Why Pinkie Pie is the best cartoon character ever

PInkie pie is a pink pony from the show My Little pony. She is a very joyful and funny character. She likes to make ponies laugh and smile. She makes sad ponies feel better. How could Rainbow dash be higher than her?

Well, Rainbow dash is really a good pony. She is fast, strong, courageous, faithful, everything you could find in a true hero. She is also the most modern character I have ever seen. Its like the only "cool" character an adult made xD

Fluttershy is a kind pony. The episode Putting Your Hoof down was an MLP nightmare, since FLuttershy becomes a bully in some scenes.

Twilight is the main character of the show. She is a pirze student of the princess of the land. She gets to learn about friendship, and sending reports to the princes. She is very intelligent. And she is also extremely modern, like she acts the most realistic. THe adults did a pretty good job o.o

Rarity is a good pony, too. She could be too fashionable sometimes, which I find funny. She is also kinda pretty. She is a very generous one, and she likes to make pretty things for ponies.

Applejack is my favorite pony. Her accent, wow. She is strong, kind-ish, manly and very awesome in all. There are no more words for her xD

Why should Pinkie Pie be number 1?

As I said, she was the clown of the galaxy, and she likes to make ponies around the universe smile and laugh, which makes her extremely special.

There is like nothing wrong with her. Whiever created SMILE HD must be depressed -.-

She is funny at most times, she is courageous as well. She is also very brave.

Pinkie pie is the meaning of My Little Pony.