The Ghost of You


This song needs to be higher on the list! Sure their other songs are amazing, but this one has such emotion in the lyrics and the music video really makes me feel what I think the song is trying to convey. It's such a powerful song, and every time I listen to it I think, "This is what music really is."

Beautiful, and the emotion in the song really grips you. The song is sad beautiful and epic, all in one! Absolutely awesome, and deserved to be in the top 5! Come on people, 11? Really? My Chemical Romance forever

The music brings you back to a time where you thought everything was perfect but then crashed down in one second the music video is just perfect and compliments the song very well this should be number one

This helped me out so much during a dark time with a friend. The music video made me cry because this song is so beautiful. This song is my favorite my My Chemical Romance for it's depth and I love it.

Has an absolutely amazing meaning behind it and has an amazing guitar solo! LOVE IT!

So emotional and really puts you into that dark world in the most epic way (Hope that doesn't sound too weird) (: He really songs his heart out during the chorus and... Ugh. It's just amazing.

This mournful song is so brilliant. I swear I cried when I watched the music video. It's full of sorrow, shame, and just... I can't describe it with any other two words but, "bloody brilliant." - onehellofanotaku

WOW This is probably the most heartfelt song I have ever heard in my entire life and definitely the best thing made by My Chemical Romance to date. A truly inspiring song

This is the most emotional song that I've heard, and it really strikes something in my heart.

This song is not the best My Chemical Romance song, but the most theatrical one. Gee said it himself, it really came together in the studio

THE VIDEO MADE ME CRY, MIKEY D: But this is an amazing song, I had it on all the time at one point, love it, should be further up in the list.

For the first time I heard this song, cause my boy recommended. And yeah, because of this song, I'm started love My Chemical Romance.

This should be at #1. My My Chemical Romance phase has come and gone, but this is the one song that has stayed with me.

This is an amazing song, and one of my favourite songs by My Chemical Romance. It should definitely be in the top 5.

Watch the music video and you will immediately vote for this song. Make you wanna cry. It relates to everyone.

My happy life without My Chemical Romance was my home. well guess what NEVER GOING HOME NEVER GOING HOME

This should be in at least the top ten. I cannot watch the video without tearing up a bit. It's so meaningful.

No words can describe how amazing this song is. This song should be number 1!

This song gives me chills every time I listen to it, and the video is so emotional. It's perfect.

This should be one of the top 10. I mean it. It is sad and beautiful and I love it very much

Why did Mikey have to die in the video? Anyone else willing to take his place?

This song is life changing. Made me rethink war. The video is sad. Mikey dies! - bailinickolecondra

This song makes me feel something, which many songs cannot accomplish.

It deserves to be 3 or 4 I guess. Love it. Just love it.

I get chills every time I listen to this song definitely my favorite