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121 Prince Blueblood

This character is meaner than all of the villains put in one body!

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122 Iron Will V 2 Comments
123 Flash Sentry

Why doesn't anyone like this guy? I love him!

You are evil Flash Sentry!

Flash is not there for people to hate him he's there for twilight if you don't like it then back of

He's best Twilight shipping - M7Fire

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124 Primrose V 1 Comment
125 Mane-iac

I mean, come on! She has wacky hair, and the way she became a villain is AWESOME!

She kills you with hairspray. Hairspray. I like her design, but seriously? Hairspray? - RiverClanRocks

I agree! Her hair is green and Cray Cray! And she remindes me of like a superhero or a villain on how she became the mane-iac.


126 Flim and Flam

Flim and Flam are my all time favorite characters and are awesome! this is just the Granny Smith thing all over again!

How are the show's funniest male characters so low? These two guys are awesome and should be in the top 10! - Freb

They're a pretty interesting villain, they use their wits

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127 Snips

I really think that this pony is one of if not the best ponies because he is so unique and he is also very odd but adorable. - anonamoose5

Snips is beautiful. He is very attractive. He big, round, body is so yummy looking

He and Snails are terrible. Snails is an insult to Canadians. - RiverClanRocks

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128 Snails

I just think he can be funny sometimes!

The best My Little Pony character! - hshshfhsdfh

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129 Tirek

Tirek unlike those other leading villain actually proposed a real threat unlike night forever and no love, and soap roads, and cotton candy clouds and Chocolate Milk rain. Also he appeared in TWO gens. He is the out most BEST villain mlp EVER HAD.

He easily beat Discord, who was said to be omnipotent.

Best and Most AWESOME mlp ever! He appeared in gen.1 and 4 being an amazing antagonist to the ponies of both gens.


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130 Philomena

She is a Phoenix and I love her feathers. by the way, she is celestia's pet

Philomena is one of the best pets she's kind.

She is Princess Celestia's pet Phoenix.

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131 Silver Spoon

She is prettier than Diamond Tiara

I love silver Spoon she is so adorable

She is defiantly better than Diamond tiara! Not that I have anything against her.

Silver spoon is just plain UGLY

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132 Bulk Biceps Bulk Biceps

He deserves to be top 20! He is so funny. YEAH!

Who is he anyway


Yes,don't wanna believe he is down to 132.He should be in top 30 at least,YEAH!

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133 Starsong

This list is for Friendship Is Magic. Not the earlier generations. - RiverClanRocks

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134 Fluffy Pony

Fluffy pony is so cute she is adorable I wish she was in a higher place than 0 though

She is like fluttershy

You mean Fluffle Puff, right? She's so cute! I like how she's best friends with Chrysalis. - RiverClanRocks


She even comes wih her own soundtrack!

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135 Cherry Jubilee

Why's nobody voting for her? She's really cute, and a ship with Pinkie Pie would just make it sweeter. - rirepink

I love her too but I do never know why nobody is voting for her too. Just like the same thinking as me.

So amazing because I like cherrys and I think she should be Raritys mother

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136 Steven Magnet

He's that purple sea monster from Friendship is Magic: Part 2.


137 Little Strongheart

Little Strongheart is so cute, kind and reasonable more people should vote for her

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138 Chief Thunderhooves
139 Gustave Le Grand V 1 Comment
140 Apple Strudel V 1 Comment
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