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101 Fido V 1 Comment
102 Berry Punch

The only pony drunk enough to be in the crystal empire just as it comes back.

She might be the funniest background pony.

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103 Prim Hemline V 1 Comment
104 Mr. Sparkle V 3 Comments
105 Mrs. Sparkle

She is not called Mrs. Sparkle, She has a name and it is Twilight Velvet.

You probably mean Twilight Velvet, who is Princess Twilight's mom. - RiverClanRocks

Is she really twilight's mother? - kitty212mlp

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106 Prince Rutherford V 1 Comment
107 Lavender Fritter

I have not seen her yet but I like her nam

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108 Sassy Saddles

Sassy saddles is a big fat jerk that turns out to be not so bad

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109 Aloe V 3 Comments
110 Lemon Hearts
111 Vapor Trail

Great personality and design

112 Sky Stinger
113 Gabby

I love Gabby! I never thought I'd love a griffon so much! My Little Pony has many touching episodes, but most of them don't make me cry a lot. I cried like a baby watching The Fault in Our Cutie Marks. I was so moved by Gabby and her story. All she has ever wanted is friends. But it's impossible for her to get a cutie mark because she's not a pony. It was a wonderful episode! I was ecstatic how things worked out for her at the end (no spoilers). Gabby is an unforgettable character, and I really hope we see more of her in the future!

114 Torch
115 Gummy

Gummy's monologue in "A Slice of Life" is the reason why I exist

Gummy had the highlight of the season in slice of life!

Wo go gummy. Although he is a little of putting when he sis there doing nothing, in slice of life he dose something that I totally wasn't expecting and it literally blew my mind! ARR!

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116 Photo Finish

worst pony



I don't know why so many people are hateing on her! I personaly love her her acsent is perfect her diolog kills me and shes always over dressed and looks like LADY GAGA! Who can't love that "i go "

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117 Gilda Gilda

No matter how there may be something likeable about her as a character people just be STUPED and overreact focus on the one thing that she done. Yelling at Fluttershy, that shouldn't matter anymore, this shouldn't matter anymore, can people just look to the bright side of things and just forget about what she done! At least get her off the bottom of the list.

Good thing she's at the bottom. She is so mean these days, yelled at Fluttershy and made her run away crying, scared Granny Smith (Applejack's grandma) and took an apple without paying, good thing Rainbow Dash broke up with her.

Gilda is awesome! People are too soft these days! Oh, she yelled at Fluttershy! I don't CARE! You gotta be tough sometimes! Gosh'

Well I guess she's ok... like her design is AWESOME but the way she acts is sooo evil

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118 Daisy V 1 Comment
119 Winona

Winona is the most adorable dog in the world and she is close to AJ so she should be in top 40

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120 Opalescence

Really bad kitty, but funny.

She is a good kitty

She's a pretty kity very similar to Grumpy Cat

No lo se quien eres de que color es tu pelo y tu piel, tus ojos, y tu quiutimarc

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