Best Names for a Platypus

The Top Ten Best Names for a Platypus

1 Perry

Perry is the best name because my platypus makes the same noise as him

Love it! Perry just fits so naturally! Both start with the same letter which is really cool!

It's a good name! - samoodle

I like the character Perry the platypus in Phineas and Ferb

2 Noah

Laugh out loud, love the name! Its cute

Imagine a platypus named Noah. So weird! - samoodle

Ya this is the bomb

I love it

3 Linsday

I don't know its just cool. - samoodle

Lens green-day is my favorite color

4 Robert

Yeah, Robert sounds awesome and epic for a platypus - superhawkeyes

Its like your naming a person. - samoodle

It's and awesome name for an awesome platypus

Its awesome

5 Spencer

It's different, and has a certain charm that screams nobility. I personally like the name Albert. Perry is cute, but overused. I like the originality of Spencer.

Yah. I agree. Spencer's different and unique! - samoodle

Love this name

Love it I am choosing this name for my story for home work. its just seems like a charming and funky name

6 Billy

I think that's a great name because they do have a duck bill.


Billy is AWESOME! I love your creativity! :P

Such a cute name!

Get it Like their bill. - samoodle

7 Harry

Harry is a good name because I have a 4 year old cousin called Harry and I love the name Harry in genreal so I vote for the name Harry.

Harry is a very harry wizard

Harry Potter lol

Weird name go

8 McBeaver Duck

I think you should add a Mr in front so it says Mr. McBeaverDuck

It's just like really modern like it's just such a good name and like it's just so good

Such a awesome name I love it so much

It's just a great name to be honest

9 Bobby

I love the name BOBBY

Its bobby not booby that's a women lol

I love the name booby! It is so cool! #sambo27

10 Sono

Great name 4 my essay

its good

The Contenders

11 Beakbird

Nice cool name, and I really liked your list sub. ! - HezarioSeth

I would never use this

What a ugly name


12 Buckle

I am the one who said, "Buckle. Buckle. Buckle." I was looking for cute platypus names for a story I'm doing. And I chose Buckle. Again, SUCH A GREAT NAME!

I named my spy platypus buckle.

its cute

So cute!

13 Platty

The name platy was what I was thinking about for a assignment I'm in third grade!

Short sweet and has cute alliteration this is my favorite

I like the name Platty


14 Lola

Oh I love this name I was playing a video game in roblox called adopt me and I got a platypus I called it Lola! So cute! ☺️

Love it. I mean I have a stuffed animal girl platypus and Lola us the perfect name

I love lola it is the best name ever I named anuther one marry

It's cute

15 Bartholmew

Bartholmew... Beautiful

Ah goodnes love

just yes

16 Aphmau

There is a youtuber named aphmau and I love her and I like the name

It is a great name because it is unique just like a platypus! I LOVE PLATYPI!

The youtuber


17 Fatty Fatty

Hey! that's kinda rude because if you take off the ty at the end then it says fat and that's rude!

Amazing name



18 Chuckles

Do u know de wey

19 Percy

Such a fun name you a platypus

Percy Weasley Harry Potter super fan

Like Percy Jackson in the movie

20 Appollo



21 Penny

The female perry the platypus

I like this

22 Aquatapus

Awesome name

best name

It’s a very creative and Unique name

23 Boots

just adorbs

24 Jerry

It's so cool it's even a cats name!

Best name ever for a platypus!


25 Dennis

We love Dennis and it's a good name.

Dennis is just so dennis-y


26 Peru

I think it is a cute name

Best name ever. It is so cute

27 Willow

Willow is the cutest name ever it reminds me of a gymnast Called willow and she’s real cute and amazingly good at gymnatics and I look up to her

It is just a cute name

adorable! not really a platypuss name tho

28 Eddy

SO CUTE matches my platypus perfectly


29 Small Bean

I love my Smol bean

30 Amy

You know Robert from everybody loves raymond! Amy 8s robert's wife's name

31 Dog

That's wrong

It’s cute and it’s like a dog

32 Billybob

Ok that is weird and yah

good name

33 Princess Leia

Woohoo star wars!

Love it!

34 Plotz

Plotz the platypus. Adorable!

Great name! Used this for my newly named platypus! Yay!

35 Chuck

It's a niceish name I guess?

36 Darren

How is that like a platypus?

37 Bull
38 Plad

So awesome

39 Wensday

The best name ever!

40 Dazza

noice name bruh

41 Bob

Short quick cute like a platypus

Perfect called my platypus it

42 Benjamin

Nice name

43 Jeff

Ye Jeff!

44 Fisher
45 Willy

Willy short for Willow

46 Bart
47 Bazza
48 Plato
49 Platter
50 Nelly Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr., known professionally as, Nelly, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, investor, and occasional actor from St.
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