Tales of the Abyss


I think there is something to be said for a game that gives you a hated protagonist and slowly and subtly changes him into an admirable, lovable human being. That is a concept not shown enough in interactive entertainment. Not to mention each character is both interesting and has a good amount of depth. But Luke's character and his transformation are the star of this show.

Abyss is by far the best the characters interactions are the best and most natural in the tales of series it has better character development than any of the ones I've played it also had great development for the bad guys on top of that it also has the most amazing world building I've seen in a video game the world and story is so well fleshed out and had some of the best twists

Tales of the Abyss has one of the most interesting story lines and characters in the Tales franchise. Hardly any of the characters can be considered "truly evil", and each character has fully fleshed out traits and flaws that make them feel much more alive than others characters in the tales series.

I enjoyed this game so much! It was my third Tales game, after Symphonia and Vesperia. I was a hardcore Vesperia fan, who was very reluctant to play another Tales game because I'm never sure if they'll live up to the games I've already played. Well... I'm REALLY glad I played Abyss. The story was absolutely amazing and intriguing. I fell in love with all of the characters and their little quirks. The ending scenes made me cry, but that's probably because I finished the game at 4 in the morning, and I was tired and loopy. The character development was really great. I became so attached to the characters. Abyss is by far my favorite Tales game!

I have never fallen in love with a cast of characters as much as I did while playing it the character development is phenomenal the story is creative and well told and even the villains got some development it's a battle of beliefs not good or evil and I think that's what truly makes it special

I was a little hesitate to continue the game because I honestly didn't like the main character at all but when I continued it, it was AMAZING! I really liked the battle system and the skits so you got to know about each character. Anyway, AMAZING game.

Overall the best tales game with great writing for both the story and characters amazing character development and foreshadowing and the villains felt just as developed as the heroes all the characters are memorable and there are amazing plot twists

This has been my first RPG that I have played outside Pokemon, and the Paper Mario series, and I have been completely blown away! I have followed the stories of many other games, some of which I haven't even played, but none have been as thoroughly enjoyable a this one. Luke's coming to grips with who he is was written so well, the villains aren't your average card carrying mustache twirllers, and the constant interaction between your party characters gives you a true sense of investment. Everybody is humanly flawed and have great backstories that make you empathize with them even more. The battle system is fantastic and engaging, and all the sidequests are frosting on this perfect cake. I recommend this game to everybody ever just for the story alone! 10 outta 10! 5 stars! 2 thumbs up! And a cheesy encouragment sticker!

This is by far my favorite tales game! There is great humor, shocking plot twists, character development, and great combat! The ending was truly amazing as it left us off with a great feeling of both melancholy and happiness.

After playing almost, I think Tales of the Abyss is just amazing. The storyline and character development are deep. Battle system is great just like almost all other Tales game. In terms of graphics, Vesperia is better. However, for the whole package, Abyss is the best tales games for me.

This game is so great great music really emotional heart touching story and the battle system could not be better so this game is perfect!

Best characters and plot of any tales game, hands down. If more tales games were like this one, the franchise would be taken more seriously.

One of the best games I've ever played. An amazing story and a big replay value. Maybe the best character development in a game ever.

This is the best tales series because every character has their own roles and dilemma... Great plot twist...

It's an amazing game! Overall I think the story is the most interesting than other Tales Series.

Just finished the game, absolutely stunning final boss battle.

Still frequently playing my PS2 copy of Tales of the Abyss. For me the absolute best entry in the series. It also has the best intro of all games ever made.

Story and Character development is superb.

Just the BEST! I'm a teenager and as a secondary school student, It is good to take a break and play a game like this. The characters are straight up loveable and are well developed. It is also a good change than just playing your typical animal crossing etc. I also love tales of Vesperia,Graces and symphonia.

Great story with lots of twists. Every Tales of tries to play some sort of message about life etc. etc, but Abyss was by far the most convincing to me.
However, the battle system is what sets it apart. 3D movement brought new life to the gameplay, and the interactions with the field kept the battles fresh. It also followed KISS (keep it simple stupid). I feel later games tried too hard to push lots of fighting options into the battle play (ie: aerial combat, linking, confusing chain artes), and while I did like some of the options, it could be too much. Abyss was new, and didn't push too much.

Best voice casting still to this date, Jeremy Lyons as Large the Black Lion, Hell yea! The FoF feature a unique and still enjoyable mechanic for the battle system, that I wished they could have expanded on in later tales entries. Stull has my favorite. Character of all time, Anise Tatlin and her awesome Tokunaga!