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41 DJ Pon-3

She's the same as Vinyl Scratch. - airplain313

She IS Vinyl Scratch.

I used to like DJ-Pon3 until I realized what she symbolized. Filthy dubstep! - TwillyFSniper

She's sooo cool I wish I was her

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42 Shining Armor Shining Armor

Why is he so low? He's Twilight Sparkle's brother, Princess Candace's husband, the captain of the guards, and a prince! That's some pretty important stuff! - Freb

He's really nice kind caring and hardworking he's a good guy

He is tots better

I love Shinning Armor! He makes me wish I had a "big brother best friend forever".

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43 Diamond Tiara Diamond Tiara

Diamond Tiara has a good back story. She may have been a snobby little brat but the blame is on her parents. She wanted to do what they said, she followed her mother's commands. All she wanted was to be a normal pony. She wanted to be what she wanted to be, but her mother was standing in her way of freedom. She finally stood up to her mother. She gave the Cutie Mark Crusaders their cutie marks. She is reformed. Diamond Tiara was the one who gave the school their new playground. I love Diamond Tiara now.

It's a nice idea about reforming Diamond Tiara, but this idea needs development. We got basically an entire episode revolving around her last season, but we haven't seen anything but a few background appearances since then. So her new character needs to be expanded on.


How is Diamond Tiara in the bottom 3!? (200/202) That's just wrong!
She is a great character, even when she was mean, because I love bully characters that can ACTUALLY do their thing! And when her good side was shown in S5E18 "Crusaders of the Lost Mark", that felt good too! Her special talent is getting other ponies to do what she wants, and she was just using it in a bad way before Crusaders of the Lost Mark.

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44 Lightning Dust

Lightning Dust should be higher than 45! I don't really consider her as a villain, since she regrets what she did when she got kicked out from the academy. She's one of my favourite characters and tought me to stand up for myself, to trust my abilities, and to do my best to be the first!

Lightning Dust has nothing on Dash! Nothing!

I love lightning dust I have a pic on my wall


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45 Lemon Zest
46 Quibble Pants
47 Octavia

I am Octavia is the best song ever!

You hurt me now but I won't cry, I am Octavia!

I love that song!

She likes cellios

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48 Songbird Serenade
49 King Sombra

He might not be as fleshed out as other villains but he sure created the best atmosphere compared to the other season openings. Also Sauron from Lord of the Rings who inspired the development of Sombras character had not much screen time either and was still a good villain.

He was an amazing villain.

King Sombra needs a little looking into. He needs more love.

Sombra's backstory in the comics is amazing. People need to go check it out for themselves and realize how incredible Sombra actually is. - MillieTrina_Prower

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50 Pear Butter (Applejack's mom)
51 Nyx

Why is she here? She's not even canon. - MillieTrina_Prower

She may be an OC but she's definitely one of the best in the the fandom and hey, if Snowdrop can be this list then so can our little Nyx

The best oc of all time her story was so sweet she so awesome I mean who doesn't like her


52 Flitter

HIGHLY UNDERRATED! My favorite background pony! Bows are SO UNDERRATED! Looking forward to seeing her in the movie!

She is my 2nd favorite pony and she is sooo super pretty way prettier than cloudchaser!

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53 Cheerilee

I think cheerilee definitely needs a REALLY PRETTY horn

Every teacher should be so nice like her!

Cherries dose not have a horn

She is sweet

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55 Bright Macintosh (Applejack's dad)
56 Normal Twilight Sparkle

She doesn't have to be a princess to be popular. She is my number 1 heroine and will always be!

Normal twilight is okay but I hate the princess version of her

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57 Zecora

Zecora should be way higher on the list! I love her! Her personality is so clever and her design is swamping I love the way this character was created. I also like that with all the immigrants in the world today not everyone is a ponyville native, there are ponies from other places. Her hut is AMAZING And her hair is too! Love her masks!

Zecora is cool when she rhymes the words, When the mane 6 thought she was evil. I was laughing so hard because they doesn't even know what she really do.

She should definitely be higher! I mean, come on, she's a Zebra! That is a reason in itself.

The best ever!

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58 Angel

Even though he sometimes is really rough with dear fluttershy he does care about her like in hurricane fluttershy he was comforting her and in just for sidekicks he desperately wanted to be with fluttershy, I think he was mean in putting your hoof down was because if he was nice than fluttershy didn't need to be tougher or because he is very spoiled. I love love love Angel bunny

Angel is so cute! I love how she is so protective of fluttershy!

First off Angel is boy second, He sucks!

He is fluttershys pet

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59 Grand Pear

Definitely one of the most tragic characters in MLP. Forget your common villain backstory! This poor guy left his daughter behind because of a silly family feud and never got to make up to her before she died. His return to Ponyville after realizing the biggest mistake in his entire life is probably the bravest thing to do. He has the small hope that his grandchildren might forgive him, since he himself can't. (Also: Awesome performance by William Shatner! )

60 Lemon Drop



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