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81 Double Diamond Double Diamond

No one really votes for ponies like him. Her deserves a chance!

He may be the second hottest pony on the show between branurn and shining armor OUO

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82 Soarin'

Soarin is SO cool more people should vote for him. He also would make a good couple he would with Rainbow Dash.

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83 Button Mash

Anyone heard him on Don't Mine At Night? ! His face could not get out of my head! I was about to vote for Luna or Rainbow Dash but this guy wins them. And Rainbow Dash and Luna has been my favorite for my whole life! And I actually voted because' he really deserved it. Go BUTTON MASH!

Button mash is really funny that pony loves him have you seen him in the pilot episode that thing is funny if you watch it you would want to watch it again and again

I love Button Mash he is an adorable little colt and I kinda like the fact that when he is around Sweetie Belle he blushes.

I. LOVE. BUTTON. MASH. HOW is he 72 he should be in the top tens

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84 Tree Hugger

WHAT!? People the only reason Tree Hugger has zero is because people don't look over here.

I love Tree Hugger. She was adorable.

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85 Uncle Apple Strudel

I have absolutely no idea why he's on here
like, he is a background apple

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86 Zephyr Breeze V 1 Comment
87 Doughnut Joe

I love Joe the fact that his deep voice and broad stature work in a doughnut shop just seems so right

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88 Fizzy Pop

Fizzy pop is so cool. A very unique pony

She looks too much like Pinkie Pie.

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89 Flower Wishes V 3 Comments
90 Fido V 1 Comment
91 Berry Punch

The only pony drunk enough to be in the crystal empire just as it comes back.

She might be the funniest background pony.

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92 Candy Apples

Candy apples you are a not my favorite pony but I still like you

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93 Prim Hemline V 1 Comment
94 Mr. Sparkle V 3 Comments
95 Mrs. Sparkle

She is not called Mrs. Sparkle, She has a name and it is Twilight Velvet.

You probably mean Twilight Velvet, who is Princess Twilight's mom. - RiverClanRocks

Is she really twilight's mother? - kitty212mlp

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96 Prince Rutherford V 1 Comment
97 Lavender Fritter

I have not seen her yet but I like her nam

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98 Sassy Saddles

Sassy saddles is a big fat jerk that turns out to be not so bad

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99 Aloe V 3 Comments
100 Lemon Hearts
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