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21 Let the Rainbow Remind You

It is such a beautiful song. It shows that even though we may make mistakes, we can always pick ourselves up and start over again. The song also reflects on everything that happened in season 4. When mlp ends, they should defiantly put a song like this, but they should have it reflect from all the seasons. I personally think this should be at the top 5 at least.

I have 5 best friends like Twilight, and we all love singing and different mane 6 characters. We sing this one as our favourite characters!

I love this song and think it should be higher. Though I like 'You're a princess, you'll play your part' slightly better, this song is my 2nd favorite by far.

Great way to finish finale.

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22 Becoming Popular

Rarity songs are always great. Her voice while singing is very relaxing, and combined with the more upbeat songs like this one sounds great. Amazing job to everyone who assisted in the creation of this song, including the animators.

Also, what happens during this song perfectly shows he entire episode's conflict. Rarity loves and is absorbed in the Canterlot lifestyle, but she still needs to make Twilight's dress and feels guilty she didn't work on it and make it as pretty as she intended.

Rarity is, in my opinion, the best singer. Rainbow dash is good, but Rarity is amazing. This needs to be in the top 5, its catchy, has a nice and motivational meaning, and stars the one and only Rarity!

The main reason I like this song is because its catchy. The lyrics are creative too.

Becoming an Idiot.

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23 I've Got to Find a Way

I love this song and wish there was a longer version of it

I just wish it had a longer version of this song because it is so heart touchy

This song is so beautiful. Extended version 100% COOLER!

I love this song and aftermaths remix of it!

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24 The Pony I Want to Be

I feel bad for diamond tiara when I heard this song, I didn't know that she don't want to be a spoiled brat.

I love this song. Diamond tiara actually sounds good in her song

It is the most awesome, after the Light of Your Cutie Mark

I hate this song. Completely unnecessary for the series.

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25 Let's Have a Battle (of the Bands)

I was surprised at how good the Rainbow Rocks ended up being. I didn't know whether to pick this, Under Our Spell, or Awesome As I Wanna Be. In the end, this one won out mostly because it starts relatively simple and just builds up as the song progresses, and I love songs that manage to pull that off effectively. But the whole soundtrack is really good.

I love this song, When I watch rainbow rocks. I am waiting for all of the song cause I think the songs in rainbow rocks were super duper cool.

Love it! Super catchy and very emotional. I sing it when I'm in the shower. Screw "Elmo's World", go Battle of the Bands!

Catchy, cool, and great tune like all of the Dazzling's songs

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26 B.B.B.F.F.

This was the very first my little pony song that I ever heard & I played it over & over again I have it memorized I love it so much

27 Bats!

How come no one thought of this? My favourite.

How come no one thought of this? My favourite!

28 The Party Pony Pinkie
29 Art of the Dress

The first part of the song is okay, but it was the second part that made it worthy enough to be on the list. It's a good lesson about how the customer is not always right.

I've learned almost all of the songs on mlp but this one is the best!
And yes the 2end song is the best but the first song is good too! In fact sometimes instead of watching the episode I just listen to the song then chose another one!

I don't like Rarity as a character very much, but she always gets great songs and Kazumi Evans has a wonderful voice.

I like them all but the songs Rarity sings are the best somehow! - rainbowdashrules

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30 Discord

I showed this to my friend one day, and he couldn't stop singing it! I was like, "Dude! Shut up! " But, this is THE BEST fan-made song ever! Discord is the coolest villain ever because guess why? He has swagger and his own troll face,

Come on no one thought of this song?

This is a fan made song, not a song on the show... :/

Why is this at number 30!? 1? - NintendoROCK3T

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31 Luna's Future

Love the dramatic-ness of the song, with it's ominous music, complemented by Luna's voice. Especially compared to the two previous more upbeat songs, Luna's Future was really jarring to listen to but in a good way-- Luna singing it is a bonus, of course.

Why is this not in the top tens? This song is amazing it should be number 1 or 2!

Amazing... I was shocked to hear her voice.

Such a beautiful ballad

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32 I'll Fly

Opinions on "Tanks for the Memories" seem to be all over the place. I personally love the episode, and this song is a big reason why. This is Rainbow Dash's first solo musical number, and it rocks! This song perfectly describes Rainbow's mindset as she tries to stop winter. It also shows us how much Tank means to Dash and somewhat justifies her actions as she goes through the bargaining phase of the grief cycle. Ashleigh Ball's singing is incredible, and the multi-tracking with her vocals adds some really neat effects to the song. Finally, the composition and arrangement are some of the best of the season so far. I particularly like the guitar parts, which are very fun to play.

For Rainbow Dashes first solo, this song was a GREAT start! Its touching, catchy, has amazing vocals, and actually kinda funny! Sure she has sang at times in the show, but they weren't more than 10 seconds. Here you get 3 minutes of Rainbow Dash singing! Having high hopes for her to have more solos!

This one's really forgettable... I went through the list and I didn't remember which one it was. I was all "Which song IS this? " and had to look it up, I totally forgot it even existed.

This song is incredibly underrated. Incredible. But very underrated.

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33 Raise This Barn

Good Instrumentals. Check. Catchy tune. Double check. Fabulous country singing voice. Triple check. We are good to go! This song delivers everything a catchy and upbeat song should have.

This song is also even though I love ryming songs I love this one.

Wow...just wow... This is not one the top tens yet? (Holds anger) I have to use the bathroom (in bathroom) WHAT THE F?! Oh FIREtRuCk MOThER OF F! (Stuttering with shock)

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34 The Super Duper Party Pony

Who doesn't like this song. Weird Al sang it perfectly. I love this song more than any of the others. Great beat, Great lyrics, Great references. Definitely a great song.

I love the episode and the songs, but this song is probably the best song in the episode. The character Cheese Sandwich is awesome and is played by Weird Al Yankovic.

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35 Glass of Water

You know that song that you can never get out of you head? Yeah, this is it. I love it when Discord sings. He just has so much swagger!

I LOVE THIS SONG! You could listen to it for hours.

I don't get how this song isn't in the top 10. As far as I'm concerned it's the best FiM song by a mile.

Discord's song is so funny and catchy!

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36 Say Goodbye to the Holiday Say Goodbye to the Holiday

One of the best villain songs since This Day Aria. Kelly Sheridan's singing voice is amazing! - TexasBro93

37 The Perfect Pet

It's very energetic sound, I like how it ranges from Fluttershy's voice till it hits Rainbow.

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38 Welcome to the Show

Definitely should be in top ten

What the hell? It should be in the top 5! Stupid bronies

I got shivers. This song is too good

Why is welcome to the show at 36? It has to be part of the top 10, This is my favorite song in Rainbow Rocks. Sunset Shimmer's part was so cool and the dazzlings has an awesome voice on this song. This is thebest song in Rainbow Rocks!

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39 Children of the Night V 3 Comments
40 Awesome As I Wanna Be

Why only in 37? I love hearing this song over and over, don't hate me but I totally love this song. Rainbow is very cool at this song.

More like the worst song ever, no offense to people who like this song.

I dunno but I find this song super catchy. I absuluyley love rainbows solo songs because her voice is just fab

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