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21 Apple Bloom Apple Bloom

One of the cutie mark crusaders and Apple Jack's sister.

She is awesome! Loyal to her family, kind to her friends, and accepting that she is a late bloomer with getting her cutie mark. Has a positive attitude and is definitely in the top 10 on my list!

She is the cutest pony on the show. Did you see her face asking Twilight if she would stay for brunch? Adorable! - Elias35

HOW IS BIG MAC MORE POPULAR THAN APPLEBLOOM?!?!? HE DOES NOT TALK EXCEPT FOR "Ye-up", And, "Nope" APPLEBLOM IS MY FAVOURITE PONY! Note: I hate Sweetie Belle, because I love Appleblom so much, Sweetie belle is more popular than her. That's why I hate Sweetie Belle

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22 Maud Pie

Maud is awesome! I hope she will be back

Maud is the most boring character in the show. Which is why she's awesome. - RiverClanRocks

Come on guys I like maud. She is understated... Unlike me.

Very underrated - Neonco31

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23 Dr. Hooves

UGH. Dr Hooves is a BACKGROUND PONY with no canon personality, no canon name, and is so boring that I can't stand seeing fan art of him. PLEASE vote him down, he isn't even a real pony..

Why would just anybody vote for him. To be honest he is such a hurrying man pony with a sick butt

Awesome pony! First stallion on the list.

He is the real mvp from mlp

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24 Cheese Sandwich

Weird Al totally nailed cheese sandwich. Probably should be #5. But that is my opinion :3

CHEESE SANDWICH? UM YEAH! If you vote Pinkie Pie, how could you NOT vote Cheese Sandwich? He's literally the boy version of her! Plus, who else do you know that has a rubber chicken named boneless?

Cause I just love to see smile smile smile yes I do, it fills my heart with sunshine all the while yes it does, cause all I really need's a smile smile from these happy friends of mine! Pinkie Pie needs to sue this guy.

Weird Al as a pony? YES. - TwillyFSniper

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25 Starlight Glimmer Starlight Glimmer Starlight Glimmer is a recurring character, initially an antagonist, in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She first appears in the season 5 premiere, The Cutie Map. From The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2 to Celestial Advice, she is Twilight Sparkle's student in the ways of friendship.

Why isn't starlight in a higher place!

Starlight is so cute and cool in my opinion. That's mean and unfair that some people dislike her, they should be the ones keeping their opinions to themselves.

I prefer Sunset shimmer, but I like the role starlight's been given in season 6

Starlight is cool! she's a little socially awkward like me, she says dorky things and YASSS she's cool!

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26 Adagio Dazzle

She's cool but she is only in equestria girls; rainbow rocks.

I hate she singing

Senata is best Dazzling not Adagio!

2nd best dazzling. not that good, but I love her design and songs so she's ok

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27 Princess Twilight Sparkle Princess Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle is the primary main character of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She is a female unicorn pony who transforms into an Alicorn and becomes a princess in Magical Mystery Cure.

She is the one who inspires me most. If it wasn't for her all ponies would be suffering. GO TWILIGHT!

Why is it double? Princess Twilight Sparkle is Twilight sparkle.

Why is she sow low and also there are three on this list?


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28 Sonata Dusk

I love her personality. She's like a villain but she's perky. Only her and pinkie liked Snips and Snails rap song. Plus before they hypnotize everybody during lunch. Sonata thought the great news was lunch. ( taco tuesday! )

Sonata is adorable she is definitely in my top 10

I love Sonata and aria there so cool

She must be half human sexy villian

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29 Braeburn

Of course the main ones are gonna be top. Braeburn is great.

Not very much personality at all, we need more of him for me to form an opinion

Braeburn is by far the best pony in the apple family (aside from apple jack)

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30 Spitfire Spitfire

Spitfire is like the best pony of all time, she is so cool and she deserves at least 15

She's my favorite because of her design and badass look. Love her mane too.

She is So amazing, if I could be any pony 4 a day I would b her 4 sure

She should be higher - Neonco31

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31 Moondancer

She's pretty cool. By the way, this is one of the official spellings of her name, the other being Moon Dancer; both have been used in official material.

Moondancer is awesome in so many ways

I just love her name so so much

She is like a lucky charm

32 Daring Do

She is shown very less on (Only 2 times) the show, but she is the best pony in the whole world! She is so daring, awesome and cool!

She is awesome and cool. And daring!

She is like so awesome because she's an adventure pony who writes books about her adventures. Common how can people vote Rainbow Dash to be number 1. Obviously Daring Do is 20% cooler then she is

Daring totally Awesome!

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33 Snowdrop

Wow... Uh.. I'm gonna get a lot of hate for saying this, but Snowdrop isn't he most flattering character, in fact, she was pretty lame.. Now before you throw tomatoes in my face, hear me out. She's a little blind filly with a squeaky cute voice and has no friends. Yeah, can we please like a character before we feel bad for it? Sure she's nice and has some development but come on! She's just another OC with a sad back story.. But if I had to be honest, she's pretty interesting

This girl is nice in all but really she is pretty dumb I think she is a fake character they should of thrown her design in the garbage they shouldn't have created her. She won a contest by making a cheesy paper snowflake to me that is just like totally unheard of is say boo snowdrop a 2 inch snowman is better than her

I have to agree though I think snowdrop should be AT LEAST in the top 10.. Just saying'

Not even a real character

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34 Pipsqueak

Did you hear pipsqueak's gonna get his cutie mark? If so, please reply back to me. Reply back anyway about my opinion on my favorite little colt

I love pipsqueak! sooo cute! hate diamond tiara. BOO HISS x 3! pip's gonna be a great pony president

I have to be honest, I cannot believe anyone didn't vote for pipsqueak.You are all idiots! He is the cutest character and saved the school from tyrant tiara. What were you thinking Hasbro? So- called reforming ms.tiara. pip' s number 1 in my book

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35 Shining Armor Shining Armor

Why is he so low? He's Twilight Sparkle's brother, Princess Candace's husband, the captain of the guards, and a prince! That's some pretty important stuff! - Freb

He's really nice kind caring and hardworking he's a good guy

He is tots better

I love Shinning Armor! He makes me wish I had a "big brother best friend forever".

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36 Mr. Cake

Mrs and Mr cake are awesome and great cooks

2nd best dazzling. not that good, but I love her design and songs so she's ok

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37 Lyra Heartstrings

Lyra is awesome, especially because of all the awesome work that many of the fans have given her.

Definitely my favorite pony. I have a blast trying to find her in the crowds and clutter, and I love how she is often found near Bonbon/Sweetie Drops. I also love how she received a speaking role in "A Canterlot Wedding", and I squealed so loud at her and Bonbon's scene in "A Slice of Life." Go team Lyra!

Lyra has the best design in my opinion, I loved the speaking role in Slice of life and some of the fanmade work is amazing. Lyra Is Best Pony!

Lyra's voice and personality is so funny! Hope to see more of her and bon bon in the future

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38 Minuette

The Pinkie Pie of Canterlot! Her energy and happiness is contagious!

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40 Fleur de Lis

Yes agreed! Best characters ever! She's more beautiful than Rarity! She should have mad appearances in more episodes

And by the way rainbow dash is my fave

Cutest pony ever


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