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261 Ever

That's my emo name

Mine too lol

Mine too

262 Sweh

This name has been passed down for generations

263 Talula
264 Twitta V 1 Comment
265 Nordenwind

It's a very unique name and you don't hear unique names very often. The name is of the second important character of a book I'm working on. It will be out soon. I'll Never let them Hurt You will be the title! :))

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266 Embry

so many mean nicknames for this one but its frigging adorable

267 Haven

It's a beautiful name, its heavenly

I think ill name my baby girl this

Its different and beautiful.

Just rolls off the tongue

268 Emma V 2 Comments
269 Brianna

I think it is a emo name that my name lol

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270 Ash

This is my name online because I don't like sara and I think ash is a genderfluid name it could be a boy a girl or a carrot

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271 Marcus

It's my boyfriend's name and he's so emo and has a septum piercing and snake bites check out his instagram @that_emo_from_the_bandstand

Marcus? I didn't expected it to be a girls name but it's a nice name when I saw that I thought of the YouTuber Marcus Butler

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272 Lux

Anyone else think of the shoe life unexpected when they saw this?

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273 Sonaly
274 Arleigh

I think it sounds kinda cool.

275 Vylette
276 Justice
277 Jaythin V 1 Comment
278 Anthony
279 Peter

I go by peter,i'm a transexual emo girl. I love this name and the name blade

280 Nickolas

Well that's one way to spell my name.

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