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1 Soarin and Rainbow Dash

I have always found this ship my favourite because they are my 2 favourite Characters in the show and soarin is the wonderbolt that care for her the most and I find the 2 were made for each other and in rainbow falls rainbow dash was the only one that goes and saves soarin. Even tho soarin loves pie and rainbow hate then and rainbow is more Enthusiastic and soarin is more calm, that is like the only things that separate them

They are both Wonderbolts, dedicated to flying, and great athletes. Not good enough? Rainbow saved him multiple times, and it's pretty obvious she doesn't act the same around him. In Rainbow Falls, when he said she's the best, she says, "Aww, it was nothing" Totally not like the ego goof RD is. We can see she has a quick moment of realising what she just said, and then adds a boastful comment.

And then she literally wakes Soarin up standing on his bed. Seriously. And then she flirts with Soarin openly Of all the Wonderbolts, she chooses Soarin. And think about it- there is so much more to Rarity then her charm with stallions. She could have pretended to design the clothes or outfit of the Wonderbolts but no- she decides to FLIRT with a fellow Wonderbolt. Come on. It's obvious. Make it canon Hasbro

I dunno why, but I think, among all my friends I have in school, I'm the only one which likes this couple. Well, I didn't told them I like the couple thing Or thinking its fake but pretty much...a badass pony with a wonderbolt? Totally amazing

If my friends found this list, they would vote for flutter and big Mac. No offense, but I don't think they go together. I mean that I don't see them go together that much...dunno much but I think they went together at one time...and plus these 2 match! Somepony that wants to be a wonderbolt and a currently present wonderbolt. See any difference?

I am getting annoying of shippers, here are the reasons

1. I hate the way people write it, most ships are about giving birth and porn!

2. Just because rainbow dash saved soarin from falling does not mean they are inlove

3. the most stupid ships are at the top, like fluttermac lunacord and Applemaral

4. every shipping hate gets dislikes (this comment with get dislikes)

5, really stupid comments like people exploding from cuteness

So I don't much like shipping but everyone loves it

2 Fluttershy and Discord

Just one more percent and WE'RE #1 BABY! Haha, I knew Fluttercord was going to be a popular ship the moment Fluttershy was put in charge of him. She's just so gentle and kind that it's nearly impossible for anyone to not love her. And Discord is just so darn protective of her. "They took Fluttershy!?!?!" All of us shippers know where that quote is from. He was ready to kill that queen and all the soldiers if it ment Fluttershy would be safe. I love how his main goal in that episode was to rescue Fluttershy and nothing else. Yeah he cared about everyone else but Fluttershy was his #1 priority. I wish someone would willing ride a flying pig into a hive full of changelings to rescue me. XD. Friends or romance, you can't deny these two have a close bond that no one can break.

How are they not #1 yet!?!?! Come on make 2020 a little better and get these two to #1! Everyone already named every little detail about these two. The dialogue, teasing from other characters, the subtle hints, foreshadowing! These two are the best couple in the entire mlp franchise! These two are the true Beauty and the Beast! Ying and Yang! Kindness and Chaos! They are seriously two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly. They each have a personality trait the other needs in their life and complete each other waaaaaaaay too beautifully. These two are THE VERY DEFINITION OF OPPOSITES ATTRACT in a healthy matter! They're relationship is just so perfectly crafted.

This alone is self explanatory. Do I even need to add in my reasonings. Because I'm reading all these comments and they all covered everything. Down to the beginning moment where Fluttershy was the first to see Discords picture and stand under his light, to the final moment where it's indicated that they are married... It's just so darn beautiful.

Oh my gosh! Best ship ever! Fluttershy and Discord are soo cute together! I love how protective Discord is of Fluttershy and love when Angel(in Fluttershys body) says I wanna marry Discord! Something that Fluttershy feels inside, but is too afraid to say.

3 Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich

No pony understands a party pony better than another party pony! With each other there's no need to explain their randomness, no looks of confusion at the other's antics, no "it's just pinkie being pinkie", just understanding and love and PARTIES AND FUN AND ENDLESS LAUGHS!

