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81 Mr. and Mrs. Cake V 2 Comments
82 Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadance

Cadance is Twilight's sister in law!

83 Snails and Trixie V 2 Comments
84 Snails and Sunset Shimmer V 1 Comment
85 Snips and Trixie V 1 Comment
86 Snips and Sunset Shimmer V 1 Comment
87 Snails and Twilight Sparkle

Okay maybe this has gone too far

88 Snips and Twilight Sparkle V 1 Comment
89 Snails and Diamond Tiara V 1 Comment
90 Snips and Diamond Tiara V 1 Comment
91 Applejack and Film

I prefer Caramel and Applejack but I actually like this ship a lot!

I personally think that these two would look adorable together! (I mean have you seen the fanarts?! )

V 1 Comment
92 Fluttershy and Score V 1 Comment
93 Fluttershy and Dumb-Bell V 2 Comments
94 Fluttershy and Gilda

Yeah...I don't hate this but it's cute and okay

Yeah? Is Gilda mean to Fluttershy?

Um isn't Gilda mean to Fluttershy?

95 Spike and Garble
96 Rainbowdash x Scootaloo V 1 Comment
97 Gilda and Score V 1 Comment
98 Gilda and Dumb-Bell V 1 Comment
99 Gilda and Hoops

I like this couple. I don't know why.

V 1 Comment
100 Pokey Pierce and Pinkie Pie

Am I the only one that likes this couple?

Why no one likes this couple? It's my favorite even if pinkie pie is waaay better with Chesse this couple makes more sense. A canterlot pony meets a sweet cheerful filly like pinkie pie? Imagine that.

CheesePie for the win
They never MET.
Plus Pokey just POPS BALLOONS.
Pinkie Pie and popped balloons do NOT MIX.
Seriously people

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