Out of all songs by My Chemical Romance, this song has really stood out to me and touched me. There's something so special about it. This may not be a super fast song or anything, but the lyrics have and extremely powerful meaning behind them. Even though we all have our struggles and worries, we should all try to focus on others and make other people happy because some people are in a worse position than you, and you could really change someone's life, or make them happier

I love this song, filled with meaning and everything. I used to be this like, really shy girl who hated to sing cause I was okay at it. But after this song, I sang all the time cause the point is to sing! Sing no matter what! Be musical, cause that's what we offer back to the world.. A peace of art coming truly from deep inside of us!

This is the song that really got me listening to all of My Chemical Romances songs before it was just a couple really. Who else has only started listening to them lately? Don't feel as much as a fan cause everyone else has been through their journey and I'm joining halfway through if you know what I mean.

This song should be number one. The music video is amazing and the lyrics speak to the mind and heart. I don't like how glee covered it though

This is a really good song. It is an anthem. It is just one of those songs that people search for. A song that everyone can sing to as loud as they want, till their lungs burst. It is one of those good songs that people just want to sing, no matter who they are, and I find that a miracle.

SING makes me want to SING! Like, this is inspirational! It mentions how you can use your voice to stand up for what is truly right! That's what I absolutely love about them!

Amazing song. My first chemical romance song and I can't last a day without listening to it. It blows my mind away every single time I listen it

One of their best songs, definitely my favorite from the band. I heard it on the radio and it just pulled me in, I mean I'm not one to rant about how this song changed my life or anything but this is good music!

This song makes me feel invincible. It makes me want to scream every time I listen to it. "sing it for the ones that'll hate your guts" makes me want to yell the lyrics because stuff the haters.

How could this be so far down on the list?!? This song is so emotionally beautiful, so motivationally powerful, and overall PERFECT! This should be number one for sure!

This is definitely my number one song by My Chemical Romance. I feel it needs to be up higher on the list. I love this song so MUCH! It is such a powerful song by itself

This was the first My Chemical Romance song that I heard and it always makes me so happy. Until I watched the video, of course, but whatever, I still love it.

Best song they've ever done! Also the first song that got me into them! The lyrics are so powerful, really inspired me! Should be much higher up the list!

This song is just amazing! Could the lyrics be more meaningful to anyone, probably not! Just got to listen to this song when you are feeling rubbish! :')

The lyrics and the vocals and the guitar and just kinda everything makes me love this song so much, the message is clear and it makes a clear impact.

If I was there in the video, and I had to choose between saving my life or their's, CLEARLY their's!

I wouldn't say this is the best My Chemical Romance song but it is definitely close

This song is so amazing! It's such a motivational anthem, whenever I listen to this I'm ready for anything!

Its the best song ever! THE LYRICS "HAVE" GOT MEANING, STILL... SO DOWN ON THE LIST? WTF? - amlansahoo

Really catchy and a good meaning behind the instrumental. Should be further up the list for sure.

I first heard this song on glee and I thought it was epic. It introduced me to this band

This song should be upper, it's so emotional and the lyrics are so meaningful.. I love it

Love this song. Most underrated beside bulletproof heart. - mmarce445

This should be in the top 5, really good message in the song, personally I like it a lot

It have to be at least the second one. Are you kidding? This song is totally amazing!