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81 Amy

I have a persona called "Amy" she's kinda emo,I think it fits for someone that is half emoish

That's my name. and I'm emo

So emo

My mum's name is Amy…

82 Camryn V 1 Comment
83 Juliet

Juliet Simms is queen! Wouldn't really say it's an emo name though

It's also Andy Biersacks girlfriends name

This name reminds of Juliet startling from lollipop chainsaw

JULIET SIMMS - jasminesixx

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84 Ashlei

Honestly it's my name and everyone loves it

I love it it's so different

85 Eleanor

This is my name, I am very emotional if that's what emo means!

I think it is just a lovely name

My not-so emo friend

This is my protagonists name in the book I write I love love this name aww ♥ I wish my name was eleanor, but its stupid Eleftheria (in English means freadomliberty pff)

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86 Samantha

I have this name so it seems perfect for an Emo name to me

My friends name is Samantha and she is emo, I call her Sam.

It's a simple but common and interesting name I like it

My name is Samantha Woods Snape, I'm 18, and I'm a Gothic Emo, so yeah. It's pretty chill.

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87 Serenity

No reason why, but it reminds me of my Sims on my Xbox in the Serenity Hot Tub

Serenity is a really pretty name. I wish It was mine. My name is Kait-Lynn and everyone calls me Lynn. I am emo and I might change my name to Serenity

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88 Avery
89 Jemma

I love the black veil brides too!

90 Gwendolyn

Sounds like it was someone who came from "Nightmare Before Christmas" lol.

91 Jezebel

I love this name X

Das my name <3 I AM considered emo but I wasn't aware my name was friends call me jem. I don't like it but oh well

92 Elsa
93 Jewel

I love this name now when I name my daughter I can call her my little Jewel

Pretty. You are unique if you're an emo with this name.

This is actually my name and I'm emo so yay I guess!

Very cool! This is a very nice nema for an emo!

94 Clarity

Beautiful. The meaning if Clarity is the ability to see through things clearly. It's a deep name.

My step sis is having twins and I told her winter and clarity and she loves em so thanks hahs

I love the sound of this name I don't know why but it seems to mean a lot to me. I'm emo!

It's a very pretty name

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95 Lexi

No wonder my friends call me emo

My friend's name is Lexi, and she likes emos, too.

My best friends name is Lexi.She's such an amazing person.

Be emo is quite cute and fun really. Just ignore others. But LEXI sounds great! **)

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96 Sirus

This sounds like a scene name

This is my best friends name and she is emo lol

Harry Potter anyone?


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97 Searz

I really love this name because my mom once got hit by a bus in front of Sears and I would like 2 honor her. So is anyone single here or

I will not name my future child after a store

Sounds really cool. Love the way it's spelled!


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98 Sealena

Not just selena...


*fish noises*

That's an interesting name. Perfect if you're emo!

99 Luna

I wanted to name my future baby this because I read a novel on vampire kisses and this vampire chick name Luna inspired me and plus I love the name

I had planned to put my future baby daughter this and it popped up and I'm emo so it's beautiful I'm confirming it I'm going to name her Luna

Sounds like lunar as in a lunar eclipse. Dark, deep and brilliant.

It's JUST So Emo And Dark Just Like Me :D Sadly my middle name is Jade at least it's appertly emo

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100 Ingrid

I don't know... I just love this so much. I hate my name and I am starting a new school soon so I don't know

I love it so dark and mysterious. Ever since I read a book when I was like in the 1st grade with a girl named ingrid in it I've always wanted to be called that. My first name is Jessica and it is not on any list I've found so far.

Like Ingrid from Once Upon A Time!

Cool speaks out to me some how

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