Best My Little Pony Couples

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61 Fluttershy and Dumb-Bell

Dumbbell is too dumb for her

More nu

62 Fluttershy and Hoops

Its okaay...

63 Rainbowdash x Scootaloo

Nooo They are more of a sisterly relationship

64 Pinkie Pie and Gilda

That's actually a pretty cute pair, If you draw them in a humanized style :D. - rirepink

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65 Doctor Whooves and Twilight Sparkle

My opinion? This one's much better
Than DoctorDerpy. 'enough said. What do you guys think?

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66 Big Mac and Rarity

I think they could balance each other out and it would be a fun story

Love it! They're just so different. Amazing.

No to all combiations to rarity and some pony realted to Applejack.

67 Luna and Sombra

They are such a CUTE couple. They have ALREADY known each other BEFORE Sombra turned evil after all.

I Love this couple IT makes sence because Luna is the princess of the night and so bra is the king of shadows the night and shadows are like the same

In a ep, Luna and Sombra fought, Luna fought for Celestia because she lost...IDC! Moon and Darkness Mix them up into a cauldron and you got a bottle of Dark Evil Magic!

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68 Marble Pie and Big Macintosh

I LOVE this couple! It is so obvious!

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69 Spike and Starlight Glimmer
70 Spoiled Rich and Svengallop

They both have the same type of attitude

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71 Pinkie Pie and Fernando

Wait! WHAT?!? - SuperGeek

72 Lotus Blossom and Aloe
73 Big Mac and Cheese Sandwich
74 Tom and Boulder
75 Lemon Zest and Sonata Dusk

I like this one.

76 Rainbow Dash and Rarity
77 Detpy and Rainbow Dash

I don't know, just got bored, plus I think this would be kind of cute... - hollypotion

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78 Rarity and Fancy Pants

I don't know I have just been seeing this a lot but doesn't Fancy Pants married to that pink pony?

Fancy pants is a really old pony no

What a beautiful couple! I think that Fancy Pants should break up with the pink pony and come up with Rarity!

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79 Braeburn and Little Strongheart

Please let it become canon they're so CUTE

We want to see little strongheart again! Season 7 maybe?

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80 Spike and Applebloom



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