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41 Zecora and Doctor Whooves

Did someone just type this randomly?

Nope I don't like this one bit

Seem cute together - Timelordponeh

What the heck?

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42 Queen Chrysalis and Fluffle Puff

They are made for each other


ship it

Why must my brain act retarded
I can't bring myself to ship this
I just...can't...

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43 Spike and Dragon Lord Ember

Yes! I really hope emver shows up again and isn't a one-off character! Please

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44 Radiant Hope and King Sombra

Just see the comics!

45 Princess Luna and Twilight Sparkle

You mean a LOT too old. Like, 1,000 years too old.

Luna's a little too old for Twilight

46 Snips and Snails

I love these two. They are the funniest My Little Pony characters.

I think they lack so much character and I hate them...
I hate the ship too

Aw, I ship them so hard! I mean, Snips is just so hyper and Snails is just so relaxed, but they're still best friends and njfrjkhnjtnfjqrbfjibhgujujt.
Haha, sorry for that little shipping seizure. I just think they'd be so cute together!

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47 Prince Blueblood and Trixie Lulamoon

Great! They have so much in common! Both heartless, both unicorns, both rude..

The only ship in the whole series that actually makes sense. Does anyone agree?

I agree

I love this!

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48 Comet Tail and Twilight Sparkle

I despise this pairing with a burning passion

I like this couple waay better than Flashlight. At first I really hate this couple but after reading the fanfiction this couple became 4th favorite couple. I ship Flash wih

49 Diamond Tiara and Pipsqueak

Perfect couple because in one episode they both want to be school president and she helps him!

Don't like this ship I hate it

Hat it

50 Trixie Lulamoon and Starlight Glimmer V 2 Comments
51 Midnight Sparkle and Nightmare Rarity V 1 Comment
52 Rumble and Sweetie Belle

They seems cute together...

I can't deny it (...) The cutest colt with the cutest filly?!

53 Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry

Better than FlashLight. These two have to get back together.

I heart this Hard

I think that sunset is so perfect with flash. Twi and flash no


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54 Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara V 2 Comments
55 Flash Sentry and Rainbow Dash

FlashLight is so much better than this

This one is equal with flashlight. I mean, twi obviously loves him but RD and flash have more in common.

Yess wayy better than Flashlight. They are both pegasi and have unique hair and plays electric guitar. Still any other than Rarity and Twilight when will the others find loveMm

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56 Dark Art and Vinyl V 2 Comments
57 Spike and Princess Cadance V 1 Comment
58 Fluttershy and Hoops V 1 Comment
59 Pinkie Pie and Gilda

That's actually a pretty cute pair, If you draw them in a humanized style :D. - rirepink

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60 Doctor Whooves and Twilight Sparkle

My opinion? This one's much better
Than DoctorDerpy. 'enough said. What do you guys think?

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