Rainbow Dash

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Rainbow Dash is a female Pegasus pony from the popular 2010 kid's show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She represents the element of loyalty is one of most well known characters of the show. She may be a little mean sometimes but she still does what is best for her friends .


Rainbow Dash is my favourite mlp character, because of the following reasons: 1 She has colourful hair, 2 she has awesome talents, flight and cutie mark and 3 she is really awesome and cool. Who else thinks she is your favourite.

It is unfair. Why is Night Glider not on this list? And could you please put her on this list right now, plus has to be higher than Sugar Belle. Because almost everyone in thi ands world likes or of course loves her. It's all because of her flight, cutie mark, mane and coat. She is also my favourite out of the 4 Cutie Finders.
Also could you please don't mess with Night Glider (and/or Rainbow Dash) or else they will tell the Wonderblots and you be in trouble by Spitfire. Could you please also don't mess around with Night Glider and/or say something inappropriate (such as swearing) in front of or at her, or else she will tell Starlight Glimmer on you that what you done to her and she will equalize you forever and ever and ever and ever. Until you ...more

Rainbow Dash is certainly the best pony! Who can think Pinkie Pie is? (including my sister! ) I think Applejack should be 2end and Rainbow Dash first!

Rainbow dash is BEST pony! Without her, the cutie marks would have never came, Twilight would never be princess, fluttershy wont have animal talking skills, pinkie pie would still be in the rock farm, applejack (not sure actually) And Rarity would never have her cutie mark in fashion. Everything lies for Rainbow dash, some of my friends hate her, but I was like, if you mess with her, you mess with me too, NOT MY FRIEND. DASHIE BEST PONY :D

It's your friends' opinion do they like her or not. Oh yeah, and Rainbow Dash isn't best pony. It's just a conspiracy that she is - MLPFan

Rainbow is the best pony out there! I mean seriously if you mess with rainbow you know your gonna get a heck of a butt whooping! Rainbow is the one pony that not only posses a rocking quality but is also rocking a little thing we pony lovers like to call awesomeness. I mean seriously peeps who wouldn't want to vote for the dashing queen she is the only choice for best awesome pony! ' I mean for all of you other pony lovers who think your favorite pony is the best just stop and think, there is a reason why rainbow is voted #1! If your pony was truly the best then they would be #1... Right?

If you haven't already seen how everyone got their cutie marks, you wanna know how?! It was all because of rainbow dash doing her first sonic rain boom. Yes, even Twilight. Twilight was doing an entrance exam to get into this magic school led by Celestia, and she had to crack open a dragon egg using magic, but no matter how hard she tried, the egg wouldn't crack, and just before the judges sent her off, RAINBOW DASH'S SONIC RAINBOOM mixed into Twilights horn and cracked open the egg, making it seem like it was her doing. Moments after, Celestia appeared, and congratulates Twilight and says she wants Twilight to be her PERSONAL student, then Twilights cutiemark appears. So there, if Rainbow Dash wasn't a pony,
1) None of the Mane 6 would have cutiemarks
2) Twilight wouldn't even be in Ponyville
3) None of the Mane 6 would know each other except Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash
4) Twilight wouldn't be Celestia's pupil
5) The apple farm would die out
6) There would be no ...more - SasukeUchiha1706

Rainbow Dash is sarcastic, athletic, hilarious, and never loses. Or for that matter, gives up of she does lose. She is 20 % cooler than anypony else and she is always going to be the number one character. With her crazy boasting and hilarious sarcasm, this rainbow maned Pegasus deserves to be first. Even if she turned a bunch of fillies and colts into rainbows.

Rainbow Dash Best Pony Ever! Nothing else to say.

People who hate her are total losers. Shes the best, and always will be the best!

