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141 Gustave Le Grand V 1 Comment
142 Apple Strudel V 1 Comment
143 Cranky Doodle Donkey

He's grumpy, that's what makes him funny.

V 1 Comment
144 Rover V 1 Comment
145 Thunderlane

I think that he has a pretty good design, and he was funny in the episode that he appeared in.

I love pointing out Thunderlane in the background, he has such a cool design and I'd love 2 c more of him

146 Magnum V 1 Comment
147 Night Light V 2 Comments
148 Ms. Peachbottom V 1 Comment
149 Rarity's Father V 1 Comment
150 Rarity's Mother V 1 Comment
151 Filthy Rich

Diamond tiara's dad. If you do not believe me, watch crusaders of the lost mark also, he is rich.

V 2 Comments
152 Seabreeze

She is super cute and shouldn't be at the bottom

He's a Scottish fairy. Enough said. And yes, he is male. - RiverClanRocks

Here comes the amazing sea breeze

V 2 Comments
153 Pinkie Pie's Father V 2 Comments
154 Pinkie Pie's Mother V 2 Comments
155 Jet Set V 1 Comment
156 Upper Crust V 1 Comment
157 Pound Cake
158 Pumpkin Cake V 1 Comment
159 Hayseed Turnip Truck

I need to see more of this guy! He reminds me of a hillbilly version of Goofy and I love his overall design

Reminds me of the redneck on the simpsons mixed with patrick star for some reason

V 1 Comment
160 Golden Harvest V 1 Comment
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