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1 Soarin and Rainbow Dash

YESSS, in the episode where rainbowdash becomes a wonderbolt and she crashed into the trash can, Soarin is the only one to actually care as the only one that asked if she was okay.

Soarin is the only bolt who truly care for Dash
I love this ship

Soarin is cute and if this ship becomes a canon thing, I could see him calming down RD in a stressful situation

She saved him (and his pie) more times than she can count and they have instant connection
P.S. Their fanart is amazing by the way

2 Fluttershy and Discord

This is my favorite ship of all time and the absolute best ship in mlp there ever was. I like it has number 2 spot. After I had watched the fan fic Bride Of Discord I fell in love with the ship and I realized how much the series hints at it. I really hope it happens. And as evidence, Discord only cared about Fluttershy. Whenever he hears something happened to the main six he is like, "whatever" and then turns into immediate anger when he hears that means something happened to Fluttershy too. He also has weekly tea parties with her. And once he nearly died to make his home suitable for a visit from Fluttershy. Fluttershy also decided to go against what normally likes to save him. It's a really nice ship, and it's practically confirmed already, so I want them to adimt their feelings!

I tried keeping fair saying that this ship isn't truly canon yet but after the voice actor of fluttershy (and pinkie pie but nobody likes her any ways am I right? ) said that she has a crush on discord and then in a future episode where angel and fluttershy switch body's, Angel while trying impersonate fluttershy says that she wants to marry discord. In my opinion I think. No. I am sure that there aren't any valid arguments left and the show shows it of more than most ships even sparity. So in that cause I officially see fluttercord as a canon ship and the best ship in my little pony period. Let's just hope that people find out that sorindash isn't as good as people think it is. That goes for rainbow dash is well cause she sucks

You can't beat these two. They balance eachother ever so perfectly. Fluttershy has become more confident and Discord became kinder. Discord is like her strength and Fluttershy is like his heart. I know Fluttershy will die and Discord will out live her but think of it like this. Surely they'll start a family and Discord will be alive to watch his family tree grow. He'll see his kids grow and have kids too. He'll be watching his grandchildren grow and have kids as well. How cool would it be to see all your relatives be born and grow. 1000 years into the future, if anyone related to Discord has questions about their family tree, I'm sure Discord would be more than happy to tell them their family history because he got to see it himself. And who says he won't be able to see Fluttershy? Most people belive when we die we become spirits and Discord is a spirit of Chaos. Maybe when Fluttershy dies she'll be a spirit in another dimension and Discord can visit her and tell her all about how the ...more

Probably just my luck for not getting any likes on my comment but hey, it's been in the top of the featured comments so I guess that's a accomplishment (also can someone else think of something positive to comment so we have a total of 100 comments

3 Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich

They share enough similarities such as the party pony trait and have a good relationship. He even summons her when he is in his worst slump. They also balance each other out with their own styles.

Da best ship eva!

No pony understands a party pony better than another party pony! With each other there's no need to explain their randomness, no looks of confusion at the other's antics, no "it's just pinkie being pinkie", just understanding and love and PARTIES AND FUN AND ENDLESS LAUGHS!

They're similar enough to truly understand each other, but different enough that they aren't just clones of each other. Pinkie Pie is more open and friendly, more down to earth. Cheese Sandwich however has a louder, more bombastic party throwing style, but is a bit more detached and has a shy streak. They balance each other out! And despite being just generally perfect for each other, their relationship is not without conflict. Cheese Sandwich is a traveler, he has a literal wanderlust in the form of his cheesy sense, which takes him all across Equestria. Pinkie Pie is the opposite, she prefers to surround herself with close friends, she prefers to have a home. This adds a little bit of much needed conflict ...more

They are meant for eachothether

4 Twilight Sparkle and Flash Century

Cutest couple ever! - Firegirl110


They will be ship yasss


5 Lyra Heartstrings and Bonbon

@person, no, it's not strange for straight people to like gay shippings. I know a lot of people who are straight and like gay shippings. I so love this ship, and with season 9 episode 26, I think they got married from the few hints we got.