They're similar enough to truly understand each other, but different enough that they aren't just clones of each other. Pinkie Pie is more open and friendly, more down to earth. Cheese Sandwich however has a louder, more bombastic party throwing style, but is a bit more detached and has a shy streak. They balance each other out! And despite being just generally perfect for each other, their relationship is not without conflict. Cheese Sandwich is a traveler, he has a literal wanderlust in the form of his cheesy sense, which takes him all across Equestria. Pinkie Pie is the opposite, she prefers to surround herself with close friends, she prefers to have a home. This adds a little bit of much needed conflict ...more

HECK, this is the first good couple I saw on this list. Soarin and Rainbow Dash never even met, and they can't be together because Dash isn't a wonder bolt. Big Mac is with CHEERILEE, not Fluttershy. Flash Century is a Gary Sue boyfriend for Twilight. I guess Derpy and Time Twister are okay, but they haven't met, either.
But Pinkie and Cheese Sandwhich...
They are meant for each other. Cheese Sandwich was once a colt that was ignored and bullied by others until he found Pinkie, who taught him to be happy. They can both throw parties and stuff.

I LOVE this ship so much. When I heard that Pinkie Pie was supposed to be getting a boyfriend, I was disappointed when they said it won't be Cheese Sandwich. They're SO CUTE! Pinkie Pie is the reason Cheese Sandwich is who he is today.

People ship them just because they're similar, but in an actual relationship they would fall apart. Have you noticed how they have absolutely NO chemistry, probably because they're pretty much genderbent versions of the same exact person?

4 Lyra Heartstrings and Bonbon

LyraBon is amazing. Normally, I'm not into lesbian shippings, but this one and OctaScratch are exceptions.
O.O (Is it strange that I'm hetero and I like gay shippings? Someone please tell me!

Best ship ever! I'm not sure why this isn't canon. In slice of life they already act like a married couple

Emm...actually I don't ship them...But they look cute together! Anyway, they just only a bestfriend NOT a girlfriend or lesbian thing something like that!

@person, no, it's not strange for straight people to like gay shippings. I know a lot of people who are straight and like gay shippings. I so love this ship, and with season 9 episode 26, I think they got married from the few hints we got.

5 Twilight Sparkle and Flash Century

I love flash and twilight because they're so cute and I don't care what the haters say about them, my heart tells me that they're made for each other and I hope they go on date, get married and have kids.

It's a good couple. Girl has crush. Guy secretly likes girl. He is in royal guard so he will protect her and can get close to her. Oh boy. This is obvious.

My belief is that since the show indicated they had a crush, and it was not can made people dislike it. It is not a bad ship, but I don't like human flash that much.

I like the idea of Twilight having a love interest, and I just wish they'd develop his character more, which would make this couple more awesome!

6 Rarity and Applejack

They were my first OTP I've ever shipped and you just can't ignore the chemistry between them. Opposites attract, yet they still work great together and are best friends. They have so much shippy moments and quotes together. I love them so much.

Yes boi best one here. I love this since they are so good together and are simple the best characters

Just no. This ship sucks its terrible. Apple dash is way better in my opinion. Rarijack and flutterdash are just so overrated. Especially on equestria girls... please

In rollercoaster in friendship this was pretty much confirmed I ship this so much

7 Spike and Rarity

This is my fave couple forever! They are awesome together! First off just because they're not the same species doesn't mean it won't happen! So what she's aa pony and he's a dragon! He loves her and she is sweet! They can work it out! Besides I'm sure Twilight can use her magic to turn him into a pony cause lets face it I don't think Rarity will want to become scaly! After all she is the neatest and cleanest of all the ponies. I <3 THIS COUPLE!

This should be 1! First of all Spikes little moments with Rarity are very cute. The Spike and Rarity episodes are the best! And Spike loves Rarity much more than Cranky loves Matilda. There a nice couple, too and should really be ahead of fluttershy and Big Mac.

I don't like this one... Spike has an unrequited love for her, but all Rarity does is exploit him for her own gain! So much for generosity. Spike would be better off with someone who would treat him RIGHT

If Spike was a pony or Rarity was a dragon I would probably like this couple. But since ponies and dragons cannot mate this ship can't become canon.

8 Rainbow Dash and Applejack

I ship it. Considering all the hate comments, I'm going to say something positive! Yes, they are both stubborn. Yes, they would fight a lot. But that doesn't make the relationship bad, it just makes it so that they won't ever bottle up their feelings with each other. Applejack would ground Rainbow when she gets too crazy, and Rainbow would make Applejack feel loved and taken care of, instead of Applejack having to always be the one to take care of others.

