Princess Celestia

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There must be more people who loves the caring intelligent, brave, social princess, she did send her sister to the moon but she did it because she loved her and she cared about other ponies safety she didn't want her sister to become a monster, she didn't want to banish her to the moon, she didn't want to turn discord into stone, she didn't want to lose sunset shimmer but she had to because she wanted everything to be safe and no chaos could come to the world, she's had regrets and she has been sad but ifs her duty as a princess to make sad sacrifices and soon Luna will have to face the same problems and once Luna faces them you will probably regret not likening celestial PS: I have no problems with Luna but my problem is when people don't like celestial for doing her royal duties.

Princess Celestia is just to amazing for words. She has saved Equestria from many different threats and is a hero. Luna is my 2nd favorite princess and I just couldn't decide between her and Celestia! But Celestia is my favourite princess because she is loyal to her kingdom and subjects and banished Nightmare Moon for a reason. She saved Equestria from being thrust into eternal night! She is funny as well, in my opinion. I love Celestia, and always will love her. She is the most gorgeous princess ever. Not only that, but she has a gorgeous heart as well.

She is so beautiful and has always stayed loyal to her kingdom and will do anything to protect her subjects

I think Princess Celestia is the best Pony because she is a princess and also she looks better than any other pony, in my opinion. Also, I have a Princess Celestia toy/figure. She has great patience, very responsible, a great leader, kind, as a good sense of humor, and many more great behaviors that you won't see in others, and won't believe. Thank you for letting me state my opinion.

Celestia is magical pony that is responsible for raise the sun but she can also raise the moon to create light and darkness. I say she used to be a teacher. She's pretty cool to look at. Celestia can do anything she can do to protect her kingdom. - PikaGT27Celestia

Season 7 has been Celestia's best season to date. Celestial Advice and A Royal Problem presented her as a much more realistic character and has given her the character development she has desperately needed since the beginning of the show. She has become my favorite princess because of this. - TexasBro93

Okay, so I'm the only one who likes her? Luna is so overrated! Like come on! Celestia has done so much! She is clever and smart, she risks her life for her subjects, Even for her guards! She bannished her own sister and what did Luna do? Cry, turn evil for no god damn reason because every body loves her, gets defeated by the mane 6, and gets comforted by her sister. I used to like Luna, but now I realise she's a bad character, PRINCESS CELESTIA YOU ROCK

Celestia is quite catching up to Luna. If only we could have one Celestia episode the tables would turn. - Vortexium

Luna is so OVERRATED. Celestia is so much better and I also fell more sympathy towards her than towards luna because her banishment affect celestia worse than luna.

Unlike princess luna, she is loyal to the kingdom!

It looks like that if we want to move up positions, We need to have more people to vote for our character, just saying I don't want be to mean or anything. :( Oh, by the way is it just me or that people just only look at the top 10. - PikaGT27Celestia

I like Celestia. But I think I like Luna better. I mean seriously how would you feel if everybody liked your older sister better just because she raised the sun and you raised the moon. Then you get banished to the moon and when you come back everything is different. And on TOP of that every pony is scared of you because you turned jealous of your older sister and turned into nightmare moon.But I still like Celestia..

Have you seen her design? Prettiest character on the show, hooves down.

Celestia is an beautiful alicorn, she rules the land of Equestria, and I have nothing against Luna because she is pretty awesome and cute pony but Celestia is awesome and cute too, I just like Celestia a lot. I wish that Celestia can be on top if only we had a lot of Celestia fans but too bad that Luna fans don't like her that much. It would nice if she is in the top 5. I just don't like that bunch of people or bronies hated her. - PikaGT27Celestia

I used to like rainbow dash, until about a year ago I read the journal of the two sisters and realized that she was just like me. Then I looked at fan art andvwatched lullaby for a princess AND IT CHANGED EVERYTHING I love Luna too but she can't compare my love for celestia

The only Reason I like Celestia over Luna is that Luna is overrated and doesn't do anything even though she has so much potential as a "mane" character.

Princess Celestia is very beautiful, And her hair color is cool. Its like a rainbow but a rainbow pastel color.

Don't be shy to choose Princess Celestia, she is a wonderful pony to like. You don't have too if you want, Its fine by me. I won't be mad or disappointed. - PikaGT27Celestia

I like princess Celestia but she is to serious. Either ways I like her because she is really caring and kind. She even forgave discord.

#11? It should be higher. Don't know why. - PikaGT27Celestia

I don't like Princess Celestia mostly because she doesn't do anything. She sits on her backside all day doing nothing and waits for Twilight to come and save the day. Some day Twilight will become a much more powerful princess than Celestia. When she tried to defeat Queen Chrisyalis she was defeated in a second so it was up to Twilight and the mane six to save the day again!

She is the one who is responsible, she is beautiful and caring for her ponies.

Er yeah. She may be pretty, but really!? She is basically a GOD, so no one can relate to her, its half her fault that her sister turned evil, and she banished her sister to the moon! The royal guard is useless because she probably doesn't wanna gat them hurt! Although faults make a good character, she definitely is hard t relate too. Although she is a GOD, she literally constantly fails in fighting in the series. She relies on the Elements to much. Not to mention she comes to Twilight EVERY SINGLE TIME! For all that power, she does get beat up a lot. TWO PONIES love for each other beat her up. I mean seriously! She may be a good looking character, but if there is any justice, Luna should always be in front of her. #LunaRocks

She's really hard working and an excellent teacher but Luna has a lovely personality.

Celestia is best pony ever and way better than stupid Luna. Why is Luna so overrated? Just because she's gamer? Celestia is way better.