Best Names for a Platypus


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1 Perry

Love it! Perry just fits so naturally! Both start with the same letter which is really cool!

It's a good name! - samoodle

I like the character Perry the platypus in Phineas and Ferb

Great name*

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2 Noah

Laugh out loud, love the name! Its cute

Imagine a platypus named Noah. So weird! - samoodle

Ya this is the bomb

Cute name for a little platypus 😍

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3 Linsday

I don't know its just cool. - samoodle

4 Robert

Yeah, Robert sounds awesome and epic for a platypus - superhawkeyes

Its like your naming a person. - samoodle

It's and awesome name for an awesome platypus

5 Spencer

It's different, and has a certain charm that screams nobility. I personally like the name Albert. Perry is cute, but overused. I like the originality of Spencer.

Yah. I agree. Spencer's different and unique! - samoodle

Love this name

Love it I am choosing this name for my story for home work. its just seems like a charming and funky name

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6 Billy

Get it Like their bill. - samoodle

Billy is AWESOME! I love your creativity! :P

Such a cute name!

It is such a good name

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7 Harry

Weird name go

8 Bobby

I love the name booby! It is so cool! #sambo27

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9 Sono

its good

10 McBeaver Duck

It's just like really modern like it's just such a good name and like it's just so good

Cool and unique

Cool name bra

Pretty good

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11 Beakbird

Nice cool name, and I really liked your list sub. ! - HezarioSeth

I would never use this

What a ugly name


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12 Buckle V 2 Comments
13 Platty V 1 Comment
14 Dennis

We love Dennis and it's a good name.

Dennis is just so dennis-y

15 Aquatapus

Awesome name

best name

16 Lola

I love lola it is the best name ever I named anuther one marry

17 Chuckles V 1 Comment
18 Peru
19 Bartholmew
20 Jerry V 2 Comments
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