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21 Nigel

Nigel is a great name, and it sounds like a competent banker type, so you always feel confident that your dog will know how to handle any important mergers or acquisition deals.

I LOVE Nigel it is adorable who wouldn't like his name but everybody has different opinions.

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22 Ai V 1 Comment
23 Jasper

Good old jasper. He's a laugh and he is so cute. WHO@s A GOOD JASPER? Oh you good dog oh you good dog. Ready and fetch! Good old jasper. Oh yes jasper oh yes. - bluecameron

My neighbor's have a dog named Jasper and he is the friendliest dog you could ever meet. He is also very cute!

I just love love love playing vetch with him who's a good boy you are you are!

24 Daria Daria Daria is an American animated television series created by Glenn Eichler and Susie Lewis Lynn for MTV. V 2 Comments
25 Enma

That is my name Emma brown

26 Karl Barx

yes all my animals are named this including my brother - zerodice00

Genius! Pure genius! That's all I have to say. This is a good dog name along with Bob Barker.

pretty funny play on words...

They'll seize the means of cat production - Scarr441

27 Sed
28 Angel

Some dogs are pure joy and angel like!

You should name a white dog angel!

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29 Maverick V 1 Comment
30 Bowser
31 Cowboy

its name like that because im a huge cowboy fan

32 Peppy V 1 Comment
33 Levi
34 Rick

If I get a dog, I may name him pups ( its cute! )

35 Gemma
36 Bailee
37 Coco

My Coco loves her name. She perks up whenever she hears it.

Sound good :P I like this

Can I get a good name

That's my dogs name

38 Duke

Good name for a big dog.

Duke is awesome!

39 Duchess

If u have 2 puppies or 2 adults
Name the girl Duchess
And the boy Duke!

40 Spark
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