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141 Apple Strudel V 1 Comment
142 Cranky Doodle Donkey

He's grumpy, that's what makes him funny.

V 1 Comment
143 Rover V 1 Comment
144 Thunderlane

I think that he has a pretty good design, and he was funny in the episode that he appeared in.

I love pointing out Thunderlane in the background, he has such a cool design and I'd love 2 c more of him

145 Magnum V 1 Comment
146 Night Light V 2 Comments
147 Rarity's Mother V 1 Comment
148 Filthy Rich

Diamond tiara's dad. If you do not believe me, watch crusaders of the lost mark also, he is rich.

He hardly plays a part

Good villain in 4th Equestria Girls film. - girlcool


149 Flutterbat

I love flutter bat she's my fave pony/bat she's not evil ponys eat apples as well don't they

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150 Suri Polomare

I hate this pony so much she reminds me tol much of my childhood bullies

151 Seabreeze

She is super cute and shouldn't be at the bottom

He's a Scottish fairy. Enough said. And yes, he is male. - RiverClanRocks

Here comes the amazing sea breeze

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152 Pinkie Pie's Father V 2 Comments
153 Pinkie Pie's Mother V 2 Comments
154 Jet Set V 1 Comment
155 Upper Crust V 1 Comment
156 Pound Cake
157 Pumpkin Cake V 1 Comment
158 RoseLuck

Haha if I ever wanted to make a fan-made sAW film she will be in it! x3 - kitty212mlp

I have some things to say about this one... I like her shes pretty funny in slice of life but please everyone and yes Hasbro you too... SHES NOT FLIPPIN ROSE TYLER! Gah it just really bugs me that people pair her up with doctor whooves JUST BECAUSE HER NAME IS ROSE!

no its roseLUCK not rose tyler! Itd be one thing if SHE looked like billy piper but billie is blond shes the opposite geez I better not be the only one bothered by this

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159 Hayseed Turnip Truck

I need to see more of this guy! He reminds me of a hillbilly version of Goofy and I love his overall design

Reminds me of the redneck on the simpsons mixed with patrick star for some reason

V 1 Comment
160 Golden Harvest V 1 Comment
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