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121 Kate
122 Rain

I have a friend called rain

That's my middle name

It's really nice but if U put Amber with it its nicer Amber rain

Or Rainy

123 Ava

Ava is a pretty popular name, yet it means birds and in Hebrew. Ravens are birds and there kind of emo.

Ava might be popular but it is defiantly me


Ava is a name that obviously is emo.
It means birds and ravens and crows which are all pretty emo animals

124 Cherry

It's super cute, and it's Frank Iero's daughter's name


But I do like this name
(but fRONKEH)

125 Elin
126 Sabrina

Awesome name

That's my name

127 Samara
128 Savannah

Laugh out loud that's my name! And I'm emo

My name is Sarah too so emo

I like savannah emo girl

It's my real name so

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129 Elevasana

Maybe it's just the ending 'sana' but it reminds me of the band Alesana and I dunno, just sounds... Dark.

130 Tippy

This was my cousins cats name she was a cat that had no tail (i forgot what they called them)



131 Eternity

It's such a pretty name! It also means a lot.

I love this name so much because it is a very long time

That's deep and very meaningful.

I absolutely love this name

132 Riley

I've always loved the name Riley. Sometimes I wish it were my name but I go by Kay because I hate my real name... But yeah, I'm emo.

Because it is a pretty name

My friend's name is Riley

Love it

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133 Ocean

My name is Mavis Ocean! I love it

So swishy

I like it

I am in love with this name! But my baby cousin died from a shark attack so…

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134 Skyler

I love that name so much there r so many people out there with that name. -Skylar Winters

I like that name

Skylr is my name. I suppose I am emo. I have the style. And I like the typical things people consider emo. But I don't have vowels in my name, unless you count the y but I don't.

135 Diana V 1 Comment
136 Kayla

Sighs my name wow I'm very emo and I hate this name I wish it was dawn or twilight

It's my girlfriend's name and its beautiful

I'm kayla and I'm emo so yeah

My name is Kayla

137 November

The month my birthday's in!

My birthdays in November too
I also love this name

Pretty name!

138 Liy

It's a word that when you say liy its cool but you can't understaded what it mean.

139 Kyosuke

I love this. Such a cute Japanese name.

I like how it sounds

I think it's rlly cute! It's also my name though

140 Anna

Anna is my name and I'm VERY emo like you would NOT believe...

Anna is an awesome name I VOTE

Anna just sounds so... I feel bad, ya'know? But in a beautiful way

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