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Rarity is a female Unicorn pony from the 2010 Animated Television Series My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. She is the element of Generosity and her main passion is fashion.


Rarity is very beautiful and generous. I completely understand why Spike has a crush on her. She can be quite a prissy, princess-like diva and have panic attacks, but she is very fashionable, makes excellent dresses and I love her accent! To people who think Rarity is not generous, remember that she cut off her beautiful tail to stop a dragon from crying. Sometime I cannot explain why Rarity is so special and amazing. She just is.

Rarity is a total diva, but that just makes me love her even more. Since she's such a prissy brat, it makes it that much sweeter when she does something nice to someone else. I was half-expecting Rarity to at least come in 3rd place, but for some reason everyone just LOVES Rainbow Dash. I mean, it's cool she's a tomboy and all, but seriously? She hardly has any characteristics besides her competitiveness and flying skills. Rarity, on the other hand, is an amazing character because she really adds on what's needed to the show. Then there's Fluttershy. Ugh. Fluttershy. Everyone loves Fluttershy because she's so sweet and innocent at first, but can turn in to a complete ninja if needed. She's protective over animals, her friends, she's scared, blah blah blah. It's just so generic. Some people might argue that Rarity is generic, but Rarity is SUPPOSED to be generic, with a twist. And besides, who couldn't love a feisty fashionista?

Look. For all of you Rarity haters, if you don't like this character, then don't comment here! Just Rainbow Dash, she's more overhated than overrated! Another thing similar to both Rarity and Rainbow Dash is that even though they have some flaws, it doesn't mean she's a horrible character! In fact, there's a lot of reasons to like Rarity.

1. She's very generous, kind, elegant, and sweet once you get to know her more.
2. She cares for her little sister, Sweetie Belle.
3. She's very nice and elegant once you get to know her more.
4. She's actually pretty funny when she overacts.
5. She actually is very beautiful.
6. Her relationship with Spike is just adorable.
7. She's a great singer.
8. She cares for her friends.
9. Just like Rainbow Dash, she ACTUALLY does learn from her mistakes.

Yeah! You are right, she is not mean, stupid, whiny and dumb. She is one of the great character all time - Sugarcubecorner

Fashionable, Generous, Beautiful and very resourceful when it comes to designing as it shows in the episodes. I the group would be nothing without her. Sure she can be a total diva and a COMPLETE drama queen, but the other pony's have their flaws too. Rarity is always there for her friend when it comes to fashion advice and makeovers. What I like the most about Rarity is that she may seem like a snob but she's actually very classy. Rarity has a good heart and I think that she deserves more than 5th place

Rarity is the WORST PONY ON MY LITTLE PONY and in my opinion she doesn't live up to her element ether. Rarity is the element of generosity but that's the problem she is not generous... She forced Spike to give her a fire ruby by looking at him with puppy eyes, SHE DIDN'T EVEN GIVE HIM ANYTHING IN RETURN! Not just that in Putting your hoof down Rarity froced a ugly pony to give her some asparagus by calling him handsome - not exactly generous if you ask me. She is full of herself and treats her friends really badly (especially Applejack) calling her and Dash ruffians, treats her sister Sweetie Belle like a slave, Makes rude noises and faces at Pinkie Pie and instead of going to Twilight's birthday party she faked a letter saying that her cat Opal was in no state to travel so she could go to Canterlot garden party so she could get in good with the SNOBBY CANTERLOT PONIES AND BECOME JUST LIKE THEM! Now that's not generous at all she ditched her friends because she knew if she was seen ...more

Hottest of the them all. A sexy diva that has very high mood swings and even though she mostly cares about herself does she sometimes take care of others (I find it funny since she is supposed to be the element of generosity). Sisterhooves Social is a good episode to watch for to learn more about the relation she and her little sister Sweetie Belle have. I want to ring Rarity's bell any day

I can't believe Rarity is number 5... Or even on this list at all. In my opinion, she is the ABSOLUTE WORST CHARACTER on this show! She's superficial, selfish, annoying, prissy, over-dramatic, rude, irritating, pointless, shallow... Shall I go on about this terrible pony? The Mane Six would be better without her- no wait, there wouldn't be a difference except they would probably be less irritated. Rarity is such a pointless character and does not deserve the paragraphs of "praise" she's getting here. /:(

Rarity should be on top. What more could you ever ask for? Like Fluttershy she is mostly kind and funny and especially beautiful. The only time Rarity is a little bit much is when she gets a little overconfident but she will now and always be my favorite pony. Every hater can get a life and stop being such big fat idiots. That is total girl power. #Rarity4eva.

