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61 Rose

I like the name

Mai emo friends name is rose

Lol this is my twins name

My second name is Rose

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62 Rayne

I want to go bye my middle name rayne!

I want my name to be this

I so love this name

love it

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63 Crimson

My friends name is crimson and she likes EVERY EMO BAND EVER and I love her

This is my nickname actually because I dyed my hair crimson

I like this name really brings my personality out

This name is swag

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64 Arabella

I thought I made up that name but its real!

Arctic Monkeys?

It's pretty and bad for a girl like an emo!

65 Alexia

That is the perfect name for an emo

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66 Rebecca

That's my name and I'm the emo queen!

I'm Rebecca and I'm an emo.
I find Bex is twice as emo as Rebecca SOZ

67 Mackenzie

I love this name because it's my name and I'm emo so fits

Lol that's my name

Mackenzie means fire born... - Magenta_Flame

It's meh name... I'm emo... bam

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68 Jazmine

My name is jasmine...does that count?

That's my name. And I am emo.

Oh yeah this is also dark

Love this name but I spell it Jazmyn

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69 Shelby

That's my name, and I admire people who go under the stereotype "emo"

This is my name and I'm kinda emo. It's nice to know my name is on this list somewhere.

This is my name and now I'm just like thank you mom

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70 Eugenia

Eugenia is a really cool YouTuber and she's beautiful.I just love her!

I Love this name, it sounds dark and depressing yet beautiful.

Yo Me eugenia sounds weird, not emo

I love this name because of Eugenia Cooney she's an amazing YouTuber

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71 Kelsi

I love this it sounds so dark and mysterious

72 Beth

I always loved the name Beth for some reason...

No offense, but sounds like a cow.

It is my name and I always thought I was emo. But now I know.

Beth, like the KISS song. I love it!

73 Kira

I'll take a potato chip and I'll EAT IT

It means Killer in Japanese, and I'm emo and this is my name in real life.

That's my name, by the way it means killer in Japanese


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74 Olivia

I am so glad this is here because I an like My Chemical Romance, black eyeliner, 2005 Pete Wentz, Brendon Urie I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Tyler Joseph in self titled, and Billie Joe Armstrong emo thank

Yeah, that's my name! I can't believe it's on here...'cause u know I'm emo

This is my little sisters name

Dude! That's my name! I Iove P! ATD, F.O.B, TOP, My Chemical Romance, and Linkin Park! Beebo is bae, Patrick Stump is a bean, and 2005 Pete Wentz... must I go on?

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75 Avril

I like it, it just seems cute emo I don't know

Avril is French for April; and it is also my name so...

I like Avril lavigne

Like Avril Lavigne

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76 Keira

It's my best friends name and she's emo- it's also a really unique and different name

This is my name and I'm emo so I agree massively.

Love the name too bad I was named Katie instead of Keira..

Keira means "little dark one". My name's Keira and I am emo. X3

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77 Axel V 3 Comments
78 Alice

I really like the name Alice it sounds really cool and it reminds me of the movie Alice in Wonderland

It reminds me of alice the madness returns my favorite video game

Alice is a really cool name I wish I had my name like that

Reminds me of "Alice of Human Sacrifice".


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79 Bones

Spooky scary skeletons send shivers down your spine

People can't help it if they are called Bones. I think that name is perfect for an emo!

Bad ass name is give it as a nickname though good name though


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80 Nyx

Nyx Crimson is a perfect name to me. Sounds goth but kinda evil at the same time!

Nyx means goddess of night...I think it's so perfect for an emo name!

Beautiful name! Nyx... It's so pretty. Imma name my daughter that

The greek moon goddess's name is Nyx and I love it so much!

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