exotic.
Still they are not on the list of metalcore

2 Lethean
3 Images
4 Forsaken
5 The End
6 Born to Win
7 Highway to Hell (AC/DC Cover)
8 Oblivion
9 Year of Affliction

Wow. This is probably their best (or second best, to Awake) song, yet its at the bottom... Unbelievable people! Vote this up already. Sick guitar work, epic vocals, great drumming... everything is awesome...

10 Reflections

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11 Falling Forever
12 Life to Dust

The fact that this wasn't on the list proves that people voted for the few song they heard... Mutiny within, even though I only started listening to them recently combine certain elements from some of my favorite bands. Vocally the lead singer reminds me of benjamin burnley from breaking benjamin... Perfect balance of clean vocals, growls and screaming. They put a lot of emotion into their songs reminds me of how three days grace used to be. Instrumentaly they play like all that remains... Varying between classic guitar solos, intense metal core riffs and even classic instrument pieces (pianos). And they pull off some insane melodies like KsE

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