Best Names for a Platypus


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1 Perry

Love it! Perry just fits so naturally! Both start with the same letter which is really cool!

It's a good name! - samoodle

I like the character Perry the platypus in Phineas and Ferb

I love perry so cute

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2 Noah

Laugh out loud, love the name! Its cute

Imagine a platypus named Noah. So weird! - samoodle

Ya this is the bomb

Cute name for a little platypus 😍

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3 Linsday

I don't know its just cool. - samoodle

4 Robert

Yeah, Robert sounds awesome and epic for a platypus - superhawkeyes

Its like your naming a person. - samoodle

It's and awesome name for an awesome platypus

5 Spencer

It's different, and has a certain charm that screams nobility. I personally like the name Albert. Perry is cute, but overused. I like the originality of Spencer.

Yah. I agree. Spencer's different and unique! - samoodle

Love this name

Love it I am choosing this name for my story for home work. its just seems like a charming and funky name

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6 Billy

Billy is AWESOME! I love your creativity! :P

Such a cute name!

Get it Like their bill. - samoodle

It is such a good name

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7 Harry

Weird name go

8 Bobby

I love the name BOBBY

I love the name booby! It is so cool! #sambo27

Its bobby not booby that's a women lol

9 Sono

its good

10 McBeaver Duck

It's just like really modern like it's just such a good name and like it's just so good

Cool and unique

Cool name bra

Pretty good

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? Fatty Fatty

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11 Beakbird

Nice cool name, and I really liked your list sub. ! - HezarioSeth

I would never use this

What a ugly name


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12 Buckle

Cute name for a cute platypus!

I like it

13 Platty

Cute name for a cute platypus!

14 Jerry

It's so cool it's even a cats name!

Best name ever for a platypus!


15 Chuckles

Cute name for cute platypus!

Do u know de wey

16 Aphmau

It is a great name because it is unique just like a platypus! I LOVE PLATYPI!


17 Dennis

We love Dennis and it's a good name.

Dennis is just so dennis-y

18 Aquatapus

Awesome name

best name

19 Lola

Love it. I mean I have a stuffed animal girl platypus and Lola us the perfect name

I love lola it is the best name ever I named anuther one marry

20 Amy

You know Robert from everybody loves raymond! Amy 8s robert's wife's name

21 Percy

Like Percy Jackson in the movie

22 Appollo


23 Peru
24 Bartholmew
25 Darren

How is that like a platypus?

26 Billybob

good name

27 Plotz

Great name! Used this for my newly named platypus! Yay!

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28 Penny

The female perry the platypus

29 Bull
30 Princess Leia

Woohoo star wars!

Love it!

31 Boots

Cute name for a cute platypus!

32 Eddy
33 Nelly Nelly Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr., known professionally as, Nelly, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, investor, and occasional actor from St.
34 Chuck
35 Dazza
36 Bob

Short quick cute like a platypus

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37 Benjamin
38 Jeff
39 Fisher
40 Dog


41 Willy

Willy short for Willow

42 Carl
43 Small Bean
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