Twilight Sparkle

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Twilight Sparkle is the primary main character of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She is a female unicorn pony who transforms into an Alicorn and becomes a princess in Magical Mystery Cure.


Twilight Sparkle is a loyal, brave character. I love her! She gave up all of her alicorn magic for her friends and Discord. I have never seen a cartoon character like Twilight. Her personality is just amazing and her friends mean the world to her. I was SO happy when she became a princess. Those wings look utterly gorgeous on her! Her mane is beautiful and I love her eyes! She is super smart and can solve lots of problems. She is not a nerd. She is clever, which is a good thing. She is a great leader and is fearless. She does not brag and she is not a know-it-all just because she is smart. She has never once shown to be selfish or careless. I will always love Twilight Sparkle, she is just an amazing pony.

Twilight is pretty much the most known pony because she is princess and all that. The show is pretty much all about her. She has the most adoring personality and can make friends with anyone. The show is about her overcoming difficulties and her friends helping her through the hard times. Therefor why isn't Twilight on the top of this list? I wouldn't say she's my favorite, but she should still be on the top because the show is all about her.

Twilight is the main character! This show revolves around her! She is the most powerful pony and in my opinion the best one to. She is cutesy and live being. She absolutely beautiful and adorable! Therefor Twilight is officially best pony!

I think she has the most developed character and the one with the least amount of flaws. the series showed her as PERFECT. she has almost figured out EVERY problem in almost Every two part. But after all she is the protagonist of this series. twilight is modest, nice, caring and intelligent. she is a great and talented leader and this probably might be the reason why she was crowned as a princess and gained wings. And she is so adorable and cute when she is a filly. this is a fact that she is the best pony

I don't understand why Twilight is under Rainbow Dash. Don't start hating me, but in my opinion, Rainbow Dash is worst pony. All she pretty much does is bully her friends and Spike and brag about her accomplishments. She's an unintelligent, boring, slightly cowardly and disloyal character. Twilight is brave, kind, intelligent, quirky, humble, interesting, strong, and isn't over the moon about friendship (which I like). I love how she becomes a princess and sets good examples to kids (studying makes you smarter, out doesn't solve problems). She gives up all her magic to save her friends. I love her big bangs and her mane and tail. Overall, Twilight in my opinion is best pony.

Dash is a bad role model because she is a mean and selfish bully unlike Twilight who deserves to be on top here - TwilightKitsune

She is best pony and I really love her and she very nice and beautiful and awesome and helpful and honest and very strongest and never lose her friends and very smart and she love reading from her spells and she love using her magic and she won't going to die and still alive and I really don't wanna see she die because she would scare of death because she didn't want to die and she really love pass her test and never failed. - Rosebgirl

Twilight is the definition of a budding leader from the very beginning. It's obvious from the get go that Twilight was being "trained" at least by her creator to gain a princess title. Though she has her faults, they only make her seem realistic, just like she's astonishingly good at other things. I love this pony for the simple fact that she always tries to believe in her friends, and tries her best no matter how difficult things get for her.
Some people find her nerdy, but her talent is magic and magic is a subject that's best learned through books, plus in retrospect Twilight has one of the more important positions as a student of Princess Celestia. I like her attitude, her compassion, her curiosity, and how open she is. I have noticed that sometimes her character is off so to say and she does or says things out of character, but every pony has those times so I chalk it up to poor writing.

I'd have to say she's my favorite because I can really relate to her, and that I started watching as the sort who sits and reads, shunning people at parties, to a person who has made friends because of the show. I kind of grew at the same rate when it came to friendship, and also, she's PURPLE

Twilight has always been my favorite. She is the one that goes through it all, with the help and aid of her friends. I just feel like she is the one that is the strongest and wisest of them all. I feel like she is relatable as well, because she has trouble sometimes realizing and fixing problems, instead of being too good at everything. Twilight is and will always be my favorite.

I think twilight is the best! She so kind to her friends and trying focus on studies and is doing a great job as a princess. People might not like her but beings princess is a lot of responsibility and she was the only pony out of the gourd that got to be a princess. Of course she couldn't have done it without her friends

She's awesome at magic and she's purple! :D And she has pretty pink streaks in her purple hair! And she's like the main character!

Twilight is the heroine of the show. She isn't selfish. In one episode, she knew she can't save the day. So, she told Spike to be the hero of the day instead. She even gave all the magic left to save her friends. She's a good leader too and is a great role model. I mean, even lots of ponies make fun of her habit to books, she still became herself. She's also smart and pretty too. And I think Twilight Should be position 1st isn't because she's my fave. Well, she is, but, I meant because she is the heroine of mlp. - MLPFan

I absolutely adore Twilight Sparkle! She is smart, helpful, and an excellent leader of the mane six! I loved her character development throughout the show and I believe that her nerd-like personality makes her cute! Should be number 1!

Twilight's got smarts shes pretty she could use a new hair style shes cool shes very protective of her brothers like me and she had a reason to be worried remember that episode when her brother was about to get married to this girl she had already knew but it wasn't the same person she was a demon thingy and only twilight was smart enough to relies that wasn't the real girl and you probably know the rest

Twilight I mean, Princess Twilight Sparkle is the best pony EVER! She is just like ME! Loves reading, smart, cute and heartwarming. Also she is the main pony! And I think Twilight should be at the top.

I hate twilight she had to read a book on how to do a sleepover I love reading but I know how to host a sleepover without a book damn you twilight

Twilight Sparkle Is Best Purple Pony Cartoon Character! I Love Twilight Sparkle! OH MY GOSH! LOOK HIS WINGS! COOL! LOOK HIS EYES< CUTE, Right! Twilight Sparkle Rules!

She is vary intelligent and even though she need a book for a whole lot of things it because she doesn't know anything else then what is in books. So that is why she is my favorite pony

Twilight is my favorite character, but we should still love all the others too! - PhoenixEvolution

Why do some people give Twilight Sparkle so much hate? Twilight is amazing! She's smart and beautiful. Stop hating on her!

I think Twilight Sparkle should be on the top of the list. I mean she's not my favorite pony but this show wouldn't even be on without her. She is the main charecter and the show evolves around her. She is smart, intelligent, heartwarming, and helpful. Therefor Twilght being the most powerful pony should be the best to.

I like her, not just because she is a princess, she loves magic more than ever! And also she is smart, just like me.

Twilight sparkle is the best character on the show. She is brave, smart, and powerful. She is willing to explore books and find out keys. She is a good leader and is a beautiful princess. Go twilight sparkle!

Rainbow Dash is way way better than twilight she is confident smart intelligent cool awesome while twilight is so lame Boeing and stupid all she cares about is books so what

Twilight isn't my favorite but gosh you guys don't gotta be so darn mean about it, how'd you think she'd feel if you said this stuff to her face, or worse yet how would you feel if someone said this stuff to you? That's just plain mean.