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61 Dinky Hooves

The name just sounds inappropriate.

I think she is the cutiest filly on mlp next to rainbow dash. I need more character development from her Hasbro

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62 Bon Bon

Bon Bon is my favorite background character. Who knew an innocent face like that could be a total bad ass special agent? We need an episode focusing on her secret identity in depth along with her relationship with Lyra. Please make Sweetie Drops higher on this rank!

Isn't she really special agent Sweetie Drops?

She has got anger issues

I like Bon Bon

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63 Rose V 1 Comment
64 Cheerilee

I think cheerilee definitely needs a REALLY PRETTY horn

Every teacher should be so nice like her!

Cherries dose not have a horn

She is sweet

65 Coco Pommel

She's somehow cuter than Fluttershy.

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66 Princess Ember

Oh yeah she showed Garble who's boss >

I love her she's so cool

New favorite dragon!

DragonLord EMBER!

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67 Thorax

I love thorax he's the nicest changing ever he saved spikes life 2 times

And he also has manners unlike the other changing's

Yes Thorax is really sweet

He is sooo cute

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68 Minty

Minty looks and smells like mint

My favorite pony since I was four

She loves candy

I loved "A Very Minty Christmas", especially the song. While the story might not be near Gen 4 material, it would be rather easy to adapt. Just replace Thistle Whistle with Derpy and the episode would be comedy gold! We already got Toola Roola and Coconut Cream in Gen 4, so why not Minty as well?

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69 Pinkamena

But, Pinkamena is pinkie pie and why does it has to be double?

She is awesome and cute

Technically this isn't a character but a mental state that needs to be looked at by a doctor.


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70 Granny Smith

Why is she down here She should be at least be in the top 30.

Woah woah woah why is Granny all the way down here? She's amazing

She should be, like, at least 15! Coolest old pony ever!

She's old she should be up at least in the top 30

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71 Silver Teaspoon

Boo Silver Spoon is kind of cute but she and Diamond Tiara need to BUCK OFF.

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72 Candy Apples

Candy apples you are a not my favorite pony but I still like you

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73 Countess "Rara" Coloratura

She sings one of my favorite songs in the show and has a beautiful voice. Plus she is a side character with a history unlike Trixie and others.

She has such beautiful voice and her hairstyle is to die for. She plays several instruments that is just wonderful! I hope she can be in the main 6 and be main7.

I love her design, her voice, her idea, her personality, and her name. She's the ideal best pony.

I thought she was voiced by lady gaga I the episode since lady gaga dose act and is in fact a brony don't belive me look it up ^^

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74 Comet Tail V 1 Comment
75 Mrs. Cake

She has some way back ancestors that were pegasi and unicorns

Mrs cake is an earth pony and her children are peagus and unicorn

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76 Suri Polomare

I hate this pony so much she reminds me tol much of my childhood bullies

77 RoseLuck

Haha if I ever wanted to make a fan-made sAW film she will be in it! x3 - kitty212mlp

I have some things to say about this one... I like her shes pretty funny in slice of life but please everyone and yes Hasbro you too... SHES NOT FLIPPIN ROSE TYLER! Gah it just really bugs me that people pair her up with doctor whooves JUST BECAUSE HER NAME IS ROSE!

no its roseLUCK not rose tyler! Itd be one thing if SHE looked like billy piper but billie is blond shes the opposite geez I better not be the only one bothered by this

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78 Sunburst V 2 Comments
79 Aria Blaze

Come on people. She really needs more love

Aria is very beautiful but I never saw her smile and why does she call sonata "the worst", Then; why is she still spending time with her?

We'll she is the best pony but still rarity is the best

Aria has a brilliant voice, and she looks beautiful.

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80 Button Mash

Anyone heard him on Don't Mine At Night? ! His face could not get out of my head! I was about to vote for Luna or Rainbow Dash but this guy wins them. And Rainbow Dash and Luna has been my favorite for my whole life! And I actually voted because' he really deserved it. Go BUTTON MASH!

Button mash is really funny that pony loves him have you seen him in the pilot episode that thing is funny if you watch it you would want to watch it again and again

I love Button Mash he is an adorable little colt and I kinda like the fact that when he is around Sweetie Belle he blushes.

Technically he's a fanmade pony, and I've found him to be a somewhat irritating blanket for the gaming community. - TwillyFSniper

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