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81 Upper Crust V 1 Comment
82 RoseLuck

Haha if I ever wanted to make a fan-made sAW film she will be in it! x3 - kitty212mlp

I have some things to say about this one... I like her shes pretty funny in slice of life but please everyone and yes Hasbro you too... SHES NOT FLIPPIN ROSE TYLER! Gah it just really bugs me that people pair her up with doctor whooves JUST BECAUSE HER NAME IS ROSE!

no its roseLUCK not rose tyler! Itd be one thing if SHE looked like billy piper but billie is blond shes the opposite geez I better not be the only one bothered by this

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83 Sunburst V 2 Comments
84 Sugar Belle V 1 Comment
85 Aria Blaze

Come on people. She really needs more love

Aria is very beautiful but I never saw her smile and why does she call sonata "the worst", Then; why is she still spending time with her?

We'll she is the best pony but still rarity is the best

Aria has a brilliant voice, and she looks beautiful.

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86 Button Mash

Anyone heard him on Don't Mine At Night? ! His face could not get out of my head! I was about to vote for Luna or Rainbow Dash but this guy wins them. And Rainbow Dash and Luna has been my favorite for my whole life! And I actually voted because' he really deserved it. Go BUTTON MASH!

Button mash is really funny that pony loves him have you seen him in the pilot episode that thing is funny if you watch it you would want to watch it again and again

I love Button Mash he is an adorable little colt and I kinda like the fact that when he is around Sweetie Belle he blushes.

Technically he's a fanmade pony, and I've found him to be a somewhat irritating blanket for the gaming community. - TwillyFSniper

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87 FleetFoot

I love her so much! She is my favorite wonderbolt, she should also get her own episode in season five. I have a huge crush on her, so back off because she's, mine.

I don't know why but she's my favorite wonderbolt. She should get her own episode.

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88 Double Diamond Double Diamond

No one really votes for ponies like him. Her deserves a chance!

He may be the second hottest pony on the show between branurn and shining armor OUO

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89 Saddle Arabian Delegates
90 Soarin'

Soarin is SO cool more people should vote for him. He also would make a good couple he would with Rainbow Dash.

I agree whith you

How does tom get more than soarin

He is flyer

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91 Toola-Roola

Very artistic pony. definitely needs to be in the show. There isn't any other painting pony I've seen

She was from G3, I think. This is for Friendship Is Magic characters. - RiverClanRocks

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92 Tree Hugger

WHAT!? People the only reason Tree Hugger has zero is because people don't look over here.

I love Tree Hugger. She was adorable.

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93 Uncle Apple Strudel

I have absolutely no idea why he's on here
like, he is a background apple

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94 Zephyr Breeze V 1 Comment
95 Tom

Tom is love, Tom is life. Tom is also a rock. Rock = Hard. Hard = Things that crush you. Things that crush you = Rock. Rock = Tom. It's an endless cycle of Tom.


Tom is the best pony

Wait... Who's Tom? Oh wait... The Rock... THE BEST ROCK THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN

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96 Fancy Pants V 1 Comment
97 Doughnut Joe

I love Joe the fact that his deep voice and broad stature work in a doughnut shop just seems so right

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98 Fizzy Pop

Fizzy pop is so cool. A very unique pony

She looks too much like Pinkie Pie.

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99 Snails

I just think he can be funny sometimes!

The best My Little Pony character! - hshshfhsdfh

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100 Flower Wishes V 3 Comments
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