Rarity is awesome and I absolutely love her. I relate to her in so many ways and I hate the way she's put down all the time! She has her own personal feelings for things and plus she's loves it when her friends feel good and look good. I also hate it how sometimes her friends don't appreciate the clothes she's made for them. I just find that so annoying sometimes!

Rarity is a fabulous pony who will always be generous to ponies even if she doesn't really like the pony as much, but because of her generosity she makes a lot of friends and rarity is the most fashionable pony out of all of her friends, she will always include every pony, rarity will even help make a dress for you about every event she feels that there needs to be fashion and fabulousness.

There is a song based of her on YouTube named Rarity My Rarity. It is uploaded and made by YouTube user 34103070674978532046. It describes her from the inside and her outside and about someone being in love with her

There is another thing I don't get, I don't mean to be spiteful but honestly I think rainbow dash does not deserve t be best pony, everyone likes her because "she's rainbow" and "awesome" how is she awesome? Her only good quality is that she's loyal with is not something that comes natural to her. This is just my opinion so please don't hate me if you like rainbow dash. I think rarity is best pony because she is elegant and generous and caring. Not that rarity does not have any flaws.

Rarity is beautiful and almost stands for all the elements of the mane six.
She always learn from every single lesson and does everything right.
She stood up for all her friends but didn't get the respect.
She is the best pony...of all ponies!
I want to let her be at the top, so please, Rarity fans,i mean, PLEASE! Help Rarity gain the crown!
Support me and our favourite pony would be at the very top of the list, thank you. Leaf a like and beat the mane five!

The most glamorous, funny, and relatable character on the show. Rarity has a deep personality and is just plain adorable. Not to mention, her voice actress is THE best voice actress. Not of the mane six, not on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. THE best voice actress to ever exist.

Rarity is an awesome character. She always thinks about her friends before herself which is key to the Elements of Harmony. People will probably dislike her because of her 'sassy' attitude but in fact there is nothing wrong in being a bit prissy. If Rarity was a stuck up pony who didn't care about others then I would understand why she is not the best but in reality she isn't.

She is really hot. There's no doubt she is fabulous.

She needs to be higher. People who hate her and think she's not generous don't even watch the show. I love Rainbow Dash, but I think most people who voted for her only bored Gore her because of her mane.

I think Rarity is the best way to do a corporate mandate. Hasbro wanted a way for the characters to have a lot more clothes so they could sell more toys. She is very relatable to me as an artist. She wants to please her customers, but she also wants to be true to herself.

Out of the main characters, she has had the least amount of episodes. All of the episodes that stare her are amazing, as do most of the episodes that costar her.

I absolutely had enough of people calling ponies hot, I disgusting just downright disgusting to the max, I swear if I read anymore comments like this I will destroy this entire planet somehow.

Rarity is the coolest drama queen I ever layed eyes on and although most fans hate her in my mind she is perfectly passionate for fashion and I love that

She's dramatic but she is awesome she just like act like everything the end of the world but its not and she's just so much like a lady and dramatic and I love her. Sorry that was a run on sentence, sorry.

Rarity is the best because she is the only pony who know about fashion, she is the reason I started to watch the show. She is cool stylish the prettiest pony and the most graceful and well behaved. RARITY IS THE BEST!

My 2nd most favorite pony from the show. I believe, she's kinda gorgeous and badass, but I dislike the moments when she's out of character. Anyway, I still find her decent and amazing. - AinezoChan

Rarity is like me and loves glamour and will make other people feel good like me but can be a drama queen but she definenetly put others before I self such as:when she helps that dragon with his moustache and cut of here beautiful, beloved tail now if that's not generous I don't know what is? But my advice to here would to be cut loose let her hair down.

I don't know why people don't like rarity she's funny stylish and does everything like in that one episode were she sacrificed her career for her friends