LyraBon is amazing. Normally, I'm not into lesbian shippings, but this one and OctaScratch are exceptions.
O.O (Is it strange that I'm hetero and I like gay shippings? Someone please tell me!

I don't know... This is just a pairing... I only think that bonbon likes lyra, but lyra likes pinkie. - hollypotion

Best ship ever! I'm not sure why this isn't canon. In slice of life they already act like a married couple

6 Rarity and Applejack


I love it

Yes boi best one here. I love this since they are so good together and are simple the best characters

In rollercoaster in friendship this was pretty much confirmed I ship this so much

7 Rainbow Dash and Applejack

Best ship EVER I EVER SEEN ON MY LIFE! That's all ;-;


I ship it. Considering all the hate comments, I'm going to say something positive! Yes, they are both stubborn. Yes, they would fight a lot. But that doesn't make the relationship bad, it just makes it so that they won't ever bottle up their feelings with each other. Applejack would ground Rainbow when she gets too crazy, and Rainbow would make Applejack feel loved and taken care of, instead of Applejack having to always be the one to take care of others. - Warriorcatsfandom

Why just why just NO

8 Spike and Rarity

Did everyone forget the dragon princess? her and spike got a whole episode together. so cute

This should be 1! First of all Spikes little moments with Rarity are very cute. The Spike and Rarity episodes are the best! And Spike loves Rarity much more than Cranky loves Matilda. There a nice couple, too and should really be ahead of fluttershy and Big Mac.

No, too stereotypical. - american_boy

I hope either Spike becomes a pony or we get some awesome dragon/pony hybrid!

9 Shing Armor and Cadence

Well, DUH

DUR this couples perfect! There already married

I'm sorry, but I only put this up here for fans. I watched a video, and now I just don't like this couple. - hollypotion

Whoever posted this ship seriously needs to correct the title. Who the heck is "Shing" Armor? It's Shining Armor. - MillieTrina_Prower

10 Princess Luna and Discord

I think this pairing is cute but luna should be with sombra not discord

YES! OH MY CELESTIA, YES! *coughs* Sorry, my fangirl side just took over. I love LunaCord so much. A long time ago, I liked Fluttercord just because everyone did, but time flew... And LunaCord became one of my favorites.

LunaXDiscord FOREVER!

I agree. Luna was supposed with sombra, not discord.

I have to agree as well. Luna and Sombra would be a way better match than Luna and Discord


The Contenders

11 Celestia and Discord

As a Delistia shipper, I believe it is time to accept our defeat. Face it, we're dieing out as I type. Will these ships go on in our hearts and Fan fiction with fan art. Congratulations to Fluttercord shippers, it's been a wild ride, fighting and debating which ship would be canon and more popular and better. Results don't lie. Even Discord x Luna has beaten us. It's been a fun 9 years and I'm glad I was a part of it.

No, absolutely not, they have shown no actual feelings towards each other in any episodes, plus I don't really see them as a couple. Discord clearly has a crush on Fluttershy and I totally ship those two. Sorry, I'm not a dislestia fan, I'm a Fluttercord fanatic!

This was the original Discord ship back in 2011. Before the dark times, before the fluttercord shippers. Ah yes that was a better time. - LydiaS001

How are these guys not higher up! Just look at the fan art for them!

12 Fluttershy and Big Mac

This is cute, but, I'm not a fan. What did they do to prove they even ARE a couple? I love Fluttershy and Discord the most, because they are friends and they do show their feelings for each other! (I actually think Discord likes Fluttershy! )

Don't like it. Big Mac is a work pony with limited vocabulary, and fluttershy is kind and takes care of animals. There is a difference between being shy, and not talking much. Bad ship, but I do like fluttercord. They write, and again and again, she stands up for him.