So I know this ship doesn’t get a lot of attention and gets a lot of hate but I mean they are so cute and my heart melts every time I see a ship moment and for all the haters out there , there was a panel about a year ago maybe and somebody asked ashleigh ball about the ship and her words were “they are always arguing and making everything a competition and it makes total sense, let’s just accept the fact that they are going to be together forever ok , ya they are gonna be together forever.” And the person asking the question said “ did you just confirm that ship?” Then ashleigh said “ oh yes 100% yea.” This ship will be my all time favorite and it is an amazing ship.

I'm a sucker for love/hate relationships, plus I seem to have a thing for gay pairings lol. if you know where to look, there are some pretty suggestive moments between these two as well

I feel that both of them share quite a few loves (mostly sports) but I think AJ has a bit to much responsibilities for a relationship at the moment. But I think they have their moments.

9 Shing Armor and Cadence

I... This one's a little iffy for me, just like FlutterMac is. I know that they're married and all that crap, but I'm more for TwiArmor and ShiningShy. Hate me all you want, but that's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.

Lol, there in the show. It doesn't matter whether you dislike it or like it, it won't change. Unless... One of them dies. (I hope that doesn't happen) I'm just saying, don't waste your time debating over this ship. :3

Whoever posted this ship seriously needs to correct the title. Who the heck is "Shing" Armor? It's Shining Armor.

I'm sorry, but I only put this up here for fans. I watched a video, and now I just don't like this couple.

10 Princess Luna and Discord

I like how Luna never puts herself above discord, she knows she was evil once too, also Luna was really lonely too, being the only nocturnal pony

I have read fanfics and seen episodes, plus I am making a fanfic for these two. They are both misunderstood, and both deserve a second chance. I do not believe believe that these two are bad, and they just need another chance.

I love this pairing, but the show accurate Discord looks a little old. I like to stylize him so he looks like a teenager. ;) If I could find one good, "young" picture of Discord, I would be happy. Lunacord forever, rock on.

I love this pairing, no one else really does, but hey, I do. I think it goes together well, in a way.

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11 Sweetie Belle and Button Mash

I know this couple is SOOO YOUNGER...but I think this ship is way more cuter than the others! Sweetie Belle and Button Mash are really perfect together! If they both married, I think they are going to name their kids "Sweetie Mash" and "Button Belle"

This is my favorite young couple! and sweetie belle blushes when button takes her hoof in don't mine at night!

The pics are the only reason I like them. My favorite is the one where sweetie is pregnant, and button tapped a piece of paper to her side that said "Loading… 90%."

They look amazingly awesome together or is it awesomely amazing oh well

12 Derpy and Time Turner

They're complete opposites, yet so perfect! I think it's kinda weird saying who should marry who, but this is fun. In 'A Slice of Life' I couldn't stop laughing at how Derpy wanted to touch everything when TimeTurner was explaining science

Laugh out loud, I think these two are good because they are always spending time together, and I think it would be adorable.

I adore this one. Mainly because it has Derpy and Doctor Whooves in it. But mainly because of Derpy. Then again, who doesn't like Derpy?

They doo spend an awful lot of time together

13 Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst

Sunburst is really having a crush et her. Here are the clues.
1.Blushing in th episode "The Crystalling".
2.Quote:I mean, if you'll have me.
3.Since Sunburst gets hired as Vice Headstallion l, he will never lose touch.

They could be husband and wife because of the animation called "Time for two". You guys have to watch it. It is all about Sunburst and Starlight Glimmer have a bonding and Starlight tries to tell Sunburst that she is in love with him but it was a fail. But Sunburst maybe, just maybe hugged Starlight that night during the fireworks show. THIS IS ROMANTIC. I'M FREAKING OUT. LOVE IS IN THE AIR. ️️️️️️

YEAH I have the same oponion they are together as couples I wish they could be boyfriends and girlfriends.h

I see a pictupre of them getting married and they totally kissed.

14 Princess Cadance and Shining Armor

I don't see why this couple is so disliked in the fandom, cadence and shining are a loving couple cadence cares very much for shining, and he wants to protect her.

