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181 June

That's my first name

182 Charlotte

This is my name. and I'm emo. not sure how it sounds emo but I like it better now

I love this name because it's just so beautiful and it has so many nicknames. Like Charlie.

My best friends name is Charlotte- it's just not that emo

My name is Charlotte! I'm not a fan though!

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183 Darya

That a happy name

184 Caroline

I think this is a great emo name it kinda reminds me of the movie and how dark it is.

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185 Ashes

Ashes, ashes, we ALL FALL DOWN!

your child will think they'll be singing about them

but they're nOT

Ashes like grandma!

Sorta cool, weird, not something you hear everyday.

Ashes ashes time to go dooown
ooh honey do u want me now?

melanie martinez anyone?

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186 Ariah

Love that name fits for emo girls and they call me ariah but I'm not emo

THIS IS MY BEST FRIENDS NAME! she's really friendly and has a wonderful personality.She's not emo, but she is still AWESOME!

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187 Lolly

Sad. Just sad that someone put this here to annoy us

REALLY? No. That name is so un-emo it's painful.


I guess it would be a nice name for a sweet and kind-kind hearted person.

What? Lolly? Are you kidding?

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188 Char

This is my nickname, well one of them. My real is Charlene.

189 Emerald V 3 Comments
190 Ira

I might just make this my name...

Meaning Wrath in Latin

191 Leaf

Very earth friendly but vaguely also Mexican

192 Stephani

I hate how it's spelled here... I am a Stephanie and yes I am emo. a lot of people think I'm emo even before meeting me...

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193 Sarafine

My name is Sara and I like this because it says I m fine lol
My mom beats me

194 Genevieve

I'm going to name my first daughter this... I just love the name

Really dark name that came to mind

That's my name and I'm emo!

195 Kyra V 1 Comment
196 Road

Wait... This is a name now?

Dude, no just no

This kid's gonna get bullied.

WOW that kid wil gat steped on at sKool

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197 Sophie
198 Mercedes V 2 Comments
199 Callie
200 Amanda

I'm so happy Amanda means emo because that's my name and I'm emo

Its sounds beautiful and my best friend's name is Amanda

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