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201 Amanda

I'm so happy Amanda means emo because that's my name and I'm emo

Its sounds beautiful and my best friend's name is Amanda

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202 Edith
203 Sara

It's my name and I'm kinda emo, so yeah

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204 Phier (Pronounced Fire)

My name

205 Peace

Wow this is my name lol

206 Hope V 3 Comments
207 Dani

This is my ex-boyfriends name ugh. but I kinda like it to be honest

208 Data

She'll use all her data in seconds

209 Melanie

I really love this name it usually means - dark or black one - and its beautiful :3

It means strong in what you believe in

love it

210 Sarah

My name is Sarah. Because its on the list of names for Emo's does that mean its just a name for emo's or people with these names will become emo's.

It could sound emo but it is a good name and it is obvious it is mine

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211 Lisa

There's an amazing YouTuber named Lisa. She goes by Lisbug though and no, she's not emo.

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212 Shay

I love this name because I had a friend named Shay in 4th grade. She moved and I cried and this name brings back so many wonderful memories.

This is my sisters name and she is defiantly not emo but I love the name

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213 Cheyenne

This is my name! I'm a emo nerd, punk rock,Christian Girl though... Who said you have only one "label"? I hate labels by the way... Love you. God protect you your family and friends and bless you all! Bye

That's my name and I want to be emo so yay

This is my friend's name and she is Emo

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214 Trinity

Hell ya this is my name I hate it but I don't look like a Trinity so ya.

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215 Celestia V 1 Comment
216 Ruby

It's more commonly spelt Ruby though

This is my name. It's spelt Rubey and I'm not emo but I would it's just that my parents would never let me.when I'm not around them I have an emo personality, though.

Reminds me of the twenty one pilots song Ruby. :D yep u just met a member of the clique

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217 Paige

Sounds cool and emo

This my sisters name. And she is not emo she calls it emoo lol.

218 Maylin

Good name for a emo girl#cute

219 Cat

This is my nickname! Cause my name's Caitlin so people are lazy and they call me cat. But I love this nickname so I'm mostly just known by cat now

My nickname even though it's not even close to my real name, I wore a cat ear headband one day and I got a new nickname

220 Bella-Marie

Gricelda is better

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