Best Names for An Emo Girl


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301 Spark
302 Fade
303 Demi V 2 Comments
304 Thorn

Omf beautiful name
it is earthly, yet can harm the earth... or be used to help the earth and people... I bet she'll be a gemini

305 Beca
306 Leah V 2 Comments
307 Evangeline

I would love it if there wasnt an IDIOT at my school called Evangelos

V 1 Comment
308 Connie
309 Fenix

Why don't you just spell it Phoenix

310 GabI V 1 Comment
311 Missy
312 Angel

My friend who is goth and emo is named Angelina but she goes by Angel.

My name is Angell short for angellica

313 Lanni
314 Evie

Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon. Eevee is a unique Pokémon that can adapt to its environment by changing its form and abilities when evolving.

V 2 Comments
315 Seth

I probably sounds like a boys name but it sounds emo to me!

My best friend is emo and named seth so yep

316 Tobi

Ill tell you later

317 Ivory
318 Lyric

This sounds like an emo name, cause you know, emos love lots of rock and heavy music, and I've heard of song-writing emos, so I think that Lyric is in fact an emo name. Plus my name is Lyric and I'm emo.

V 2 Comments
319 Clary

I live this name.

V 1 Comment
320 East V 1 Comment
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