Welcome to the Black Parade


My Chemical Romance and The Black Parade are dead, but their music, their values and the life-changing effect they had made on the fans will never die. This song is powerful and emotional in many different ways. I feel a huge sense of pride each time I listen to this song, and it helps me "carry on". It really is a masterpiece. I feel like this song perfectly represents what they are, as well as going on with the concept of The Patient etc. which is also outstanding. They will always stay close to my heart, and remain as one of the greatest and most important rock bands of this generation.

This was the first My Chemical Romance song I ever heard and the first one I ever got on my iPod. I often find myself singing it at random moments just to keep my spirits high and a smile on my face. One of the things that I think makes "Welcome to the Black Parade" so perfect is that so many different... Kinds of music that My Chemical Romance does is incorporated into it. We'll carry on!

I am in love with My Chemical Romance full stop. In my opinion I cannot pick a favourite, they are so beautiful in every way imaginable! However to pick which should take the top spot I would have to say Welcome to the Black Parade... It is layered in emotion, its an anthem! If you only hear one song in your lifetime by My Chemical Romance, please make it this one.

This is the best song on this album, if not one of the best songs ever created. It's so grandiose and theatrical and just beautiful. I read in the My Chemical Romance biography that it had over 130 tracks put into it. My Chemical Romance is genius and this is the true anthem of emo. Nothing tops this for me. Nothing nothing nothing

I heard this song when I was 6 years old. My brother played it for me and I loved it. I knew the whole song by heart! Today I remembered this song and I was completely shocked to find that I still knew the lyrics. I guess perfection doesn't fade in ones mind

Every band has a masterpiece. And I'm sure that everyone knows, Welcome to the Black Parade is My Chemical Romance's. Powerful, loud, and perfectly composed, this song is without a doubt not only My Chemical Romance's best song, but one of the best songs ever written.

BEST SONG EVER my favorite part is when they sing do or die you'll never break me, because the world will never take my heart... Etc. Their best song. This is their theme song and my favorite song of all time. Every time I hear it, it makes me mad that they broke up. But oh well, they made history while they had the chance.

This is the first song I ever listened to by My Chemical Romance, and I am so happy about that. The song has made me cry and hold on a little longer while going through trials. This is the best song I've ever heard in my whole life, and that's saying something seeing as I'm band obsessed

Best song ever. When I first watched the video, I felt like I was dying myself. My Chemical Romance has awesome, meaningful songs and this at the top.
My top ten would be:-
1-Welcome 2 the Black Parade
2-This is How I Disappear
4-Famous Last Words
5-The Sharpest Lives
6-Na na na
7-I Don't Love you
8-House of Wolves

This song is so inspiring. I've just gotten into this band but I'm already in love with it thanks to this brilliant song. The music, instrumentation, and the lyrics - all are so meaningful and give me so much hope about the world and life as a whole. Brilliant song!

I can't put my love of this song into words. NO PHRASE OR SYLLABLE COULD EXPRESS MY ABSOLUTE LOVE OF My Chemical Romance! If I find an My Chemical Romance hater @ school, I give them a look and go " That explains everything." This band is much better than any of the other crap that is on the radio now.

Some of the best lyrics I've ever heard.

"Do or die, you'll never make me!
Because the world, will never take my heart!
Go and try, you'll never break me!
We want it all, we wanna play this part!
Won't explain, or say I'm sorry!
I'm unashamed, I'm gonna show my scar!
Give a cheer, for all the broken!
Listen here, because it's who we are!
Just a man, I'm not a hero!
Just a boy, who had to sing this song!
Just a man, I'm not a hero!
We'll carry on! " - MontyPython

This is hands down best song by My Chemical Romance, the lyrics are very inspirational and this song really is #1, this song helped me stay alive, if I never heard this song I might be dead because this is the song that got me to listen to all of their songs, I wish My Chemical Romance was still together but I'm glad they were together long enough to change the lives of so many people, MCRmy forever.

I love it. I just heard it and I fell in love with it. I'm ready to worship the band for this immensely beautiful, deep, intricate, and engrossing song. It stole my breath away. Parts like "We'll carry on" and the first story-like beginning. It blew me away.

One of my friends had commit suicide in September and her favorite song was "welcome to the black parade" and whenever I hear the song I start to cry because its such a great song and it tells you a lot about he person who's favorite son it is

This song turned my world upside down and I got hooked to My Chemical Romance now so My Chemical Romance actually rocks and is the best American rock singers especially gerald you rock My Chemical Romance

Man, I love this song and band. The songs represents My Chemical Romance amazingly and is just an overall great song. The song is both powerful and moving.

Welcome to the Black Parade is a brilliant song by My Chemical Romance. Fantastic beat and fantastic lyrics, by far my favourite song by My Chemical Romance since the first time I heard it. Brilliant.

This is the very first song I listened to by My Chemical Romance I wish it wasn't because no other song matches up to it! Got me hooked to the band, and unfortunately I only got into them when they disbanded, which really stinks.

One of the greatest songs EVER CREATED. definitely the best song composed by My Chemical Romance. the lyrics is brilliant, the way gerard way sung it was marvelous. It can never get better than this!

It's the best song I have ever listened to in my entire life I thank you My Chemical Romance for every moment you gave me with your music and work I think you guys are the best. you all rock ALL THE WAY!

I love this song so much. Even though it's not my favorite song, it is still really great. And now I really sad because that I just found out that they broke up in march. And I just got hooked on the band!

This song... It was the first My Chemical Romance song I ever heard. I used to have depression, but listening to this song saved me. Literally. It showed me that there was always hope and that no matter what happens, "We'll carry on. " It's such an amazing song and makes me want to cry every time I play it on my iPod. Beautiful song~

This song is so beautiful to me. Especially the changing tempos throughout the song. It really shows that this is what My Chemical Romance is all about. They will be missed Maybe a reunion tour?!?!

This is the best song ever! I feel that it is the most powerful song out there it is just amazing! The message and words just make me fell great when I hear it. It is moving, epic, dark, brilliant, best lyrics!