This ship doesn't have anything to back it up. People are only shipping them together because they're both shy and I have to admit, they make a cute couple. I don't have anything against this ship, but... Big Mac and Marble Pie are much more obvious. - RisingMoon

The big, strong, silent stallion, with a shy, self-conscious mare, its just absolutely heartwarming. I feel that if they got together it would be a relationship with a long lasting foundation of trust and quiet companionship. Fluttershy likes to hide during things like thunderstorms and Nightmare night. Who better to sit beside her with his big strong presence and make her feel safe. Big macintosh has a fear of not being useful enough and who will make him feel more needed than delicate soft spoken Fluttershy. Yes Fluttershys best friend is his sister but really does it matter? I think Applejack might want them together because she Loves Fluttershy and Big Macintosh. So she would want someone similar for the other. I.E. Each other. Plus Cheerily only liked Big Macintosh because of the CMC's love poison. They were both embarrassed by what they had done and only "Flirted" if you can call it that. In front of the CMC's to embarrass them and shoot the point home that what they ...more

13 Derpy and Time Turner

Love at its derpy finest. - american_boy

Laugh out loud, I think these two are good because they are always spending time together, and I think it would be adorable. - hollypotion

They're complete opposites, yet so perfect! I think it's kinda weird saying who should marry who, but this is fun. In 'A Slice of Life' I couldn't stop laughing at how Derpy wanted to touch everything when TimeTurner was explaining science

They doo spend an awful lot of time together

14 Twilight Sparkle and Rarity

They would be adorable together. Spike's too young to be with Rarity. Sorry Spike.

This one was a surprise at first but now that I think about it, it seems like a really good pairing.

Spike is only too young because if he grew up... Well, just watch "Secret of my excess"

I ship Twilight with everyone to be honest - Warriorcatsfandom

15 Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst

Yeah they are always together. why - wren6

Awesome couple. Totally vote for this! SO OBVIOUS that Starlight likes Sunburst!

They’re so perfect together!

Yes! boi they are perfect together they have such a touching backstory!

16 Princess Cadance and Shining Armor

No! To be honest, I ship Flash Sentry and Shining Armor. - american_boy

I don't see why this couple is so disliked in the fandom, cadence and shining are a loving couple cadence cares very much for shining, and he wants to protect her.

Married after all. Really good for Twilight.

I do not like this. I hate this and this is so awful because they have no chemistry.

17 Trixie Lulamoon and Starlight Glimmer

Only # 42? This should be number one easily. They have such a great dynamic and make an absolutely adorable couple. I even had a custom commission plush wedding set of these two made, that is how much I love this ship.

Don't just ship them, marry them!

Yas! One of my OTPS! I also ship Starlight with Maud, but this one is good too. - Warriorcatsfandom

OTP! Should be higher

The Starlight I love... -Trixie - AshleyChang

It is actually an good idea - SuperGeek

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18 Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie

This is my favorite ship so far! PinkieDash for the win!

Ship names:
Flying Balloon
Pink Rainbow - RoseWeasley

Rainbow dash and pinkie pie are a weird, but cute couple because pinkie pie is funny and rainbow dash is the opposite.

Why is PinkieDash so low on this list? They're *pouts* so cute together! Besides, this ship is SO much better than CheesePie and SoarinDash.

19 Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash

They are more alike then most people think and to me, they always shared a special bond together. TWIDASH forever!

What I'm wondering is why this couple is so far down on the list. If you think opposites attract this should number 3. If you like alike couples this would be number 5. The egg head and the athlete, two daring do fans. TWIDASH ALL THE WAY!

I don’t know why this is so far down the list, to me this should be cannon. Have you noticed that Rainbow dash only falls into Twilight, and is otherwise a perfect flyer. #TWIDASH

Why isn't the ship somewhere at the top of this list?! I mean come on!

20 Vinyl Scratch and Octavia

Is cute and they are all way next together

This *ship is awesome. - american_boy

Why is it so bad? I give it 10/10


21 Sweetie Belle and Button Mash

I guess this is cute.

Young love is always cute! And have you SEEN the pictures of them?!

ADORABLE couple. I would love to see them talk more! - mikachuu

"Now we're strangers, but I miss you, oh I wonder if you miss me too..."

22 Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra

I love it some people say they used to rule together!

They are both evil so I can see them sympathize with each other. Chrysalis used to rule over a entire kingdom and so did Sombra

Cool ship dudes

No, Luna and Sombra for life!

23 Applejack and Caramel

This is the first couple that I like. Caramel who is a worker of sweet apple acres has a crush on AppleJack. How cool is that? Best Applejack shipping. I like their fanfics.

Oh... Apples plus apples into big apples!