Rainbow Dash is the best pony! Everybody thinks she only cares for herself, is rude to her friends sometimes, her ego's too big or whatever, but that's what makes her unique. Rainbow might get cocky and make the wrong decisions, but no character can be perfect. Rainbow Dash just has a different way of showing how much she cares for her friends and how loyal she can be. All of the other main characters make bad decisions as well. I love her personality and the way her voice sounds like. In my opinion, she makes the show 20% cooler. She might deny being "cute", but I think she's ADORABLE. She's assertive, and stands up for Fluttershy a lot. She may be competitive with Applejack but they are super close friends. She may call Twilight an "egghead" a lot, but it's as a joke and Twi doesn't take much offense to it. Dashie is such a unique and special character and she deserves to be on the top of this list and will always be #1 for me.

Rainbow Dash is an amazing pony. She is the only rainbow pony. She can make a sonic rainboom. I can not explain how much of a badass and amazing pony Rainbow Dash is. She is the best pony. She gave everybody their cutie marks and gave them amazing life's. Plus, rainbows seem to fix everything in the show. Rainbow Dash is the meaning of life. She is an overall my favorite character and the best pony of all.

Rainbow Dash is always there for her friends when they need help. She has saved her friends' lives lots of times. She saved Rarity from falling to her death, she saved her friends when a tornado broke their balloon, she saved Scootaloo's life and adopted her as a sister. She has performed acts of loyalty lots of times, when she picked to fly with her friends instead of the Wonderbolts, she gave up her dream because her friends where nearly killed and she gave up being in the Shadowbolts. I'll admit she has had her bad moments, but I recently haven't seen Rainbow Dash bragging. I haven't seen her brag in ages! She is overrated, but I don't like her because she's cool, I like her for who she is and what she has done for her friends.

How does the lights not like Rainbow Dash a mean she's like awesome and crazy and she's like so athletic and awesome and awesome and awesome and awesome and awesome and awesome and awesome and awesome and awesome and awesome and awesome and awesome and awesome and awesome and awesome and awesome. She is like awesome to like reminds me of me except like she's a total opposite of me I'm crazy and nerdy and less athletic but yeah.

Best pony. Cry for us, haters. We love watching you cry.

Rainbow dash rules! Why does everyone vote for pinkie pie and fluttershy?

Rainbow Dash is literally the coolest pony in the show. And not just because of her "AWESOMENESS" but also because she is a loyal friend. She would always be there for her friends and stands up for them no matter what. If it weren't for this awesome pony none of the main six would've gotten their cutie mark because of her rain boom. If it weren't for her then there would be no show. She is self-confident, cool and loyal. She might brag about her skills but not to hurt anyone. She's just competitive

Dash is best pony and Twilight is worst pony. Twilight's just a boring stuck-up, nerd. Dash is loyal, funny, brave, heroic and all around better than her. She should be princess, not toilet sparkle.

Shes 20% cooler than all the other ponies =P - markuzohlsson

Rainbow Dash eats coolness, sleeps coolness, thinks coolness, ans IS coolness.

Rainbow is a rocking pony who knows how to kick some serious butt. Plus isn't doing the literally impossible sonic rainboom enough to get her endless praise if your smart you'll go for the pony who actually rocks! Rainbow deserves a lot more credit than she receives and I am here to make sure she gets what she deserves! After all if she's not the best pony why is she in first place and why does her name have a crown on it? All I can say is Rainbow rocks!

The best pony EVER. She hooked me into the show, she made me a brony, and she will always be the best character in the series. The flank-kicking awesome and cool pegasus forever.

Rainbow Dash is the coolest Pony I have ever seen. I would love to hang out with her and play sports. She could even take me for a ride on her back. Hands Down Rainbow Dash is the Best!

She is 20% cooler than any other ponies around! That's why in the IOS game of this Rainbow Dash was the most expensive of the main 6 cause she's awesome:)) - jeweldashie_19

Rainbow dash is misunderstood some people thinks she's a Tom boy but she's really not and she's really powerful

Rainbow Dash rules no matter what anyone thinks! Deal with it!

Awesome Pony! 20% cooler in 10 seconds flat!