Where to begin with this creative masterpiece... It's about a guy who kills someone in a war, and goes mad with guilt as he tries to write his mother a letter. This song is so intricate and complex, its always changing and doesn't let your attention go for a second. The strings in the background add a quirky, macabre touch. The harmonies are fantastic. And holy crap, THAT ENDING. After building and building, the song ends with an EXPLOSIVE final verse in 3/4 time, and ends with Gerard quietly weeping over a violin solo. WHOA. Not for the faint of heart, but this is a stone cold BRILLIANT song.

This is played 976 times on my iPod.. Need I say more, but I will! The boppy tune with the insane mental patient lyrics with a enveloping dramatic cascade of dark emotion pulling at the seams of your mind. It is not a happy song but it makes me feel a disturbing overjoyed thrill. This has always been my favourite song and it always will, I know every lyric every pause every oh and every arr. It is my entire being it breathes the essence of my chemical romance and spits in the face of mainstream posers. The anger, the majesty the power of my chemical romance. It is a vicious dangerous song full of trauma yet excitement and energy. Play it loud and play it proud!

This is probably my favorite song by My Chemical Romance. It's catchy, it's simple, but it maintains the My Chemical Romance signature sound. The song is creepy and a little dark, but it's so full of energy and you can't help but hum along. Mama will always be the song I go back to and play no matter what my mood is. My Chemical Romance Forever!

Probably the most underrated My Chemical Romance song. It has such a chilling tone - between the instrumentation and the eerily true lyrics, this one's a winner and really manages to stimulate the mind. It's definitely comparable to other masterpieces like Welcome the Black Parade and Helena.

This is my favorite My Chemical Romance song! It has a creepy feel to it, but that just makes it sound 50 times better. There's so much emotion put in it! If there were one song that we teenagers listen to today that could even be compared to the legendary "Bohemian Rhapsody", it would be this.

My number 1 favorite from the Black Parade album.. When I'm listening to this song, it's like I'm in a different dimension, I just can feel the music flowing through my veins and it definitely feels good and the vibe of the song is uplifting for me.. The lyrics as well is very influential in a good way..

Mama is just a complex beautiful composition, no matter how you look at it. The voices, the rhythm, the chords... Everything on it is meant to tell a heartrending story which leaves you with that feeling of having listened to something so epic that you don't know what you should listen next.

Mama is so amazing! I love how the song splits in two when he goes '2, 3, 4'. And, Liza Minnelli did the voice of Mother War, which is really ' awesome in my opinion. The lyrics are so well written, and the words 'Mama we all go to Hell' are immortal. My Chemical Romance are geniuses.

Oh. My. Gosh. Before I heard this song, Helena was my favorite My Chemical Romance song. That all changed after I heard Mama. I love the power this song has and how at the end it totally rocks out! Mama really pumps me up and I could break my neck because of head-banging so much!

This song is AWESOME and its basically a wake up call for all those people who think they can just go on forever and not think about the bad side of everything. Thank you My Chemical Romance for showing that there's always a dark side

This should be number 1 by far. The intensity and creepiness is what My Chemical Romance is all about. There is so much meaning in the lyrics and if you've heard it then you know how it makes you feel. It brings adrenaline.

THE BEST SONG OF ALL TIME ESPECIALLY THE END BIT when it says "we're damned after all, " its so inspiring and the rest of the song is just AMAZING music and the lyrics just make it my favorite song. I even analysed it for my English homework

AWESOME This song is so Original, it's incredibly catchy and one of my all time favorite songs by them, I love it and wish I could hear more like it. I hope they come out with more original music like "mama"

I can't help but sing this song in front of people and have them look at me like I have 10 heads. Favorite lines are in the first stanza for me. Absolutely in love with this band and this song. Love you, My Chemical Romance

I love this song, cause we feel that they put themselves one writing "this letter". I am just amazed by gerard voice on it. And "mother war" crying and singing with them make me feel the concept of the album. Pure Genius

This song is just too awesome! This song reflects the story of a soldier in a battle field, all the sins that he has done, and how he feels when he comes home to his mother... My Chemical Romance is not really EMO at all!

This song is absolutely awesome. This is legitimately my happy song. It never fails to pick me up from a bad mood and turn me into a psychotic stripper.

My all time favorite My Chemical Romance song.. It is just so amazing.. The vocals, drums, guitar and bass all go together perfectly. It can put a smile on my face every time that I hear it!

This is my most played song on my ipod because it's amazing! It has so unique and everything about it is awesome! I am so happy that my brother showed me them, I love My Chemical Romance!

This song is dark and amazing. It's much better than Sing! What is it doing down here at ten? The lyrics are so mysterious. Definitely not one for the week of mind, but otherwise great!

I listen to all the other My Chemical Romance songs but it's this song that made me fall in LOVE with the band. This is my favorite sang by them because it's so creepy and intense.

Yeah, this song is amazing! The intro is unique and there are so many parts that shock you and make you want to sing with them! This song is definitely one of my favourites...

Should be at least number 2. Amazing lyrics and such entertaining rhythm. I love My Chemical Romance and this is one of their best jobs. It is way better than Helena

Woah... How could this be 10? I love this song... It got me addicted since the first time I heard it. Its dark and creepy, but that's why I love My Chemical Romance

Such a real song... There's so much emotion and it's so, so real. The eeriness of it really makes it one of a kind. By far one of the best My Chemical romance songs to date!