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381 Alexander

This book inspired me to name my future son that because the book is called vampire kisses and I'm obsessed with vampires and in the book Alexander is a hot vampire prince of the night

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382 Anne-Marie

This is my name and when I grew up my mom told me that she named me after a Nirvana song "Come As You Are" and all my life I have been a total rock band freak, coincidence?

383 Alphys V 1 Comment
384 Violent

I think this name is awesome because it expresses the feeling I get when I am mad and so it is the best name in the world.

I think it is like so me... I hate all things like all things... I am very violent so thatz my name get use to it.

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385 Andorra

This reminds me of a shy little goth or something.

386 Nastasia
387 Charlie
388 Omi

It's very unique and very dark I love it

389 Mystery

A shy emo girl who stays quiet, yet is friendly and sweet. I've always wanted this name.

390 Vizz V 1 Comment
391 Thirteen
392 Valid
393 Isabel
394 Heather
395 Lulu
396 Lola
397 Lacey
398 Justine

It's like stong girl I think. that's my name so... But I'm not an emo. For me Justine is a very unique for a girl name

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399 Vicki V 1 Comment
400 Kaneki

As in Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki feed's on flesh like every Ghoul

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