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81 Soarin'

Soarin is SO cool more people should vote for him. He also would make a good couple he would with Rainbow Dash.

I agree whith you

How does tom get more than soarin

He is flyer

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82 Toola-Roola

Very artistic pony. definitely needs to be in the show. There isn't any other painting pony I've seen

She was from G3, I think. This is for Friendship Is Magic characters. - RiverClanRocks

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83 Marble Pie V 3 Comments
84 Uncle Apple Strudel

I have absolutely no idea why he's on here
like, he is a background apple

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85 Zephyr Breeze V 1 Comment
86 Tom

Tom is love, Tom is life. Tom is also a rock. Rock = Hard. Hard = Things that crush you. Things that crush you = Rock. Rock = Tom. It's an endless cycle of Tom.


Tom is the best pony

Wait... Who's Tom? Oh wait... The Rock... THE BEST ROCK THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN

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87 Fancy Pants V 1 Comment
88 Doughnut Joe

I love Joe the fact that his deep voice and broad stature work in a doughnut shop just seems so right

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89 Fizzy Pop

Fizzy pop is so cool. A very unique pony

She looks too much like Pinkie Pie.

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90 Flower Wishes V 3 Comments
91 Fido V 1 Comment
92 Berry Punch

The only pony drunk enough to be in the crystal empire just as it comes back.

She might be the funniest background pony.

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93 Prim Hemline V 1 Comment
94 Mr. Sparkle V 3 Comments
95 Mrs. Sparkle

She is not called Mrs. Sparkle, She has a name and it is Twilight Velvet.

You probably mean Twilight Velvet, who is Princess Twilight's mom. - RiverClanRocks

Is she really twilight's mother? - kitty212mlp

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96 Rumble


97 Lavender Fritter

I have not seen her yet but I like her nam

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98 Sassy Saddles

Sassy saddles is a big fat jerk that turns out to be not so bad

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99 Aloe V 3 Comments
100 Flurry Heart

I love flurry heart she's so cute

She is so cute and she has a lot of powerful powers that could humilate you right away.

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