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241 Vanity

This sounds really cool and really emo!

242 Robin

It just shouts unique, and emo people are unique people, in a good way.

243 Enmity

This name means a great feeling of opposing someone or something. I think it's perfect for the rebellious sort

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244 Stephanie
245 Paris

I've always thought it was a very emo name.

246 Alexis V 2 Comments
247 Luisa

A very emotional person who has a hard time opening up

248 Nikita V 1 Comment
249 Eileen
250 Serena
251 Casey

This is my name and I honestly have a right too say that I'm emo, Good choice too whoever put this on here.

252 Lily

Lily is a flower am I right? It doesn't sound emo at all. You can't give a girl an emo name because you don't know how she will be.

I love this name it's my best friends name shes pretty and she has an awesome personality this name fits anyone emo or not lily D. C is my bff lol

My name is Lily and I'm emo. At first I hated my name because it sounds girly, but now I got use to it.

That's my name and I'm emo :3

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253 Jane

My friends name is jane and its also the name of a creepypasta

Jane the killer?

jane yas

254 Rena

Re like the beginning for rena means REmember the dark cold soul memories

I think it is a verry beautiful name. If I ever have a child I would name her this

255 Wiam
256 Peggy V 2 Comments
257 Diamond V 2 Comments
258 Luta

Sounds like Uta from Tokyo Ghoul

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259 Ever

That's my emo name

Mine too lol

Mine too

260 Sweh

This name has been passed down for generations

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