My favorite couple

How are couples that are 2 mares higher up than this, this is a really practical couple

24 Lyraheartstrings and Pinkiepie

No. - american_boy

Laugh out loud, I have always thought that these two liked each other, or at least lyra likes pinkie. If only pinkie would open her eyes and realize love is closer than she thinks. - hollypotion

I think Lyra and Bon Bon are a better match

They both break the 4th wall

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25 Rarity and Braeburn

Who the hell put this here? braeburn is gay

NO! For one thing, Rarity is very ladylike. Braeburn is a pony that watches Applejack in Rodeo shows. Rarity would die if she was forced to marry Braeburn. Seriously.


Braeburn belongs with Soarin’! - american_boy

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26 Crysalis and King Sombra

Repeat? - american_boy

I see how that can work. But I would go with Luna and Sombra. They have known each other BEFORE Sombra turned evil after all.

Yeah I could actually see this I guess, but for some reason I like Sombra and celestia. I like to believe that Sombra and celestia were together at one point, but when he was saving her from some evil force, the evil was imprisoned in his body, so he was banished. Just my fanfiction side taking over.

I don't know... Fans requested this, so here here it is. I think they're not a very good couple. At least they're decent... - hollypotion

27 Derpy and Dr Whooves

I JUST love it

Loving it! - american_boy

Love it


28 Rumble and Scootaloo

They're both cool but also they're both sweet and kind so I think they are made for each other. Also I hope to see more of Rumble

Scootaloo is the best crusader

I just love this pairing!

They are cute

29 Big Macintosh and Fluttershy

Ick. - american_boy

Love this ship



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30 Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash

Best couple (friendship way)

There are countless occurences in the show where they are hinted at and strongly sometimes, they are just so cute together. Opposites attract.

I don't understand why this is number 30. This is by far the best ship. Some of the others don't make since. Flutters and dash are perfect for each other and rollercoaster of friendship kind of confirms it kind of like how they confirmed rarijack.

Yes I like this ship so much

31 Sky Stinger and Vapor Trail
32 Sci-Twilight and Sunset Shimmer

Personally, this has got to be one of my favourite ships in the fandom, if not my favourite. Sci-twi and Sunset Shimmer are so cute together during the equestria series that I'm surprised it wasn't made canon. They are perfect for eachother, they've both turned into demon princesses, both made mistakes and have learned from them and it's so cute when Sunset stands up for sci-twi and supports her when none of the other ponies/humans do. Sunset Shimmer is like the former bad girl with a history, while sci-twi is like the nerdy, introverted girl who was suddenly thrown into a bad situation.

The movie that has both evidence for against the ship is camp everfree. Before this movie I definitely shipped real Twilight with Sunset Shimmer (and still do, but a little less) but since Twilight is gone and when camp everfree came out I started shipping Sunset and sci-twi. I especially liked the dynamic between the two how Sunset would always try to support her, but be pushed away by sci-twi ...more

OTP Love them! They're just so adorable together

I like it - AshleyChang

Um, no. - american_boy

33 Princess Luna and King Sombra

It only makes sense, it like the BEST SHIP and it's more sense then Celestia and Sombra,

I love this couple a lot because both princess luna and king sombra know...ABANDONED...or should I say...HATED...that they both like...turned to their dark sides...

I love this ship I think that because they both have turned to the "dark side" I think it would be so cool if sombra went good and fell in love with amazing episode would be Luna getting rid of sombras nightmares about turning evil again

I like luna and Sombra. I think it's a double date with Celestia an Discord. Sombra is a king with dark magic so as Princess Luna. Princess Luna is the princess of night and I think King Sombra is the king of shadows.

34 Rarity and Master

Not gonna ask. - american_boy

Who is master?

Who is master

Who's master?

35 Spike and Dragon Lord Ember

Why isn't this higher - wren6

Yes! I really hope emver shows up again and isn't a one-off character! Please

I just think that they are cute thogether

Love it - BlazeHeart

36 Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer

Ship names:
Sparkling Sunset
Shimmering Twilight - RoseWeasley

I dislike Flash Sentry and Timber, none of them deserves Twilight (either one of them). So obviously I hate those ships but I guess I could be ok if Sunset liked the Twilight from the human world. Because Pony Twilight is taken on my list.