I do not like this. I hate this and this is so awful because they have no chemistry.

No! To be honest, I ship Flash Sentry and Shining Armor.

Married after all. Really good for Twilight.

15 Trixie Lulamoon and Starlight Glimmer

Only # 42? This should be number one easily. They have such a great dynamic and make an absolutely adorable couple. I even had a custom commission plush wedding set of these two made, that is how much I love this ship.

Don't just ship them, marry them!

Yas! One of my OTPS! I also ship Starlight with Maud, but this one is good too.

They both have bad past and love magic.

It is actually an good idea

16 Twilight Sparkle and Rarity

I have read fabrics, and I think these two should be together, however I am sorry if I offended any rarity X spike fans.

This one was a surprise at first but now that I think about it, it seems like a really good pairing.

They would be adorable together. Spike's too young to be with Rarity. Sorry Spike.

Spike is only too young because if he grew up... Well, just watch "Secret of my excess"

17 Fluttershy and Big Mac

The big, strong, silent stallion, with a shy, self-conscious mare, its just absolutely heartwarming. I feel that if they got together it would be a relationship with a long lasting foundation of trust and quiet companionship. Fluttershy likes to hide during things like thunderstorms and Nightmare night. Who better to sit beside her with his big strong presence and make her feel safe. Big macintosh has a fear of not being useful enough and who will make him feel more needed than delicate soft spoken Fluttershy. Yes Fluttershys best friend is his sister but really does it matter? I think Applejack might want them together because she Loves Fluttershy and Big Macintosh. So she would want someone similar for the other. I.E. Each other. Plus Cheerily only liked Big Macintosh because of the CMC's love poison. They were both embarrassed by what they had done and only "Flirted" if you can call it that. In front of the CMC's to embarrass them and shoot the point home that what they did was ...more

I don't like this much. They had almost nothing in common besides the fact that they were both quiet. And even that, Big Mac was loud, he just didn't talk much. Fluttershy tried to talk but was too quiet to be heard. Besides, they did nothing to prove they were a couple at all, except for maybe in filli vanilli.

This is cute, but, I'm not a fan. What did they do to prove they even ARE a couple? I love Fluttershy and Discord the most, because they are friends and they do show their feelings for each other! (I actually think Discord likes Fluttershy! )

Don't like it. Big Mac is a work pony with limited vocabulary, and fluttershy is kind and takes care of animals. There is a difference between being shy, and not talking much. Bad ship, but I do like fluttercord. They write, and again and again, she stands up for him.

18 Celestia and Discord

I'm sorry, but I just don't see why people ship this? I have always thought Celestia saw discord as annoying, and Discord has a crush on Fluttershy. Somblestia is my OTP and Fluttercord is right behind it, which is probably the reason I HATE this ship so much.

As a Delistia shipper, I believe it is time to accept our defeat. Face it, we're dieing out as I type. Will these ships go on in our hearts and Fan fiction with fan art. Congratulations to Fluttercord shippers, it's been a wild ride, fighting and debating which ship would be canon and more popular and better. Results don't lie. Even Discord x Luna has beaten us. It's been a fun 9 years and I'm glad I was a part of it.

This is my life. Their past, present, and future is literally the cutest thing in the planet. And it makes sense. I mean chaos and harmony right? And the comics with fluttershy helping discord muster enough courage and confidence to talk to her. I mean he even gave her a nickname. Not fluttershy, twilight, or Luna, but celestia! CAY-CAY X DISSY FOREVER

No, absolutely not, they have shown no actual feelings towards each other in any episodes, plus I don't really see them as a couple. Discord clearly has a crush on Fluttershy and I totally ship those two. Sorry, I'm not a dislestia fan, I'm a Fluttercord fanatic!

19 Vinyl Scratch and Octavia

Ok ship. It's good cause they live together, and there's lots of hints they love each other.
But I agree, RiverClanRocks, that Nicki Minaj should die in a fire, and also RiverClan does indeed rock, my oc, Moltentail, lives there.

Nope. This ship must die. In a fire. Along with Nicki Minaj. That's how bad this ship is.

