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61 Rose V 1 Comment
62 Coco Pommel

She's somehow cuter than Fluttershy.

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63 Tirek

Tirek unlike those other leading villain actually proposed a real threat unlike night forever and no love, and soap roads, and cotton candy clouds and Chocolate Milk rain. Also he appeared in TWO gens. He is the out most BEST villain mlp EVER HAD.

He easily beat Discord, who was said to be omnipotent. - DarkenedBrutality

Best and Most AWESOME mlp ever! He appeared in gen.1 and 4 being an amazing antagonist to the ponies of both gens.

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64 Thorax

I love thorax he's the nicest changing ever he saved spikes life 2 times

And he also has manners unlike the other changing's

He saved spike's life

He is sooo cute

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65 Minty

Minty looks and smells like mint

My favorite pony since I was four

Mlp has o put minty in the film! Last gen minty was pinkie pies best friend. I love minty she was in gen 1 and 3. definitely has to be one of the characters

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66 Pinkamena

But, Pinkamena is pinkie pie and why does it has to be double?

She is awesome and cute

Technically this isn't a character but a mental state that needs to be looked at by a doctor.


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67 Granny Smith

Why is she down here She should be at least be in the top 30.

Woah woah woah why is Granny all the way down here? She's amazing

She should be, like, at least 15! Coolest old pony ever!

She's old she should be up at least in the top 30

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68 Silver Teaspoon

Boo Silver Spoon is kind of cute but she and Diamond Tiara need to BUCK OFF.

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69 Rumble V 1 Comment
70 Ms. Peachbottom V 1 Comment
71 Rarity's Father V 1 Comment
72 Upper Crust V 1 Comment
73 Sunburst V 2 Comments
74 Sugar Belle V 1 Comment
75 Aria Blaze

Come on people. She really needs more love

Aria is very beautiful but I never saw her smile and why does she call sonata "the worst", Then; why is she still spending time with her?

We'll she is the best pony but still rarity is the best

P 77? Really? She should be at least in the top 50. She has a pretty hairstyle (but Adagio's is still the best one), her interactions with Sonata are so funny,... She really needs more love.

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76 Button Mash

Anyone heard him on Don't Mine At Night? ! His face could not get out of my head! I was about to vote for Luna or Rainbow Dash but this guy wins them. And Rainbow Dash and Luna has been my favorite for my whole life! And I actually voted because' he really deserved it. Go BUTTON MASH!

Button mash is really funny that pony loves him have you seen him in the pilot episode that thing is funny if you watch it you would want to watch it again and again

I love Button Mash he is an adorable little colt and I kinda like the fact that when he is around Sweetie Belle he blushes.

Technically he's a fanmade pony, and I've found him to be a somewhat irritating blanket for the gaming community. - TwillyFSniper

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77 FleetFoot

I love her so much! She is my favorite wonderbolt, she should also get her own episode in season five. I have a huge crush on her, so back off because she's, mine.

I don't know why but she's my favorite wonderbolt. She should get her own episode.

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78 Double Diamond Double Diamond

No one really votes for ponies like him. Her deserves a chance!

He may be the second hottest pony on the show between branurn and shining armor OUO

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79 Soarin'

Soarin is SO cool more people should vote for him. He also would make a good couple he would with Rainbow Dash.

I agree whith you

How does tom get more than soarin

He is flyer

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80 Tree Hugger

WHAT!? People the only reason Tree Hugger has zero is because people don't look over here.

I love Tree Hugger. She was adorable.

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