Top Ten Best Names That Contain An R

The Top Ten

1 Ryan

What a perfect name

2 Riley
3 Reece

I totally agree, best name I have ever heard, it's a great name for a Boy and a girl.
Who ever hates this name is crazy. THE BEST NAME EVER, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

4 Andrew

My brother name is Andrew and that's a pretty good name, sometimes I get jealous that he has such of a good name... And my name is Bob and I'm a girl

There's this guy in my class named Andrew. He's insane to say the least. - LindenheartInsanity

5 Rex
6 Peter

This is my preacher's name

7 Tyler

Just like my favorite Actor... Tyler Perry

8 Katherine
9 Chris

That's my father's name

10 Gabrielle

My Daughter name is Gabrielle... I knew that me and my wife gave her a cute name

The Contenders

11 Rhonda
12 Patrick

It is the greatest and most well known saint in the world

13 Remy
14 Rashell
15 Russell
16 Ric
17 Robert

Double the fun when there's two rs right? Like the best horror actor Robert Englund or a really cool singer Robert Plant YAY

18 Rhian
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