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41 Pinkie's Present
42 Generosity

Yeah! This song is my third favorite

43 Tricks Up My Sleeve

Best song ever. Trixie's first song is the best Rainbow Rocks Soundtrack.

I played this song while I was playing my games :) I really loved it and I used it on my singing contest so I got 2nd place!

Trixie's first song. Righteous! - bobbythebrony

Best song ever! And even cooler with french dub! -w-

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44 Ballad of the Crystal Ponies

This song is just plain catchy. I like to sing the tune of it all the time.

If I hear this for one hour I will be singing all day long

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45 Big Brother Best Friend Forever

It should be in the top ten for my opinion

46 The Cutie Mark Crusaders

If you listen to it without music, Maddie is laughing in one part, but you can't hear it with the music.

I love the crusaders theme song definitely should be top ten

Best comedy song ever, well one day.

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47 Unleash the Magic

Unleash the Magic is the second best villain song ever in my little pony friendship is magic. Under Our Spell is still the best villain song in my little pony friendship is magic. But however Unleash the Magic is way too awesome.

Another song I'm obsessed with. I like to listen to it in other languages a lot (most often Russian). I dare say it's better than This Day Aria - SugarcoatShadowBolt

It is a nice (and creepy) song. It's has the same tune as 'Poor Unfortunate Soul' in the little mermaid

I belive this song to be the best mlp song ever (compare this song with This day aria and you will have no other choice than agreeing with me).

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48 Failure Song

Great song! Characterizes Twilight well!

Twilight has a wonderful voice and in addition Spike sings with her,it is a BEAUTIFUL song

49 Rules of Rarity

It's like the new version of art of the dress but still one of my favorites

Love this song so much! And rarity a voice is just sublime

One of my favorite songs in the entire series.

Rarity always has a unique voice

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50 So Many Wonders

Fluttershy's voice in this song is so cute, I love this song.

Fluttershy songs are so cute

51 Make a Wish V 3 Comments
52 Giggle at the Ghostly (Face Your Fears)

Can't understand what says but Great song

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53 A Changeling Can Change

This song is so good,it shows. Spike's growth and feelings for Throax. MLP:FIM also managed to take racism and explain it to kids very well.Kudos to the song writers!

54 Shine Like Rainbows

This should be way higher! Love this song

It makes me feel something good that I just can't place

I love this song so much! It just gives me the feelz! It sends a great message about friendship and is so catchy and has everyone singing (apart from twilght)!

55 Legend You are Meant to Be

I absolutely LOVE THIS SONG I listen to it everyday I PRACTICALLY LIVE OFF THIS SONG

56 The Goof Off

Cheese sandwich was a great pony. He wasn't bringing pinkie down he was impressing rainbow dash.

Any song with Cheese is a good song.

Quite the visuals
Still crack up when pinkie danced on the giant pinyata simging in a different language soudns lot like
"Dalek dalek dalek." - Timelordponeh

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57 Shake Your Tail

I love this song, Even when the mane 6 got sabatoge in the stage, It is still awesome for me.

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58 Life In Ponyville
59 Lullaby for a Princess

Even though this song is fan made, it's so beautiful and I can never get enough of it.

60 Make This Castle a Home

I've never heard it before

I love this song so much! It's so catchy especially. RD's part! It should be way higher! - QueenTerra

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