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321 Adelyn
322 Kiana

My sisters name is kithara so kind is close

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323 Alize

My name is Alize and I'm emo but anyway it's a really cute name I love it

324 Nara

I really like this name. It's cute but emo.

325 Tayyaba

It's a unique name not very common but that's what makes it emo

326 Naoka

It's a name that means princess in aboriginal its uniquie and special

327 Elli
328 Junko

...From Danganronpa?


I got the name from a girl named Junko Enoshima in the anime called Danganronpa

329 Kaitlynn

It would be cool if someone had their name spelt like mine... Kait-Lynn

Haha almost my name. Same name different spelling
Mines spelt Caitlin ^^

I don't know.. It just seems like a emo name? My nickname is Kat and red. My name is kaitlyn. So I guess it's a cool name😂I like the name sky though.

330 Minx
331 Cassidy
332 Maddison

About time I found my name in here except mines spelled differently

Its from the older Times when everything was clad in midevil.
I Like how it has a extra D for a different look.

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333 Roxanne

I think this is a very emo name, and the nickname is rocks, (rocks) or roxy, and what emo doesn't like rock or heavy metal?

334 Faye

My name! I'm emo but I didn't think it was very emo.

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335 Cherokee

Cherokee is a Native American tribe, I should know I am native American and come from the tribe Cherokee and soux

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336 Chaka
337 Shad
338 Keily
339 Alexia

I think it sound emo

That's my real name!

340 Émer

Yes it is Irish and pronounced eemer as an emo myself I think it is a quite unique name

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