Pinkie Pie

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Pinkie Pie is a major character in the 2010 show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, based on Surprise from My Little Pony G1, She represents the element of Laughter.


I love all the ponies in My Little Pony, but I have a soft spot for Pinkie Pie. She's tons of fun, throws awesome parties and never holds back. Many people use the word "crazy" to describe Pinkie Pie. In my opinion, a better word to describe her is free! She does pretty much what everyone wants to do but won't because of what others might think. That never stops Pinkie though. Think about it. Who doesn't want to laugh at a bunch of scary looking trees, randomly break out into song, jump around everywhere, dig their face into cake, use their party cannon to fight an army of changelings or jump up on stage to sing at the Grand Galloping Galla. She does whatever pops into her mind whenever it pops into her mind. Then she's the best party planner in all of Equestria. Way better than Cheese Sandwich. Pinkie can bake, juggle, make balloon animals and so much more. The only thing Cheese Sandwich has on her is big fancy props. Which isn't nearly as impressive as what Pinkie can do. ...more

Pinkie Pie is awesome, she deserves a place higher than even first! If your smart you know what I'm saying cause like seriously she is totally awesome. There's a reason that she is called Pinkie Pie and that reason is that she is as awesome and sweet as a pie. Really people if you like pie put your hands up! Put em' up for Pinkie too! People think Pinkie is just a side, annoying, dumb, and supporting character but I'm telling you she's more than that she deserves the main role which in my opinion to observant peeps she already has she is awesome and that's all I got to say. Oh yeah that and vote for Pinkie! Come on Pinkie fans lets get her to the top!

I think Pinkie is the best pony and it isn't even close. She is as fast if not faster than Rainbow Dash (Pinkie always catches her or beats her to where she is going to be), she also is highly intelligent like Twilight (she is the only one who understands when Twilight lectures on science) she also cares deeply for others like Fluttershy, just isn't shy about it. She also seems to use magic without a horn. Floating, flying, predicting the future, and an uncanny knack for figuring out the elusive. She also has more friends than the "Princess of Friendship" herself. She is fearless, tough, optimistic, caring, fun and is clearly the glue that holds all of Ponyville together. In season 3 finale, the importance/relevance of Pinkie Pie becomes clear. The entire town hated each other all because Pinkie wasn't doing what Pinkie does best. It isn't just laughter that Pinkie represents, but unity as well.

Pinkie deserves to be number 1. She's sweet in both ways. Cute and bubbly. If I were a pony, I'd spend most of my days with Pinkie. I would try and get a cutie mark like hers. Making ponies laugh and smile. A great role model. Pinkie is so nice to all ponies and donkeys and whatever or who ever she meets. Even if Pinkie is sad, she cheers herself up. She may love being all jumpy and full of energy, but if her friends or family needs it she will try her best to be serious. Pinkie may pop into herself, but that's just Pinkie. Pinkie could tie herself in a knot and I'd just say "That's just Pinkie being Pinkie." Pinkie's not afraid to be silly in front of royalty. But may shut down if somepony scolds at her. Pinkie Pie isn't self-centered but she doesn't always put them in front of her. They are put beside her. Words for Pinkie? Best. Pony. Ever.

Yes! Pinkie Pie rules! Whether she's a cannibalistic psychopath or a crazy party animal, she's definitely my favorite pony. She's always happy!

Let me define why I voted Pinkie Pie! She's smart, whimsical, comical, social, and above all, temperate. But that's not to say she has weaknesses. She's one of those ponies who would hate to be alone, her vice is wrath, and her naivety wins her so much cuteness points! :D

Do I wish she was higher in the polls? Probably, but there are 504 comments and tallied voters with differing opinions.

Does she deserve her current ranking in the polls? There are 189 comment plus tallied voters that say yes. I'm no different.

Why does she deserves to be higher than her current ranking? She has more social connections to her name than most ponies have. But as it is, I'm fine with her being number 3 or even 100 in the polls. - Thifer20

I feel like Pinkie deserves more love than she gets. She was so depressed and sad when she thought that her friends might not be hers in Too Many Pinkies, and she always wants to make people happy. That's all she wants in life. And she has such a sweet singing voice! Smile was a great song. She got her cutie mark when she saw something happy-looking and beautiful, and she was scared that her family wouldn't like it when she threw them her first party. And she was an inspiration the Cheese Sandwich, even though he was mean when he met her.

Pinkie has been in my child hood ever since generation 2 I used to love Rainbow but now I've turned to Pinkie don't get me wrong Rainbow Dash is one of the best ponies because I used to love her but now... I just like Pinkie Pie I guess it's because she is the most like me, ya know... FULL OF ENERGY, and so full of smiles :) and also has had a dark past like I have, so that's why I love Pinkie and I think she is BEST PONY X3

Like the commercials for the Equestria Girls dolls "No ones more fun than Pinkie Pie". Lots of people see Pinkie as a simple comic relief. However, she's much more than that. She's the happiness that gives the show it's lighthearted tone. She is always happy and only gets down when it matters. She is also SO CUTE! People say that Fluttershy is the cutest, which I can kinda understand, but Pinkie has this joyful adorableness that makes her so loveable. If anyone ever says Pinkie Pie is annoying, shoot them in the face with the almighty PARTY CANNON! - Ranky64

