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61 Marble Pie and Big Macintosh

I LOVE this couple! It is so obvious!

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62 Spoiled Rich and Svengallop

They both have the same type of attitude

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63 Pinkie Pie and Fernando V 1 Comment
64 Lotus Blossom and Aloe
65 Big Mac and Cheese Sandwich
66 Celestia and Luna

Um, I don't have a problem with gay people, but seriously?

Oh my Celestia yes! I love this ship!

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67 Lemon Zest and Sonata Dusk V 1 Comment
68 Rarity and Fancy Pants

I don't know I have just been seeing this a lot but doesn't Fancy Pants married to that pink pony?

Fancy pants is a really old pony no

What a beautiful couple! I think that Fancy Pants should break up with the pink pony and come up with Rarity!

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69 Braeburn and Little Strongheart

Please let it become canon they're so CUTE

We want to see little strongheart again! Season 7 maybe?

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70 Spike and Applebloom V 2 Comments
71 Apple Bloom and Babs Seed

Why do people like this? It's (pardon my language) bucking incest!

Oh my crazy five year old shipping...
This was my favorite CMC shipping...
But I'm like 9 now so I changed

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72 Rainbow Dash and Prince Blueblood

I think someone typed this randomly...THEY NEVER MET STUPIDS!

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73 Applejack and Braeburn

I really love this couple! I don't care if they are cousins I love this couple!

74 Mr. and Mrs. Cake V 2 Comments
75 Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadance

Cadance is Twilight's sister in law!

76 Fluttershy and Angel Bunny V 1 Comment
77 Snails and Trixie V 2 Comments
78 Snails and Sunset Shimmer V 1 Comment
79 Snips and Trixie V 1 Comment
80 Snips and Sunset Shimmer V 1 Comment
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