Too perfect they harmonize each other in every way

Is cute and they are all way next together

20 Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash

Whether you're against same gender relationships, this is a fan favorite. On fimfiction, the Twidash group has close to 2,000 members. Leaving AppleDash and other mane six pairings in the dust. The only thing I've seen more members for a couple was TwiLuna, with 3,000 members. A lot of the community believe Twilight and Rainbow Dash are the
Most shippable characters! And the romance between the two ponies are bound to be mostly adorable. Disagree to agree, the community loves these two.

What I'm wondering is why this couple is so far down on the list. If you think opposites attract this should number 3. If you like alike couples this would be number 5. The egg head and the athlete, two daring do fans. TWIDASH ALL THE WAY!

They are more alike then most people think and to me, they always shared a special bond together. TWIDASH forever!

I don’t know why this is so far down the list, to me this should be cannon. Have you noticed that Rainbow dash only falls into Twilight, and is otherwise a perfect flyer. #TWIDASH

21 Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra

They're both a Match Together. And the villains of MLP,

Queen Chrysalis: Can turn into the same pony like Cadence by using Chrysalis like Butterflies

King Sombra: The king of Shadows, Celestia and Luna battled this Shadow in some episodes or some thin'

Differences: Queen Chrysalis is an Weird Alicorn while Sombra is just a Dark, Black Unicorn.

They are both evil so I can see them sympathize with each other. Chrysalis used to rule over a entire kingdom and so did Sombra

That would be so cute I wanna see a half changeling half whatever sombra is supposed to be

I love it some people say they used to rule together!

22 Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie

I honestly think I might have thought that Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were actually sort of cute! And I really ship it now. I understand why people might not like this ship but it doesn't mean you need to judge!

I like this ship so much this is my OTP ship ever they belong together and they way Rainbow dash look at her it so cute I think Rainbow dash like Pinkie pie

I guess it's a cute ship, but I think Pinkie Pie would be a little to energetic for Rainbow Dash. The only reason why I like this ship I because of a fan fic called, 'Pinkie Promise' on Wattpad by Deadcat. It is very sad, but sweet. Well written. Best fan fic ever!
I'm not saying this ship is my OTP. But it's understandable why people like it.

I can't believe this isn't higher up on the list! This is honestly the cutest ship that I've heard in mlp. Nobody seemed to like it but me, but I don't care. This is my otp!

23 Gallus and Silverstream

I find this ship really cute. Sure it's sort of in the fantasy cliche of a poor boy falling in love with a rich princess that's out of his lead. But I can accept that because of the amazing fanfictions I found about this ship. Also there's like only two ships with Gallus. Gallstream and Gallbar, and sense I find homosexual relationships terrible and anyone who supports a homosexual relationship I see that person's existence to be a sin. because of that if it came to a male griffin and male horse or a male griffin and a female hippogriff. I'll gladly take the male griffin and female hippogriff relationship any day. Seriously I don't get why people aren't seeing the sins that hide in a male on male relationship.

Find it a bit funny how these two are the more popular young six pair. I would've thought Yona and Sandbar would be more popular since they are confirmed. But I can see why these two are higher up. They have the Disney or fairytale feeling going on. Silverstream being related to royalty and Gallus growing up in the streets as an orphan. That alone screams Aladdin. Then we have Gallus who is more experienced of living on the streets, has seen a lot in the world and being a trouble maker while Silverstream is this giddy girl who was forced to stay in one place because she was trapped by the Storm King. That's Tangled right there. And now we have Silverstream being a merpony and is fascinated by the world above ... 😂 do I need to say more? Little Mermaid is a classic.

I like how the young six were basically paired up since the beginning. Sandbar and Yona, Gallus and Silverstream, Smolder and Ocellus.

OOO! Like this one

24 Lyraheartstrings and Pinkiepie

Laugh out loud, I have always thought that these two liked each other, or at least lyra likes pinkie. If only pinkie would open her eyes and realize love is closer than she thinks.

I think Lyra and Bon Bon are a better match

The love triangle that is bon bon lyra and pinkie pie xd

They both break the 4th wall

25 Rarity and Braeburn

NO! For one thing, Rarity is very ladylike. Braeburn is a pony that watches Applejack in Rodeo shows. Rarity would die if she was forced to marry Braeburn. Seriously.

Braeburn is a gentleman to her

Who the hell put this here? braeburn is gay

Braeburn belongs with Soarin’!

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