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341 Faye

My name! I'm emo but I didn't think it was very emo.

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342 Cherokee

Cherokee is a Native American tribe, I should know I am native American and come from the tribe Cherokee and soux

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343 Chaka
344 Shad
345 Keily
346 Alexia

I think it sound emo

That's my real name!

347 Émer

Yes it is Irish and pronounced eemer as an emo myself I think it is a quite unique name

348 Marcy
349 Joelia
350 Corline
351 Joe

I don't know it feels like it fits

352 Mikaela

I don't know this is my name and I'm emo trash sooo 😂

353 Quinn

I wish this was my name its just so perfect in every way! I hate how unique my name is -.-'

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354 Shado
355 Colin
356 Jordan

I think a girl with this name would be a pretty badass rmo chick who I would want to chill with
I think its Bella rad

357 Sina
358 Mikayla

That's a Cool, Cute name

359 Elizabeth

It seems pretty edgy like an emo girl name should be

That's my name and I'm emo

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360 Fiona

Me and my best friend are emo and her name is Fiona and my name is Beckett

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