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1 Return to Ravenhearst

ita full of story no skipping of ideas a tragic story to be

My dad thought that when he bought this game I would only play it once, but I counted and I have played it 21 times it is just such an interesting story.

This game is so intense! I can't barely sleep every night! Thinking how to solve it's every puzzle! Best game!

First time took over 5 hours. after 50 times played, now down to 1:19:06!
best game ever>>>>

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2 Huntsville

I love to this game. I will bought this game.

3 Key to Ravenhearst Key to Ravenhearst
4 Ravenhearst Unlocked Ravenhearst Unlocked
5 13th Skull 13th Skull

its very interesting game!
but sometimes it stuck very badly!

I really enjoyed collecting all the cards, especially the gold ones!

Long and by far the best I've played.

This game is very realistic and very intriguing. Great Big Fish Game.

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6 Dire Grove

This game was so nice, when you get stuck, there's a strategy guide that you can cheat on.

7 Dire Grove Collector's Edition
8 Escape From Ravenhearst Escape From Ravenhearst V 1 Comment
9 Fate's Carnival
10 Madame Fate

It is very nice because its interesting and eager to play. When we play it once we think to play again and again. The puzzle are interest and amazing

My favorite because of dark humor and twisty puzzles.

The pun for the carnies, the atmosphere and a host of characters that are funnier than Dire Grove or any other MCF game. Dire Grove doesn't deserve its praise!

Good hidden object scenes, interesting puzzles, no "wondering what to do next"
so fun!

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11 Ravenhearst

Amazing game not so hard but the locked door puzzles were amazing and the horror theme too

12 Agent X
13 Prime Suspects

Wow, I used to play this game a lot when I was young. The latter ones are better than this, but I will vote for this one. It is so interesting to see who stole the diamond and the final box puzzle is great. Only downside of this game were too many places to find to clear a one level. - Lick_JJ

14 Malgrave Accident

I love this game I think it was the best

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15 MillionHeir
16 Shadow Lake Shadow Lake

Come on! It's the newest game AND the scariest one, who wouldn't want this?

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17 Broken Hour
18 Dire Grove Sacred Grove

Its not an scariest game I love it

19 Revenant's Hunt
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