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101 Rainbow Dash and Big Mac

Well, they would make a nice couple, however, there relationship might not be very steady.

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102 Luna and Sombra

They are such a CUTE couple. They have ALREADY known each other BEFORE Sombra turned evil after all.

I Love this couple IT makes sence because Luna is the princess of the night and so bra is the king of shadows the night and shadows are like the same

In a ep, Luna and Sombra fought, Luna fought for Celestia because she lost...IDC! Moon and Darkness Mix them up into a cauldron and you got a bottle of Dark Evil Magic!

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103 Octavia and Frederic Horsepin

They're both music ponies! They look cute together.

Yes, Octavia would be me and Fredric would be my boyfriend Rodrigo! I also play cello like Octavia. Rodrigo and I r both involved in music like them.

104 Twilight Sparkle and Prince Blueblood

They might make a great couple

105 Princess Luna and Prince Blue Blood

I'm agree with this couple. Although some other people don't like this at all but follow me, princess Luna and prince Blueblood is a very adorable

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106 Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon

Did you know that they're the same ponies

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107 Pinkie Pie and Cherry Jubilee V 1 Comment
108 Adagio and Muffins (Derpy)
109 Cloudchaser and Flitter V 2 Comments
110 Twilight Sparkle and Minuette V 1 Comment
111 Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer
112 Lightning Dust x Wind Rider

They both show hate towards RD and are both pegasi and are mean and had to do with the wonderbolts!

113 Bon Bon and Caramel
114 Brownie Bun and Richard
115 Prince Blueblood and Rarity V 2 Comments
116 Applejack and Coloratura
117 Tom and Boulder
118 Tree Hugger and Sandalwood
119 Rainbow Dash and Rarity
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