Pinkie pie is ultimately my most favorite character, not just in mlp but in T.V. shows in general. She's like a cookie that changes flavor to suit the person eating it. She's like the mix of fun, deep, sympathetic, crazy, annoying and awesome, all thrown into one character. While usually she just seems shallow and overexcited, many episodes have shown how she is in fact an amazing friend. I have a friend kinda like pinkie pie, and she's all the shades of happy. She picks me up when I'm feeling down, she makes me even happier when I'm already happy and she teaches me the most important thing which is to smile and be happy. Pinkie pie's smile song is the only thing in my life that can instantly stop my crying and cheer me up when I'm feeling super down. She isn't a party pony she's the symbol of happiness

People think pinkie is "dumb" and "just the character for little girl" they say she is very flat. But in fact she's not. Raised on a farm, and was able to raise above it and shine up her family's life! And continues with it! Pinkie has such a rich personality, always thinking on the bright side, but she has been proven to show the right emotion at the right time, she isn't without emotions. And the fandom has done such cool stuff with her after party of one. The fanon character pinkamania is super cool and super fun to play around with! Pinkie should be number one and is my absolute favorite!

Pinkie Pie is awesome, and she relates a lot to me. She is optimistic, energetic, bubbly, fun, funny and can do things that nopony else can. My favourite thing is when she quietly jumped into the lake to be considerate while Dashie was asleep. Like who else can do that?! And it's really cute when her hair deflates when she is sad. Also, keep in mind that she is always trying to keep others happy and alive, and everypony is her best friend. Her songs are also awesome, especially the smile song and Pinkie the party planner and the laughter song and so many more. I mean, come on, she is respectful to all of her friends, happy and cheerful all the time, laughs WITH someone and never AT someone at everything, breaks the fourth wall, keeps promises like really actually keep a promise and super friendly. I think everyone can agree that we all need a friend like Pinkie Pie. Now, my friends, EVERYPONY GIMME A YEAHHH FOR PINKIE PIE!

I see best pony and favorite pony differently. Rarity is my favorite, but Pinkie Pie is the best pony. She can make a fool of herself to cheer her friends up at times of despair, she looks at the bright side of everything, she has lots of energy and actually does stuff, and even though she's abnormally crazy, she accepts it. And you know what, she's just flat-out hilarious.

Pinkie Pie is the best! She is so happy and fun and exciting! I personally love her because she is the pony version of me. Pinkie Pie is just awesome:) I can relate to her, she is by far the best character in the show. I think a lot of people can relate to her. Pinkie is the funniest pony and she always wants to make her friends feel better. I think she should be #1.

Pinkie is so fun, happy, and sugar-sweet all the time. I don't understand why anyone chose another character over her. She always tries to be silly and funny and lighten the mood. She loves making her friends and everyone else smile. She is so goofy and crazy in a good way. She can make anyone laugh! She can always look on the bright side and it always lifts my spirits when I'm sad. - Swiftdawn

Pinkie is the best because she so crazy and she has the craziest things on her mind plus she love making her friends smile and if your sad think of Pinkie and I do know about the cupcakes thing and all that crap but if you look at the other side of her she is really sweet and her songs smile song evil enchantress is so silly so do anyone agree

Pinkie is totally random. And is very fun to figure out she always changes character like with her parties, to Pinkie sense. Also she figures out the town in season 5 is bad news with their smiles and her emotions and expressions are just completely out of place that makes them funny! She is my favorite character on the show because of this.

She is the cutest character who always makes her friends feel better. She says the cutest things and is so funny.

Pinkie Pie is the best pony. Why is Rainbow Dash on the top? Pinkie is way better and nicer than her. Pinkie has made everypony smile and can make the darkest, loneliest day ever a bright, happy day. She looks to the bright side and is hilarious. Also, she refused to prank Fluttershy because she knew that she was very sensitive. As for Rainbow Dash, Rainbow does not make anyone smile and doesn't cheer up any pony. She looks to the dark side and isn't even funny. She does not care about Fluttershy, although Fluttershy is EXTREMLY sensitive. So, why is Rainbow Dash on the top? Come on guys put Pinkie pie on the top!

Wow how can you put Pinkie pie as THIRD! WOAH I can't believe it... do you not like me? I always like seeing all my friends smile and I will always be there to help you do that! And STILL you put me as third? Fine :( at least SOME people understand... like these nice and kind fans that commented

This special Pie should be #1. This sweet heart is the funniest, caring, enthusiastic, and cutest mare if the group! This girl is just plain awesome! I love this crazy party animal! She makes the show fun and enjoyable!

I believe that Pinkie Pie deserves to be second place. This is because she loves to see ponies smile. And her happiness. And how she'd do anything to make her friends happy, too. Also I find her cute. I just find her to be one of the best ponies.

What I love about her is how she always cares about other people being happy, not her! And part of that is because seeing other people smiling makes her feel happy. Not only that, but she is hilarious, childish, and is always there for her friends. She is just a really fun character.

You kidding? Pinkie Pie is WAY better than Rainbow Dash! She has a pet alligator, can break reality by breaking the fourth wall, and even ran as fast as Rainbow Dash flew in Party of One. She may turn into her sad form, Pinkamena, and you can right just about anything with her not even focusing on her personality. She's so cute and funny! Her singing voice is delightful as well and there is no competition.

After seeing the episode when Pinkie Pie sang Smile, Smile, Smile along with the episode where she babysat her new siblings, I started to love her even more. Pinkie Pie has been my favorite for a long time (mainly because our favorite color is pink) but after seeing this different view of her, I can't help but adore/love her more. She's a wonderful pony & she's gonna be my favorite even after I'm gone.