Princess Luna / Nightmare Moon


She is the princess of darkness, the princess of the night, rainbow dash is first because she's badass, and although I agree with this, what about Luna? I can't believe she is not higher she is badass and a lot of people can relate to her as we have all felt misunderstood and lonely. Luna always wants to help people and despite her having the job of guarding the night and bringing up the moon, she also looks after people in their dreams. She tries so hard to make friends and adapt to the new times on nightmare night, she cares so much for her people, LONG LIVE THE LUNA REPUBLIC!

Princess Luna is the one that helps ponies face their fears, she is the princess of the night. I love Luna, her appearance is gorgeous and I just love her design! She cares for other ponies.

She regrets what she did as Nightmare Moon and it was because of jealousy. She longed ponies to love and appreciate her night, but Celestia's daylight is what ponies played in.

Luna Eclipsed made me love her, she was so funny and amazing! It made me feel sorry for her, when everypony was scared of her. But she enjoyed Nightmare Night in the end.

Luna is my favourite princess, she is a unique character and I love her!

Luna is totally the best! She goes through so much and still is respected and loved by people and ponies. She turns evil. We love her She tries to kill celestia. We still love her. No matter what she does, we love her. She should be on more episodes. I hate the way she's hardly ever included, as though she's not important. Luna is the best princess, the best pony, the best everything!

Even though she screams in everyone's face and is kind of evil (as Luna), she is still pretty badass. Something about her is just so cool and so awesome. Maybe it's because she's different. My favourite characters are always a bit evil somehow.

Shes better than celestia. She works like a million times harder and still gets less recognition. While she works in the shadows, celestia always seems to be with important ponies.
She also interacts with all ponies ynlike celestia who only seems to be with royalty or important ponies.
Her design is also beautiful.
If I did so much work and still got no importance I would be like luna and turn into nightmare moon.
Last of all she is a more relatable and less god like character

Luna is only 7th! "Forgive me if I withhold my enthusiasm" but Luna is a brilliant character, I just love how she doesn't fit in with the crowd and is still living in the past traditions of a Canterlot princess. She has the amazing ability to appear in ponies dreams how cool is that! Also she was Nightmare moon the first and best villain to appear on the show.

Luna is best princess! And seriously? Number 8? Should be higher.

Luna is the best because we know how to relate to her. I know what it feels like to be lonely and left out. Her design is really pretty, and she is a great singer. She's also a badass, and deserves to be on top of this list, above Rainbow Dash

Luna is awesome. You can't argue like that. It's like arguing with a brick wall.

Princess Luna is the best because she has bid thought a lot look at her now she is still that pretty pony we saw before she be came night mare moon.

Princess Luna is very popular, and for a good reason. She's an outcast but manages to make friends. Her personality is relatable and her design is flawless! She is amazing in every way

She is beautiful, but cadence and celestia are better.

She's a dark, awesome character, with a badass myth and a awesome return. She also stays for most of the series! From episode one to the latest episode (maybe) and also is in the movie!

Because this is the coolest villain and it is one of the very few villains who made it into things outsid elf the show but over all I just like her plot.

She is my favorite villian. A female villian. Although she is a villian I really love her. By the way she is so matching with the night. Because she is like so armored blue and a nightmare blue.

Luna is one of my favourite characters. I think she should be higher, but since the ones above are the main six I believe this is more than a satisfactory place.

Luna is quite self-conscious I think. This makes me like her slightly less because as a princess she should be more confident.

She is cool and deals with whatever, no matter how she is judged as Nightmare Moon. She also is a very pretty pony with her hair that is see through in some parts and her looks.

Luna is amazing, and anyone can relate to her and her personality. Her overall design is amazing and is a delicate balance! She deserves to be #1 princess, most definitely. And it's seems that every once in a while, they reveal more and more about her and her feelings in a mysterious way. I think she is my favorite mlp there is!

Yes! Princess Luna is very beautiful but when she nightmare moon, Her eyes are kinda ugly. No offense, I love my little pony.

I don't LOVE nightmare moon I like her. I prefer princess luna nightmare moons hair just looks stupid and I hate the episode with Celestia too

A princess that just need an understanding. People sleeps in her beautiful night. Maybe if just a pony always watch the night, she wouldn't be a Nightmare Moon. She's graceful, wise, and strong-willed. She actually loves childrens. I think...

Luna should be number one pony on this list. Ya she turned into Night Mare Moon but the night made forces were behind most of it. I think every body gets jealas at least one time in there life. And how cool is that to have a princess that can join you in your dreams and controls the night.

Luna is an amazing pony, but lots of people misunderstand her! She is obviously a great character

Although she was Nightmare Moon I think she nice. She didn't become Nightmare Moon for nothing.