This one needs to be higher. Who doesn't like SunLight?

I love this ship but I feel like Pony Twilight x Sunset is the one I ship. Human Twilight seems to really be in guys...

37 Twilight Sparkle and Spike

I ship Spike and Thorax, you can kill me now. - american_boy

Twilight is basically his mother

Technically this way higher on the list because Time Turner is the one of the various names Doctor Whooves is referred to as

This is just beyond disturbing and on the brim of being incest!

38 Queen Chrysalis and Fluffle Puff

Best ship ever

No... - american_boy

*Sighs* I like them, but... Fluffle Puff ISN'T canon, and I'm not a big fan of OC x Canon ships. I'd like this ship a little better if Chrysalis was an OC as well.

They are made for each other

39 Sweetie Belle and Spike

HA! Nope. - american_boy

I really like this couple. Sweetie Belle and Spike are pretty much the same age

I like it but I think Sparity is much better


40 Spitfire and Soarin

But in Rainbow falls, Spitfire tried to replace him, with Rainbow dash, and Rainbow helped Soarin.

SoarinFire? So much better than SoarinDash. *Mumbles* Crazy MLP fans and their shippings.

I know this is an underrated shipping, but can people at least give this couple a chance.

I always thought this couple was cute.

41 Celestia and Luna

They are sister dumbass

I love all the ships

Aren't they're sisters?

Um, I don't have a problem with gay people, but seriously?

42 Marble Pie and Big Macintosh

More sexual tension between them than cadence and shining - wren6

I LOVE this couple! It is so obvious!

I love IT

43 Spike and Thorax

Yes! My favorite ship! - american_boy

YES - Warriorcatsfandom

Their friendship is so cute... wouldn't be surprised if Thorax liked spike! (Vise versa)

44 Apple Bloom and Tender Taps

Sure! - american_boy

Young love is pretty.


45 Twilight Sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon

Do I really need to say more

... I never knew this existed, but now I ship it! Now I'm tempted to make polyamorous Twilight X Trixie X Luna... - Warriorcatsfandom

Eh, it's okay... Really...

Really! There mortal enemies

46 Snips and Snails

They’re so cute together! - american_boy

I love these two. They are the funniest My Little Pony characters.

I think they lack so much character and I hate them...
I hate the ship too

I hate the ship and they are the worst characters in mlp g4

1 Comment
47 King Sombra <3 Fluttershy

I really don't like this ship

Good Idea I Mean They Look Cute Together! Most of us probably want it to Happen SOMMERSHY!

Must People Says It's IMPOSSIBLE


Its Just Unlikely

This is MY Opinion

I'm saying its unlikely
BUT! I Think In everybody There's a little hope that they will!



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48 Radiant Hope and King Sombra

They are like Aniken Skywalker (Darthwader) and the princes he loved. And like they are friends from childhood and their friendship/love saves the day in the Siege Of The Cristal Empire comic book series. Although what King Sombra did according to FIENDship Is Magic issue #1 Radiant Hope still helped him and showed him a way to be good later on.
From what I saw they deserve to be the #1 on the list.

Just see the comics!

49 Rumble and Sweetie Belle

I would love to see Rumble and sweetie bell together.

They seems cute together...

I can't deny it (...) The cutest colt with the cutest filly?!

50 Princess Luna and Twilight Sparkle

I know there's a too old argument to be made... I kind of disagree. I mean, Luna seems to be frozen at a young age similar to how old Twilight is, and it would be nice for Luna to have an immortal partner to keep her company. Oh and by the way, if you go by "too old" logic, than you can't ship Luna or Celestia with anyone except each other. I know what you're going to say, "But Discord! " Actually, it's quite probable he's older than both of them combined. He's the embodiment of chaos, of course he's been there since the very beginning of time! Celestia and Luna, on the other hand, are canonically not in Equestria until after its founding. So, either you go by the "immortals are frozen in there 20s forever", or "they can't date anyone ever". Pick one

You mean a LOT too old. Like, 1,000 years too old.

Luna's a little too old for Twilight

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